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Samatian Island at Lake Baringo

Samatian Island at Lake Baringo

Samatian Island at Lake Baringo

Samatian Island is one of the wonderful destinations in Kenya, which is set on private land on Lake Baringo, offering breath-taking and stunning views of the waters, offering the comfortable views of the Laikipai escapements, meaning that it provides the perfect gateway for the destination. With its stunning sunsets, bright diversity of bird life, and traditional lifestyle of the Njemps fisherman, Baringo is known for its beauty. Lake Baringo is a Ramsar site, which means it has been identified as a globally significant wetland.

On Samatian Island, visitors may enjoy the greatest in relaxation in a breathtaking location. There are three large, open-plan thatched rooms available. Two of the rooms are configured as family apartments, complete with a partitioned bedroom, verandah, living space, and bathroom. Samatian is a small, family-run self-catering guesthouse with family rooms for up to 12 people.

The lake and its surrounds are known for their beauty, with spectacular sunsets and a brilliant array of colorful birds, while Njemps fisherman retain a way of life that hasn’t changed in over 200 years.

Visiting the samatian is so interesting to the extent that guests can go on boat trips to explore Lake Baringo and its inhabitants, which include hippo and crocodiles as well as over 450 species of birds; visit hot springs with steaming pools; go on lakeside walks; visit the Njemps and Pokot people; and go on day trips to Lake Bogoria to see the thousands of flamingos that feed on this soda lake.

Activities for tourists on Samatian Island

What to do at Samatian Island? On Lake Baringo, Samatian Island is a small private island. It provides the ideal quiet retreat that one sorely requires. The Laikipia Escarpment, stunning sunsets, and a breathtaking assortment of sunsets can all be found on this island. If you’re visiting with your family, you may stay in the open-plan thatched rooms with ensuite bathrooms or the family rooms. Here are some activities to do when visiting Samatian Island on Lake Baringo.

Canoe safaris at Samatian Island: With many kayaks available, you may circle the island and learn about its “environment.” Although life jackets are always given, it is recommended that you bring a drink and maybe sunscreen with you. These safaris will give you wonderful places to ride on water as you enjoy a lot of activities and safaris, including bird watching and other safari activities.

Explore Giraffe Island around Samatian Island: Take a boat to Giraffe Island and be taken to see six endangered Rothchild’s giraffes (also known as Baringo giraffes), ostrich, warthogs, impalas, and hyrax. The conservation cost is Ksh 500 per person, plus a Ksh 500 boat transfer fee.

Sport fishing safaris at Samatian Island: Take a fishing rod and try your luck. Barbless hooks are employed here since the majority of the fish captured are too small to be released back into the lake, where they will have a better chance of surviving to adulthood.

Enjoy the beach sundowner at Samatian Island: You may schedule a sundowner on the beach, where you can sip a drink while watching the sun slowly dip over the horizon. After that, you can warm up by lighting a bonfire before retiring to your room.

Relaxing as you take the samation boat cruise safaris: Enjoy picturesque boat rides to see the abundant birds of Baringo as well as other wildlife such as hippos and crocodiles. During these boat tours, you may see eagles swooping down to catch fish in the lake. There are boating fees in this area.

Nature Walk safaris in Ruko conservancy: The adjacent Ruko Conservancy will delight your eyes with its diverse range of birds and plants. Because you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery, bringing a camera and binoculars is a wonderful idea. You should also wear comfy shoes because you will be walking for a long time.

Where to stay on Samatian Island?

At Samatian Island, there are five pleasant and airy open-plan cottages with wonderful views over the lake, each with its own bathroom and living space that can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. A family cottage is one of them. There is also a swimming pool and an eating area with magnificent views of the lake and its harsh Rift Valley surroundings. Third-generation Kenyans Caro Roberts and Ross Withey will be your hosts while you’re here. A trip to Samatian island can be extended to other travel destinations such as Sweetwater chimpanzee sanctuary, Masai Mara national park, Amboseli among others.