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Must carry Items for Kenyan safari

Must carry Items for Kenyan safari

Must carry Items for Kenyan safari

What are the must carry Items for Kenyan safari? If you have ever been in a country especially the foreign country when you have never been there is that extract packaging or items that you know must not miss in your bag or safari. Have you ever thought of getting onto the plain and all over sudden you check your pocked and you find when your phone is missing?  How do you feel in this case so much frightened, anxiety and panic.  Therefore there some of the items that you shouldn’t miss out when traveling to Kenya for the safari and these items include the following

Have your passport ready; the passport when coming to Kenya is document because it aces as an important travel document and therefore you must make sure that you possess and pack your passport when travelling to Kenya for the safari vacation or destination.  The passport helps to identify your particulars,  even it helps when your travel agent is helping you to book the room in a hotel or lodge, even when your carrying out some transaction at the financial institutions in Kenya  such as banks and western union, then you might need  to have your passport ready.

It is always wise to have some money; being in a new place is something that is easy and at the same time it is not all that easy. However, it becomes so much worrying when you’re in a new place and you don’t have any single coin in your packet. Yes, Kenya is a welcoming and hospitable country but remember that not all the people are willing to help and this it is needed that you carry some good money. Yes, you could have sent money to your travel agent but you need to have some money on your side to help you on side shopping or any other thing that could happen  such as in case you get some mild sickness, may be you need airtime,  you need to have some food or get some good souvenirs. It is always good to make some exchange such that you don’t find problems with the foreign currency when you’re buying locally in Kenya.

You shouldn’t leave your phone; In this era, the phone has become part of us and have formed our daily activities, lives and thus the phone is so much important when you’re trying to travel. The phone is much important and in most cases it has a lot of apps the apps with in the phone can be helpful when you’re doing a lot of interests such apps include the flashlights, mobile banking and thus makes things so much comfortable.

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