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Luxurious Kibo Safari Camp in Amboseli National Park

Kibo Safari Camp in Amboseli National Park:  Kibo safari camp is one of the best accommodation facilities that was put up to provide the accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting Amboseli. The camp is enshrined in the middle of the Amboseli national park

Luxurious Kibo Safari Camp in Amboseli National Park

Kibo safari camp is one of the best accommodation facilities that was put up to provide lodge services to the tourists visiting Amboseli national park. The camp is enshrined in the middle of the Amboseli national park and this makes it wonderful for the visitors who do love nature. It is ranked as the luxury accommodation facility and this means that it provides the home stay away from home while staying at Amboseli National Park

Where to find Kibo Safari Camp Located?

The safari camp is found at the foothills of the highest Kilimanjaro Mountains within the Amboseli national park and therefore it provides the wonderful and clear sceneries of this great mountain. Which is always covered with snow on top.  Amboseli national is one of the best destinations in Kenya that is interesting to explore especially for visitors who are interested in wildlife animals.  The park is well known for hosting large herds of elephants and in fact, the park has got the highest population of elephants in the whole World with inclusive views of the wonderful Kilimanjaro Mountains. The cap is provided and established in the Amboseli open and wonderful savannah plains giving you a wider view of animals.

Various facilities at Kibo Safari Camp?

The accommodation at Kibo camp comes in form of the seventy-three self-contained tents that are available elf the visitors and the rooms within these temps are divided into single rooms, double rooms, family rooms, and triples.  Within the room, there I clear designed to need that is made from the local tree logs obtained from the bush and are made good to provide you with comfort. The tents where the rooms are located features flush toilets, bathrooms,  showers, washbasin, and wonderful showers proving  both hot and cold water which is so interesting and imaginable

Single tent at Kibo Safari Camp:  This is coccupi8ed with only one bed which big and this means that only one visitors is entitled to stay in this tent

Double tent at Kibo safari Camp:  This tent at the Kibo Safari Lodge handles only two visitors or guests and it is convenient for the capable because it has an extra-large double bed.

Triple tent at Kibo safari camp:  Only three guests can be accommodated in this tent and the tent features only three single beds in it and therefore if you’re in a group of three people and mostly friends then this may be so convenient to you while on visits to Masai Mara National Park

Family Tent at Kibo Safari Lodge:  This hosts a group of visitors or family. There are three two single beds inside with one extra-large bed and it occupied a maximum of four people.

What are some of the facilities and services that are found at the Kibo Safari Lodge?

There are different facilities and services what visitors staying at Kibo safari lodge will be entitled to do and these include the following

Lounge and bar:  There is a well-established bar and lounge and this is the wonderful perfect place for visitors’ relations after the day’s activities within the park. There is television at the lounge that will be entertaining you as you watch and enjoy interestingly.

Swimming pool:  This also offers a nice destination for the visitors and the swimming pool is available for all the visitors staying at the lodge and this you can relax and cool yourself by taking a swim.

Spa or Massage:  The services of the spa and the massage at the Kibo safari lodge are of high class. All facilities such as the manicure, skin treatments, and pedicure are so much available here at the Kibo Safari Lodge.

Dinning :  The dining facilities at the Kibo safari lodge are offered in the open savannah grassland and it is well served under the acacia tree as you look at Kilimanjaro Mountains. All kinds of foods and fruits are well served at the camp and they are fresh jut harvested for the gardens or the farm of the camp. In case you request any means that you want, you will be ready and available to receive it since they prepare all kinds of food.

Art Gallery at Kibo safari camp you will be enticed by the wonderful displaces of the gallery and other pictures available of the Masai people cultures especially their dressing code and wares.

Gift shop or souvenir shop:  The gift shop that is found at the guest shop employs a lot of the souvenir shops and the that are made of the hands by the locally made Masai people the depicts the culture of the Masai and are available for shopping at an affordable cost or rate.

The conference facilities:  The Kibo safari camp also features a well-packed conference room characterized by speakers, projectors, board, chairs, and other equipment available or required for conducting conferences or meetings.

Activities that you can participate in while at Kibo safari camp

Visitors staying at the Kibo safari camp will engage in various activities which are conducted within the park and some of these activities include the following

Cultural dances and drama:  Usually in the evening, the Kibo safari camp has an arrangement with the Masai cultural people that comes at the camp and performs there for the guests or the camps sometimes takes the visitors to the local Masai people in their villages for experiencing their culture especially finding them in their local Manyattas meaning their small houses that they use the local materials to build them a responsible held by the women of the Masai

Safari game drives:  The Kibo safari camp organized the game drives for the visitors to the Amboseli national park to experience and encounter over fifty species of mammals that are available and this will give you wonderful views of these animals while carrying out the game drive safaris.  You will enjoy a lot of animals species including the clear views of Kilimanjaro Mountain. The animals that you will not moss include elephants, buffaloes, lions, giraffes, and wildebeest among others. You will also learn more about the flora and culture of the Amboseli national park as an activity provided to the guests by the Kibo safari camp.

Getting to Kibo Safari Camp

Guests can use several routes to access the Kibo safari camp and these include the Emali route where one will be able to pass to Namanga. While following the Emali route, you will branch off from Mombasa to the right direction on the Loitoktok road after the flyover at Emali and then you drive straight up to Kimana town and after the town, you will turn on your right leading to the Kimana Gate of the Amboseli National Park. When you reach the gate you will see the signage on your left which you will follow up to the Kibo safari camp.

Visitors can also access the Kibo safari camp using the Namanga border with Tanzania and this is about 4 hours from Nairobi which is about 278 square kilometers. Come and have a comfortable stay at the wonderful Kibo safari Loge as you enjoy the great views of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro Mountains.