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Mountain Mikeno

Mountain Mikeno

Mountain Mikeno

Mountain Mikeno is a dormant volcanic mountain located in Virunga national park Democratic Republic of the Congo section of the Virunga Mountains along with Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Nyamulagira, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Bisoke. At 4,437 metres (14,557 ft) Mount Mikeno is the second highest peak in the Virunga Mountains after Karisimbi, and the 13th highest mountain of Africa. Mikeno means “poor” and is so named for its harsh slopes which preclude human habitation.

Location of Mountain Mikeno

Located in Democratic Republic of Congo Mikeno stands at a height of 4,437 m and is neighbored with Mt Bisoke, Mt Nyiragongo, Mt Nyamulagira, and Mt Karisimbi.

Mount Mikeno lies completely within Virunga National Park and is known for the critically endangered mountain gorillas that live on its slopes. Expeditions to observe Mikeno’s gorillas typically leave from the nearby Bukima Patrol Post.

Getting to Mountain Mikeno

Mikeno, Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira, although entirely within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are also best reached from Kigali. Whether climbing in the eastern DRC is currently advisable is of course quite another matter.

Most tourists fly into the Kigali international airport and take a 3-hour taxi ride to the border crossing at Gisenyi, Rwanda. International flights often arrive in the evening, so we recommend spending the night in Kigali and leaving for Virunga the next morning. Most Kigali hotels will arrange an airport pick up for a small additional charge. Taxis typically charge $100-$120 from Kigali to the border. Hotels can arrange the taxi for you. Domestic airlines in the DRC fly into Goma, but the airport is not up to international standards.

Please note: A Visa and Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required to enter Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Transportation to and from Virunga National Park- Virunga National Park is offering one-way and round trip transportation for the following locations. You can also find transportation options specific to the various lodging and activities from within their booking pages. All pricing reflects per seat booking and to have this good deal book with local tour company.

There are a number of activities tourists can engage in at Mikeno Mountain some of this can are:


Tourists hiking to the top of mount Mikeno can hire hiking gears from Mikeno lodge or just is their own gears if they have; potters are also available to help you carry your luggage to the top and back at an affordable fee. The climb provides panoramic views of the entire national park with coffee plantations and waterfalls

Tourist can also opt for a cultural experience at the surrounding villages, Rwanda is one of the country’s with very rich culture and history interacting with the locals will expose you to more knowledge about this country they also have exceptional traditional dances that will make you not to forget your stay in Rwanda.

To hike mount Mikeno or do gorilla trekking, tourists need to book directly with the national park or use a travel company but visitors who come on their own will have problems being allowed in the park. The departure poi t for gorilla trekking is always at the Bakima patrol post

There are various accommodation units like mount Mikeno lodge where tourists can spend a night before or after hiking the mountain.

Climate & Best Time To Visit Mountain Mikeno

The best months of the year are January (short dry period) and July and August (long dry period). With some luck, June and September are fine as well. Even in the dry period, short afternoon showers are frequent, so be sure to start early and bring rain gear. The temperatures at the base are ideal all year round, thanks to the altitude. In Goma (1500m), Musanze (1800m) and Kisoro (2050m), they range between 20°C and 28°C during the day, and 10°C and 15°C at night.