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Spend a day in the Nakuru Maasai Market while in Nakuru for the safari

Nakuru Maasai Market

Spend a day in the Nakuru Maasai Market while in Nakuru for the safari

Are you interested in knowing how to spend a day in the Nakuru Maasai Market while in Nakuru for the safari? In most cases visitors going to a foreign country and wish to explore the city in which their destinations may find it hard to explore a lot of things except the restaurants,  the national parks and the museum that might be found within the city. However, this is different from the Nakuru town as the town has got wonderful places that you can explore provided you get the knowledge about it.

Here in Nakuru you can explore the prominent Maasai Market which is the historical market in Nakuru with a lot of handmade items, providing the cultural traditions and here you can get a chance to interact with the local sellers with the market and as you explore the Maasa Nakuru market, there are a lot of things that you should know and these include among others the following

The Maasai Nakuru market is also referred to as the Kwa Wakamba and it is composed of stalls that stretch to about 500 meters and the market provides the visitors with the chance to enjoy a lot of the market activities and see different categories of the vendors within the market that include the artists, the entrepreneurs,  and the craft personnel selling the local products. The Nakuru Maasai Market is in front of the Merica hotel which has brought many tourists to the market especially those who do love nature and would like to have authentic goods.  The Nakuru market has gained fame and it is one of the best places in Kenya where you can find any artist in the whole of Kenya.

The most common thing that is sold within the Nakuru market is the art/this art is made by the traders who make some good paintings of them however at times some use the middlemen to come up with real and actual artists. All the artists found here are just real and for the local production and therefore you will find a lot of activities and varieties where you will be able to choose from. More from the canvas paintings to the portraits that curved out of the dried banana leaves and then the sisal.  Most of the artists has been made unique by binding them with leathers and these have been done to increase their uniqueness and attractiveness

You remember that I have said the Nakuru market was named Kwa Wakamba and this is attributed to the first and the ancient traders with the market that majorly concentrated on the wood and used major stone carvings. This kind of talent is reserved by the Akamba community and hence the name Kwa Wakambqa which means the place of Akamba. These handmade crafts are made with fashion and believe me you will think that these have been made out from the factory by the machines year it is just traders who do these curves by spending little time in making them either a minute or days making them. The curvings for different places in Kenya are available including those of animals in Kenya National Parks, those made of jewelry,  morans, sugar dishes, and several other curvings

Nakuru Maasai Market features the Beaded jewelry; this is the common good that is full in all stall of the markets and these are just made of beads and you will get surprised because all the trader has got this and almost all the traders are experts in making these beads. These beads made are so nice and you can have your customized bracelet that can be made as you wait for it there and then. Still, the Kenyan flag in the wristbands is very common with the provision of the Kenyan local [people showing solidarity for their country. These people can also create a flag of your country with your name on it.

Other items can be found in the market and which you don t need to miss out and these include among others the Kenyan traditional Kenyan drums, have your sisal mats,  handmade toys, woven sisal bags,  the common and unique Maasai Sukas, have a look and buy the Kenya stools and the cultural and handmade drums. The market provides the visitors with the opportunity to know more about their Nakuru town and the whole of the Kenyan destination because most of the traders have stayed in the market for a long period.

Most of the traders have travelers far within their country because of the business nature of their work and they are hospital and willing to share and welcome their stories. This there means that the next time you visit Nakuru please reserve time for you to stay in the Nakuru Market and enjoy the benefits of the market as you enjoy several cultural performances and explore more about the Kenya traditional symbols which are made locally by the local people of Nakuru which is so much interesting. Please contact Africa adventure vacations for more details about this experience.

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