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Malka Mari National Park in Kenya

Malka Mari National Park in Kenya

Malka Mari National Park in Kenya

Are you looking to explore Malka Mari National Park in Kenya? The African adventure vacation is one of the perfect tour agencies that are popular for taking the tourists when exploring the Kenyan destination because we are knowledgeable and we have the best experts that are all ready to help you enjoy the wildlife safari in Kenya.

In today’s article, I’m introducing to you one of the best and wonderful national parks in Kenya which is known as the Malka Mari National Park. The Malka Mari National Park is a wonderful national park that is found and spans alongside the Dawa River in the northeastern park of Kenya bordering the countries of Kenya and Ethiopia. Established in the year 1989, the Malka Mari National Park is one of the most unspoilt destinations that you don’t need to miss when visiting Kenya and the park sits at approximately 1500 square kilometers of land and it has been categorized as Category II under the International Union For Conservation of Nature.

We can say that the park is less crowded. After all, it’s one of the parks that receive few visitors because it is far away from the city of Nairobi and thus it is convenient for the visitors who don’t want crowded places and those who want to enjoy the serenity of the environment. The park offers the visitors the scenic view of the Dawa River as it meanders via the semi-desert areas and here you will be able to see the best animals and rooting around the river as they look for the waters. We need our clients to get more information about the Malka Mari National Park and this is the reason why we decide to come and talk about this great national park such when you made the decisions then you’re able to justify why you made the reason to visit this wonderful national park. The Malaika was gazetted in 1989 to be able to protect the wildlife   that the park do possess

While visiting the Malka Mari National Park there are different attractions that you can see and these include among them may also possibly be one in every of Kenya’s high-quality stored mystery of its several unknown destinations. From its charming landscapes together with anthills to the dancing gazelles, where you will engage and see the Somali giraffes the Somali giraffe, the guffawing noticed hyena, and the incredible Nile Crocodiles of the extraordinary Dawa River, Malka Mari National Park, can be one of these few locations wherein nature can nevertheless be skilled in its raw, unadulterated form.

The weather may be very arid and inhospitable, explaining why no everlasting human settlements exist within the region. The region is inhabited ordinarily via way of means of Gurreh nomadic herders, eleven though their numbers are only a few and regularly they’re dispersed over an extensive region.

Animals that you can see while in Malka Mari National Park Kenya

As you step into the Malka Mari National Park Kenya, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different animal species which you will be able to see during your game drive safaris. The amazing animals that you can see in Malka Mari National Park Kenya include the antelopes, zebras, Dik Diks, the zebras, the Nile crocodiles, and the wonderful Genet. You will also enjoy the topographical views of the hills and the valleys.  Therefore you will be able to enjoy the perfect places to enjoy as you do the camping at the park. The cultural adventure safaris are also organized and arranged with the nomadic Gureh people in the surrounding villages

Getting to Malka Mari National Park Kenya

The foremost get admission or getaway to the Malka Mari National Park is through the Mandera Airstrip; Mandera is some distance from Nairobi or Mombasa. But upon request, our crew does make plans for a chartered flight and lodging for our guests.  For the visitors who are interested in using road transport, you will be able to take you through and drive to for about 18 h forty-six min (1,105.1 km) in general about A3 and Isiolo – Mandera Rd/B9. Of course, we’ll make an in a single day live alongside the way. This is so interesting and this so much great. Therefore, if you are interested in having and visiting the Malka Mari National Park Kenya then you will be able to get quickly to the destination.

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