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Hotels in the Serengeti National Park

Hotels in the Serengeti National Park

Hotels in the Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park has a large number of hotels located in the areas that surround the park. The hotels within and around the Serengeti National Park range from luxury, mid-range, budget, and even those for camping. Clearly, this shows that the visitors will have a wide range of lodges to choose from when they book for their stay.

Visitors who are even on a budget can book budget hotels in and around the Serengeti National Park. Hotels offer visitors so much conformability because they offer amenities and facilities that meet the visitor’s standards and expectations. You need the services of an experienced tour operator to book for you the best safari company for you to be able to book for you the hotels for you to stay in while in Serengeti National Park for the wildlife safaris.

The hotels within the Serengeti National Park are found in different locations and some of them also offer camping sites, especially those accommodation facilities that offer luxurious services. Such kinds of hotels are found in the central parts of the Serengeti National Park, especially within the Seronera area. This section has got the most advanced hotels and loges, and some of the best hotels in the central area include the Seronera Lodge, the Serengeti Wildlife Lodge, and other wonderful areas. The camps within these hotels provide you with the best experience as you move close to the animals since most of the tents are erected in the middle of the bush where you sleep amidst the sound of the roaring lions, hyenas, among others. There are about 9 camping areas for the public within the Seronera area, and the park authorities also allow private investors to establish tents in the gazetted area.

During the wildebeest relocation in Mara, a few camps migrate to the North Serengeti close to the movement, while in January and February, the movable or occasional camps move all of the time to the South Serengeti around the Ndutu region, where the calving migration is taking place.

The accommodation within the park ensures that the visitors feel comfortable and don’t travel long distances as they enjoy the fresh air of the wild. Visitors will even see the custodian of the park in the form of the animals, singing birds, just near you, or some of the animals will come and find you on your verandah at your hotel. Some of the animals, such as the hyenas, can find themselves within the tents, but don’t worry, no harm will happen to you because you will be protected under the park rules and regulations.

The hotels that are constructed within the Serengeti National Park are requested to pay the concession fee, which is paid in the form of entry fees, and the park entrance for the Serengeti National Park lasts for only 24 hours. Visitors who use facilities outside the recreation area, such as those in Ikoma, pay a local area charge and their park section expenses end when they settle up with the recreation area, so the next day they enter the recreation area, they must pay the recreation area passage fees again.

Below is a list of hotels / accommodation facilities to book during your safari to Serengeti national park;

Namiri Plains, Four Seasons, Dunia Camp, Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Olakira Migration Camp, Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp, Namiri Plains Serengeti, &Beyond Klein’s Camp, Singita Sasakwa Lodge, One Nature Nyaruswiga, Lemala Kuria Hills Tented Lodge, Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp, &Beyond Grumeti Tented Camp, Taasa Lodge, Mwiba Lodge, Roving Bushtops, Nasikia Ehlane Plains Camp, Sanctuary Kusini Safari Camp, Singita Sabora Tented Camp, &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas, Serengeti Bushtops Camp, Mbali Mbali Soroi Serengeti Lodge, Namiri Plains Serengeti among others.

During the dry season, which is regarded as the peak season for tourism in Serengeti National Park, visitors are requested to book their hotels early in advance because, at times, most of the hotel rooms are booked fully and if you delay them, you might not get anywhere to sleep.

Therefore, contact Africa Adventure Vacations to book your hotel room around the Serengeti National Park in advance to avoid the hustle of last-minute booking. We book and arrange the safari itineraries to Serengeti National Park, and these include transportation, accommodation, and park activities for the visitors. If you are interested in an all-inclusive safari package to Tanzania, please contact Africa Adventure Vacation for more information.