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Humba Gorilla Group

Humba Gorilla Group

Humba Gorilla Group

Humba gorilla group / family is one of the gorilla families you can trek from Virunga national park and was formed as a splinter of the Rugendo gorilla family, the family was formed in 1998 when Humba the silverback and his brother Nyakamwe decided to get separated from their father’s group taking away 6 members with them.

Humba and his brother increased the number of the family to 16 individuals but in the year 2014 they got into a fight which made them separate and Humba was left with only 6 individuals while Nyakamwe was left with 10 individuals.

Humba gorilla family is now composed of 10 individuals including 3 silverbacks, 2 adult females, 1 sub-adult, 2 juveniles, and 2 infants. Humba gorilla family can be trekked from Galovi and Bikenge areas of Virunga national park. Numbers in this gorilla family keep on changing from time to time so the given numbers cannot be constant for so long. The dominating silverback is a brother to Senkwekwe a silverback which was killed by unknown gunmen in July 2007. Humba and Senkwekwe are the sons of famous Rugendo silverback.

Other gorilla families in Virunga national park

Rugendo gorilla family

Rugendo gorilla family is one of the oldest mountain gorilla families in Virunga national park habituated in 1985, the group was dominated by Rugendo a popular silverback known to have fathered many silverbacks in Virunga national park who now have their own families. Unfortunately, Rugendo died out of a gunshot in 2001. The family leadership was taken over by his son. Senkwekwe who mysteriously died in 2007 and a solitary male took over the group in 2008 known in Bukima.

Nyakamwe gorilla family

Nyakamwe gorilla family is a splinter of the Rugendo gorilla family, the family was formed when silverback Nyakamwe decided to separate from his brother Humba to begin his own mountain gorilla family after he and his brother broke away from their father in the Rugendo mountain gorilla family.

Gorilla permits for Humba gorilla group

Mountain gorilla permits in DR Congo cost $400 per person per trek during the high season and $200 during the low season. Gorilla permits are advised to be obtained 3-4 months in advance of 3-6 months before arriving in the country.

What to bring for Humba gorilla group tracking

Gorilla trekking requires physical fitness and you need to come along with drinking water, energy-giving snacks, insect repellents, good waterproof hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, garden gloves, long-sleeved clothes, and much more.

Best time to visit Humba Gorilla Group

DR Congo can be visited at any time of the year for gorilla trekking but the best time is during the dry season of June to September and December to February when the roads leading to Virunga national park are easily accessible and the trekking trails are not slippery and muddy.