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How To Clean Your Safari Lodge Room

when you check into your booked clean safari lodge, your lodge room becomes a home away from home, with a few expectations: that so many people from different parts of the world have slept here. And the safari lodge or camp staff may not have the exact standards of cleanliness

How To Clean Your Safari Lodge Room

How to make sure your safari lodge room is clean? While on your African safari, when you check into your booked clean safari lodge, your lodge room becomes a home away from home, with a few expectations: that so many people from different parts of the world have slept here. And the safari lodge or camp staff may not have the exact standards of cleanliness that you do have back at home regardless of the strict national guidelines.

The fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly alternated the face of leisure travel, accommodation facilities are monitored to follow strict operating standards to keep the clients protected from Covid-19 by cleaning their safari lodge rooms each and every time. It’s good to sleep in a comfortable and clean lodge room while exploring the African savannah, but in terms of sanitization, a well-laid bed does not equal a clean safari lodge room.

Research has indicated that germs usually lurk on places like television remotes, light switches, telephone keyboards, bathrooms, tables, sinks, toilet flushers, and shower faucets, even in hotel rooms that otherwise appear clean- disturbing evidence of what you might be waiting when you drop your travel bad into a room. Are you ready for dirty bedsheets, dirty toilets, or even bedbug infestation? There are fewer chances of putting your life in danger just because you used a soiled bathroom but if you use an unclean safari room lodge you could affect your health. Except. Besides Covid, the most common diseases are stomach viruses or colds.

Try the steps below to achieve a clean hotel room for more sound sleep on your next safari trip to Uganda.

How do I make sure my safari lodge room is clean?

Below we are going to look at a few things you can do to be rest assured you have a clean safari lodge.

Know the SOPs

The ministry of health has set standard operating standards for Uganda safari lodges and hotels cleanliness, find out if your safari lodge is being faithful to the rules. Call ahead and ask the people in charge of the lodge to assure you about protecting you from the latest health scourges.

Read the lodge reviews

Published standard operation procedures, location, price, or a brand name will not assure that all lodgings will be clean. So until some clean commission begins sending out people to pay great attention to the lodges to clean all the lodge rooms around the country. The best you can do is finding out what your fellow safari travelers are saying.

Many of the travel and hotel review sites have cleanliness as a category for judgment about their works. Trip advisor is the largest hotel-review site with travelers ratings of thousands of hotels, restaurants, and businesses around the globe. The reviews will always disclose hidden secrets about finding a clean safari lodge and more.

Carry disinfectant wipes

You are paying and tipping just in case so that workers will keep your accommodation room in order. And I must say that I have before sprayed, dusted, and even polished anything in the hotel room, so I can’t blame you if you decide to leave your toilet brush at home.

But if you are feeling a little bit unpleasant in your small budget safari lodge room or you just want to be extra careful, simply hitting regularly touched surfaces with some antibacterial wipes could subtly protect you from the Coronavirus and make your life healthier. The places in hotels to disinfect germs include doorknobs, ice buckets, remote control, toilet handle, and bathroom faucet handles.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands often with clean water and soap or an alcohol bases hand rub has been proven to reduce the transfer of Covid19, viruses, colds and will prevent bacteria from getting whatever it is that you are touching to your eyes, mouth, or nose. Even if your room is properly cleaned, some germs will always be on certain items. You should move with your hand sanitizer and use it whenever you feel like you have touched something dirty.

Avoid glassware

You are not assured that your lodge room glasses and mugs are usually washed off in the water by the cleaning staff, or even wiped down with the same sponge that is used to clean all parts of the bathroom.

Ditch the bedspread

We all know that most hotels don’t wash the heavy bedspreads after every unique guest. The times they wash varies from one hotel to another. You are advised to call the lodge worker and ask them how often they wash the bedspreads. It’s better when you carry your own blanket.

Do you think I could find bedbugs?

There have been rising reports of bed bugs in hotels across the globe. This is because of different travelers using the same rooms. Bedbugs are found everywhere around the world and normally hide in clothes. Not even high-end lodges are immune. They mostly come in the baggage of international travelers

Bedbugs are an inconvenience, but they are not dangerous- their bites don’t transmit diseases like the bites of fleas and ticks. They are small and can be seen with naked eyes. They feed at night, and their victims always develop itchy red bumps within less than 24 hours of a bite.

Bedbug bites have the same resemblance in appearance as those of mosquito bites, so if you enter a hotel room and see a red bump appear on any part of your body, give the lodge a benefit of the doubt and check your own room for other signs of bedbugs most especially if you are to leave in a place full of mosquitoes.

To properly check the bedbugs, look properly under the mattress and bed corners. If you find reddish-brown spots inside the mattress cover or on any part of the bed then those are bedbugs. It’s hard to see the actual bedbugs due to their small size. They normally hide under the smallest mattress crevices during the day. But there are chances of seeing bedbugs if they are concentrated in one place. You can as well check under the couch cushions, between the walls, or between the carpet.

If you find any of the above signs of bedbug life, call the people responsible immediately, and don’t risk putting your suitcase, jacket, or any of your items on the bed or in places where they could be hiding. In most cases, the hotel people will be sorry and they will get you another room. If you find the front desk person unprofessional request to speak with the manager or a safari lodge owner.