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Satao Elerai Camp in Amboseli National park

Satao Elerai Camp in Amboseli National park

Satao Elerai Camp in Amboseli National park

Satao Elerai Camp is the of the luxury tented camps that are located inside the Amboseli National Park. The camp is raised on the raised areas which provide the surrounding areas and the landscape and it is found with the private Conservancy called Elerai Conservation Area.

The conservation covers the southeast of the Amboseli National Park. The conservation covers the southern part of the South-East of the Amboseli National Park as you move close to the Kilimanjaro mountains. The private conservancy occupies an area that is equivalent to 40 Square kilometers and this came got its name from the local word Satao which is the word that means Giraffe by the local Waliangulu people. The Satao Elerai Camp was opened in the year 2007 and the camp provides clear views of the snow-capped mountain Kilimanjaro.

The camp also a good spot for the game drive safaris for those visiting the Amboseli national park and the conservancy or private conservancy where the camp is found from.

The Satao Elerai camp is not fenced and this enables animals to pass through and come close to the park especially the nocturnal animals which you can see while at night. When it clocks night, you will not be advised to move at night except when you’re reported by the local Masai worriers. After the entrance, you will have to cross the short or small bridge which was contracted over the fish pond and the swampy areas where you will be welcomed by the bird weavers. You will and a lot of interesting books and board games which you can read and play during your free time.

Satao Elerai Camp in Amboseli National park like its one of the sister camps which as Satao Camp located within the Tsavo East National Park. They are all lavish and stylish camps that have been describing as Boutique having a lot of the Masai mara culture proving the market for all of the local needs as well as offering wonderful souvenirs to you the visitors. Satao Elerai Camp is the best developed and developed huge boulders and they have the main stocked bar, craft shops, terrace, and dining areas.

Still, all feature the swimming pool which is freely accessed by the guest who does enjoy and stay at the camp. Because of the hot African climate, the swimming pool provides a cooling environment and the visitors should know clearly how to swim before you enter for you enter into the swimming pool, and thus swimming will be at your own risk. Satao Elerai Camp features several luxurious tents about 5 of them which are being used, there about Twelve safari tents that are in good condition and are well spaced. The tents accommodate single beds, double beds, as well as the triple birds

The well-furnished tents and the lovable suites are visible in all directions of the Amboseli National Park and therefore the choice is yours to select where to have the accommodation place from. All the tents provide wonderful views of the Kilimanjaro mountains and the stunning and luxurious tents most of them do overlook the Amboseli National Park.

Satao Elerai Camp also features twin beds for the guests especially those who may wish to share the room by not sharing the bed. All the tents are strong and well mounted in the strong concrete stones plinths, to ensure that the principle of eco-tourism was followed, the tents were designed and contracted using the local materials that are friendly to the environment.

The floors of mall our tents are wooden and rustic furniture which are so comfortable to the clients. Satao Elerai Camp is very classic but a cool place and all the tents have got the dressing table good veranda and a balcony. Family tents at Satao Elerai Camp are 2 with a maximum of two occupants and these ensure that the family especially those with children are well catered for and they can stay together well in the luxury tent.

Satao Elerai Camp has got 5 luxury suites that are all-inclusive sites that are self-contained with bathrooms and flush toilets. These are made up of local materials with strong walls made of locally made bricks and they are well plastered. The mainframe is made up of wooden featuring plastered walls to make it so firm. And these were made to protect the visitors especially those who do fear the vibrations of the animals which can be seen or heard walking around the camp especially during the night. The rooms at the Satao Elerai Camp are so spacious with sitting chairs, hairdryers, trip room, hair, and other amenities that are found inside the room

There are also single bedrooms, Triple rooms, double rooms and the family suites that are available and therefore fore you will stay in the room that you will request for. However, the Satao Elerai Camp also features extra rooms which are organized at an extra cost, and the laundry services are provided on a 24-hour basis, get free internet connectivity as well as the emergency phone calls which is so interesting.

The camp also have got organized pickups especially when guest land at the airport, they can be picked up and again taken to the Amboseli national park at the Satao Elerai Camp. A lot of the activities can be done at the camp and these include storytelling at the campfire, traditional entertainments among other several activities. Other activities available include game viewing safari activities, cultural tours, birding, and nature walk safaris.

Satao Elerai Camp is a wonderful camp found within the Amboseli National Park and it acts as an important viewpoint for the famous Kilimanjaro Mountains. You will enjoy the wonderful views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains as you join the balcony and also while you’re on the poolside seats. The pioneers of the Satao Elerai Camp was aimed to provide the portions and conservation of the wildlife-protected areas.

The group has sensitized the community and the public on how to live in harmony with the wild animals which in turn has improved the standards of living of the people. Its main objective was to improve and promote sustainability with the Amboseli National Park.

Covering 500 acres of land, Satao Elerai Camp features a private life and it fits all the visitors and guests who wish to have secrete and encouragement wildlife experience. The dinner and the other meals are served with private chefs available. The fruits and vegetable served are so freshly that are picked directly from the garden and they are just picked and then prepared for you fresh. However, meals are prepared to base on your preference.