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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Mwea National Reserve in Kenya

Mwea National Reserve in Kenya

Mwea National Reserve in Kenya

Mwea National Reserve in kenya can be traced in the Makima sub-county of Mwea in the Embu county and ti spans for over forty-two square kilometers. It is close to the Kamburu dam in its Northwestern direction just at the river meeting point of Tana and then Thiba Rivers. The Mwea National Reserve is found at the basement or foothills of the mountain Kenya and when visitors are visiting the park can easily see the snow on the northern part of the National Reserve. Remember that mountain Kenya is covered with snow and this can be seen in the northern part of the Mwea National reserve.

Attractions of Mwea National reserve

There are a lot of things that enjoy while visiting the Mwea National Reserve and thee attractions include several animal species that attract you’re a tension. The animals include the Impala, spotted hyenas, hoppoes, giraffes, buffaloes, grey duiker, elephant, the Nile crocodiles, waterbuck, Burchell’s zebra, skyes monkeys, serval cat, black-backed jackal, warthog, the bushpig, and several animals species. The panorama of the reserve contains lightly rolling plains included with the aid of using Savannah grasslands with furry flowers and scattered timber. The maximum dominant timber and shrubs include acacia species and Commiphora. There are dense trees and timber alongside the water’s edge. Additionally, similarly, a few uncommon animals together with: Stripped floor squirrel, Genet cat, Black sponsored jackal yellow baboons are discovered withinside the reserve. There are over two hundred bird species and numerous reptile species together with snakes discovered withinside the reserve.

Things to do at Mwea National Reserve

While in the Mwea National Reserve visitors can also engage in the wildlife sightings and other attractions that include the boat rides, having a picnic at the hippopotamus point of view as well as the walking circuits of the animals and wonderful bird watching safaris which is so much interesting. There is a nearby Masinga dam resort that provides food and accommodation facilities for this wonderful destination.

Major flora and fauna sights consist of the Mwea National Reserve include among the following the herds of the elephants,  the zebras, Rothschild giraffe, bushbucks, yellow baboons,  vervet monkeys, yellow baboons, impalas among several species of animals ..  the other prominent animals include the dik-dik,  Cape hare, wart-hog, black-sponsored jackal, duiker, sykes monkey, Genet cat, slim mongoose, stripped floor squirrel, dwarf mongoose, crested porcupine, rock and tree hyrax, and tortoise. Visitors also can be able to see the Nile crocodiles and the hippopotamus because the conservancy has got dams and that the visitors can visit and see these species.

Birding is also an activity to be conducted at Mwea National Reserve; As I said earlier, there are several bird species that visitors can Identify and watch. With greater than two hundred species of birds, Mwea is famed for water birds and waders. It is the handiest included vicinity in which the endangered Hindes babbler may be found. The Reserve additionally shelters different uncommon species – Pel’s fishing owl and the white-sponsored nighttime heron

Where to stay at Mwea National reserve

There are few or no established loges found in and around the Mweya National reserve bit visitors still will have the option of taking the camps that provide the self-catering accommodation facilities n and the tented camps and these are located at the Mwea reserve. However, the camping centers are can be found at Mbogo, Silvester, Mavuria, Kyangosi, Hippo Point, Kanyonga, and githechu game viewing, boat rides on the Kamburu Dam and Hippo factor are the important thing highlights withinside the reserve.

The Mwea National Reserve can be accessed with the aid of using a street from Nairobi via Thika-Matuu-Masinga Dam (160km ).This path surfaced to the Masinga Dam Bridge – a dusty 10 km road that runs between the bridge and the Makima Gate.. Access is likewise viable via Embu-Machanga and the use of the air transport that Mwea National Reserve can be as well accessed by air through Masinga Airstrip close to Masinga lodge. The reserve does now no longer perform the safari card machine and access is with the aid of using cash the camping centers.

The Mwea National Museum is managed by the Kenya wildlife services together with the Mbeere Country Council. Mwea National Reserve Trust changed into based in 1991 to elevate the budget to increase the reserve and develop it for better management. A number of tasks were funded through donations, along with a boat, outboard motor, strength-saving Jikos, and zebra translocation.The main points of interest are wildlife, a hippo point, uncommon birds, and a boat ride at Kamburu Dam. All these have made the park so much interesting and reactive to the visitors

Getting to Mwea National Reserve

This greatt conservation reserve can be reached by the visitors through two routes with one route including the land transport while the others are the airport since there are chartered and scheduled flights. Flights will land at the  Masinga airstrip which is near the Masinga Lodge near the Masinga Dam. By the road trip, From Nairobi, through Thika-Matuu-Masinga Dam(one hundred sixty km). This direction emerged as far as the Masinga Bridge dam, over 10 km of dusty road lie between here and Makima Gate. Access is also possible via EmbuMachanga.

Where to stay while at Mwea National Reserve?

There aren’t any lodges, tented camps, or self-catering lodging alternatives in Mwea Reserve. Masinga Lodge can be found alongside the   Masinga Dam which is found outside the Mwea National Reserve.

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