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Night Wildlife Game Drives in Serengeti National Park

Night Wildlife Game Drives in Serengeti National Park

Night Wildlife Game Drives in Serengeti National Park

Night wildlife game drives offer the best experience for visitors who wish to explore the wildlife in Serengeti National Park at night. Most visitors do not get to see the activities that take place at night in Serengeti National Park because they are only or are accustomed to daytime game drives. Actually, in Serengeti National Park, there are no permits issued to visitors who are interested in doing the night game drive safaris, and if you are found at night in the park doing the game drive safaris, you will be penalized.

The common animals that can be seen at night in Serengeti National Park include the civets and the bush babies. There are also the aardvarks, which are also seen during the night in Serengeti National Park. And there are the best scenes that you can ever see once you are in Serengeti National Park. You will see the interesting photos of the animal meat and blood as you hear the songs and the movements of the night birds such as the owls and the nightjars, among others.

Though I have noted that the night game drives are not permitted in Serengeti National Park, visitors are granted permission to do the night game drives on the edges or outskirts of the park, and there are four organized by classic lodges that are around the national park. The night game drives that are organized on the outskirts of the Serengeti National Park last about three hours and usually begin at eight a.m. and end at eleven p.m. They are done not far from the park. Most of the night game drives are done around the Ikoma area since this is an area that has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife scenery as the animals can be seen moving around and this is so interesting and wonderful.

While the game drives are being done, the lodges that do organize these game drives have got an opportunity in that the park has no fenced boundaries, so the guests can still see and enjoy the animals that are found within the park. This can allow you to enjoy the best of wildlife safaris. You don’t need them to book the night game drives in Serengeti National Park in advance, but it will be the management of the lodge together with the guide that will arrange for you the night game drives in Serengeti National Park. In most cases, the game drives are done when the weather is good and when the conditions are dry, as compared to the rainy season when they cannot be easily done. The best time to do these game drives is during the dry season that comes from June to April.

As you enjoy the night game drives, you will enjoy the nightlife as well as the bushes that are different from the line that starts in the sky, and visitors will appreciate the wildness within Africa. Night game drives are also available in Lake Manyara, which is just a few kilometers from the Serengeti National Park. Wildlife safari in Tanzania won’t be complete unless you lure yourself into the game drives that are conducted during the night within the park and experience the nightlife.

The night game drives in the Lake Manyara national park usually kick off after having dinner at around 8:00 pm and the activity starts with a briefing from your guide and the lodge management. You will be told of the instructions that you need to follow while on the game drive, and please make sure that you follow these instructions and show cooperation with your guide to have the wonderful night wildlife sightings in the Manyara National Park. Lake Manyara has the best moon reflecting minutes in Africa; the game drive lasts only 2 hours and begins at the front door, where your driver will drop you off and wait for you after the game drive. In other circumstances, they use the Lake Manyara Serena Hotel as a meeting spot, and then the visitor’s driver-guide picks you up from there.

The night wildlife sighting in Lake Manyara National Park is a great opportunity as you will be taken and led by the wildlife experts, who are composed of rangers who know all the sections of the national park, and they will be giving you all the information that you need because they know the animals and in which section of the park there is a large animal concentration. As you’re in the Lake Manyara national park for the game drives, you will be able to see a lot of animals, which will include the porcupines, the lions, hippos, the bush babies, the leopards, aardvarks, and leopards, among other features that you will be able to encounter at night.

While you are on the night wildlife sightings in the Masai Mara National Park adjacent to Serengeti National Park, there are key areas that you will need to observe. These, among others, include paying the park entrance fee during the day, which is valid for only twenty-four hours, paying an additional fee for the night game drive, which includes food for the officer and a vehicle for the game drive, if time permits. Note that only safari vans are permitted to be used during the game drive. While going for the night game drive, you will stop at the gate and the park staff will pick you up from there. Neither the driver nor the guide is permitted to go on the night game drive unless they pay, and this is very interesting. Please come and enjoy the night wildlife sightings in both Lake Manyara and Serengeti National Parks in Tanzania.