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How Strong Is A Silverback Gorilla?

How Strong Is A Silverback Gorilla?

How Strong Is A Silverback Gorilla?

How strong is a silverback gorilla? Gorillas are notable shy and gentile primates but can also become very violent when disturbed or when they feel insecure. Gorillas’ strength cannot be fully measured because they rarely even demonstrable their power. Gorillas have huge, solid, and impressive canines; a bite of a silverback has been recorded to be 1,300 pounds per square inch that is much stronger than that of a lion at 650 pr square inch and a great shark by 625 pr square inch.

According to an experiment conducted in 1924 showed that an adult gorilla can throw about 450 kgs of the face. Gorillas are strong when compared to humans, a gorilla is about nine times stronger than a well-trained man. A silverback can lift up to 815 kgs of dead weight according to the genius world book of records while a well-trained human can lift a maximum of only 410 kgs.

Gorillas have their arms longer than their legs and the hands support most of the body weight while they’re also used for moving this makes the arms built and strong. Gorillas also have larger stomachs bigger than their chests. Gorillas are very strong in that they are can break bamboo sticks which can be seen as an exhibition of 20 times stronger than a well-trained man.

Mountain gorillas are considered strong because the grip of a silverback is very strong and can easily crush a crocodile. Gorillas are incredibly strong because they are capable of tearing down a huge banana tree just to the fruits.

Tourists who have had an opportunity to trek mountain gorillas have seen them fed, groom each other and play with one another especially the curious and stubborn young ones, have described the whole exercise as wonderful, amazing, out of this world with most of them being just speechless.

You can visit these giant apes on their natural habitats by getting in touch with the best tour operators in the region to help you with planning your once in a lifetime gorilla trekking safari either in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga national park located in Uganda, Virunga national park in DR Congo as well as volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Gorilla permit prices

DR Congo has the cheapest gorilla trekking permits going for $450 in the dry season and $200 in the low season, Uganda follows with her gorilla permits sold at $700 for foreign nonresidents, $600 foreign resident and shs250,000 East African residents, Rwanda is the most expensive with gorilla permits sold $1500 per person per trek. Only persons above the age of 15 years and those without infectious diseases such as cough, flu, and diarrhea are allowed to trek mountain gorillas and permits must be booked 3-6 months in advance before traveling in the country.