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How to remain safe when driving in heavy rains on a safari

How to remain safe when driving in heavy rains on a safari

How to remain safe when driving in heavy rains on a safari

How to remain safe when driving in heavy rains on a safari? Visitors need to be mindful of when they travel to any destination in Kenya especially when it comes to climate status and the weather of the area.  We all know that Kenya has got two seasons of rainfall although visitors can travel any time to Kenya for their wonderful safaris.  It is well known that October is the month in Kenya that has heavy rainfalls and thus we are here to provide you with tips on how best you can drive amidst heavy rainfall when you are in Kenya for your wonderful safaris. Driving safely is the most important thing that you should look out for when it is raining.

Usually, the road becomes impassable during the rainfall with some of them being submerged in water but remember you need to drive and navigate through just in any case it caught you within the middle of the road. Therefore, below are some of the possible ways of how to remain safe when driving in heavy rains on a safari;

It’s important that that you slow down when it’s raining;

it is important that you cut your speed to almost a half that is the 50%. It has been reported that most of the accidents in the rains have been caused by poor visibility especially when there is a heavy downpour and this is the result when the rains start raining heavily and the driver may not be able to see what is happening or coming in the opposite direction and this means that you will reduce your t speed to increase on stability and visibility during the rainfall. It is relatively really helpful to lessen this pace between forty and 60 kilometers in keeping with the hour. The slower you go, the less complicated it’s miles to brake and stop, consequently decreasing the probabilities of deadly accidents.

Also, make sure that you increase the following the distance;

usually, it is very common for the drivers to follow each other especially when it is raining in heavy traffic however when the rain is pouring so much heavily it is good that you keep some of the distance really of about two meters, make sure that you can see the number plate of the car you are following then there you will have maintained the distance of you and the car head. This more distance will assist you to keep away from hitting the car beforehand if you want to use emergency brakes. It additionally offers you an area to swerve and keep away from hazards if the auto beforehand of you is the supply of confusion.

Please make sure that you get the time and stop provided it’s raining heavily;

Remember life is the most precious thing and therefore there is nothing that you should compare your life with therefore in case it is raining heavily please get the time and top somewhere to avoid accidents that may result.  You can get a chance and stop at the petro station,  or nay another place that you think it is safe for you to stop and wait a little bit for the rain to stop and then continue driving because if you insist, then you may be carried away by the floods which are not good. Therefore, whilst it receives too hard for you, simply prevent and look forward to the rains passing. You can constantly reschedule plans however you can’t update life.

Remain focused and don’t get distracted;

While driving in rain, you make sure that you avoid as much as possible distractions when I take about the distractors I mean the activities that include such as loud music, then it’s not good to make phone calls and other several tourist activities which is so much interesting. You can constantly have your radio on to a low extent so one can capture any updates or warnings. Otherwise, ensure you’ve got all of your thoughts and senses centered on the street for a more secure transition. Once you maintain these then you will be able to remain focused on the road and maneuver through the rainfall so much greater and you increase your safety when it comes to driving in the rainfall.

Also, it’s good to make your Windscreen so clear; usually,

when it comes to rainfall and it raining heavily, there tend to come for especially when there is a rapid change within the temperatures and once this happens, the visible from the front screen becomes somehow poor therefore your whippers should be in good conditions to make sure that they can clear the waters and on the screen effectively. The controls on the car’s front assist with clearing the mist. Make positive to set the controls earlier than using so you don’t should multitask. All your interest ought to be at the road.

Make sure that you have your car lights on when driving at night;

as usual, your vision will be hampered when there is heavy rainfall and even your other drivers of other cars will also be heavily be affected by the heavy rainfall. Therefore in such cases, the drivers need to be very alert and have their car lights on in order not to miss out and cause accidents. In such cases, placed on your car lighting with inside the dim settings. In this manner, you could without difficulty inform the area of the automobile in advance of you, and different drivers can see you too.

Therefore, make sure that you take these points and self-control in case you’re to successfully drive through the rainfall so much well and cause little chances of getting accidents. Please take extra precautions especially when it is raining in magical Kenya.

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