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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Sabyinyo Family

Sabyinyo gorilla Family / group

Sabyinyo Family

Sabyinyo gorilla group / family is found in volcano national park comprises of 9 members that are frequently found in the gentle foothills of Mt. Sabyinyo and Mt Mgahinga.  Sabyinyo group is one of the closest groups normally found at the edges of the park therefore easily accessed and allocated by the trackers for visitors to trek.

 Sabyinyo group is led by the dominant silver back which was oldest, biggest and obviously stronger compared to the other two silver backs and other gorillas in the group. The group is very common for its giant silver back called Guhonda which is the largest silver back in the park weighing about 220 kg   and it has kept its main challenger, Ryango away from the family to remain as a dominant silver back.

Sabyinyo gorilla group has got 3 female mountain gorilla with 2 youthful mountain gorillas and a young mountain gorilla. Sabyinyo group of gorilla is such an impressive family that everybody would wish to visit. First of all it involves interesting activities like hiking in the dense vegetation and forested slopes of Mt Sabyinyo and Gahinga that gave us an incredible experience about gorilla that I personally will live to remember.

Another gorilla group in Volcanoes national park Rwanda

Susa gorilla family

This gorilla family derives its name or was named after River Susa which runs through the area where Susa gorilla group normally call home. Susa gorilla family is indeed historical and one of the popular groups in as far as conservation studies of mountain gorillas is concerned. It is Susa gorilla family that Diana Fossey studied while she was in Rwanda before her death in 1985.

Susa gorilla family is one of the hardest group to trek in Volcanoes National Park due to the fact that it is normally found in high altitudes. There days when it climbs so high that tourists are not allowed to trek it. Susa gorilla group had the highest number of individuals in Volcanoes National Park numbering up to 42 members but because of gorilla family dynamics, in fights and group separations, Susa now had twenty eight members with three silverbacks, as well as two twins of Impano and Byishimo.

Susa gorilla Group is thus for those tourists who are adventurous, like long and hard treks and above all would love to meet the twin gorillas.