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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Getting To Semuliki National Park

Getting To Semuliki National Park

Getting To Semuliki National Park

Getting to Semuliki national park- The park is located in Bundibugyo town of western Uganda which covering 52 kilometers from Fort Portal. The road is not easy to use in the heavy rains and after so it is advisable to use a 4WD vehicle. Sempaya ranger post is a good signpost however the park headquarters is found at Ntandi village. It is about 4.4kilometers on Bundibugyo road.  From Sempaya to reach Kirumia village, it will take you over 10.6kilometers then from here you go direct to the forest through the Kirumia River trail. Or you can catch a ride between Kirumia and Sempaya but most vehicles always head to Fort Portal in the morning and pass through Bundibugyo in the late afternoon and evening.

Semuliki National park can be accessed on road and have two routes, the first route is from Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda to Fort portal and covering over 300 kilometers which take 4-5 hours. This route Kampala – Fort portal road via Mubende is the shortest than that one of Masaka, Mbarara, and then Kasese which is about 510kilometers and it takes 6-7hours.

This route from Kampala- Masaka, Mbarara via Kasese is longer but it allows you to visit or see Lake Mburo National Park, the Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, and many more. So it depends on you to pick any route according to your interest.

You will drive 52kilometers on a muram road from Fort Portal which is approximately a 2hours drive, you will access Sempaya gate. Tourists can see the Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve and also the rift valley floor which are found in the Semuliki flats.

Public means from Kampala the capital city of Uganda to Semuliki national park are also available, it is advisable to use Link coaches and Kalita buses which go directly to Bundibugyo town or at Ntandi which is the park headquarters, or to the Sempaya tourism center. The cost ranges from 30,000-35,000 Uganda shillings.

The tarmac road from Fort Portal to Semuliki national park is in good condition with less traffic but it has many sharp corners and humps, Also soil erosion is common plus running rocks blocking the road. During the rainy season, the road can flood due to drainage tunnels being block by rocky sand from uphill.  Though the park can be visited throughout the year the best time is during the dry season because in this period all routes to the park are easy to access.

Where to stay at Semuliki national park.

Several safari lodges have been established in and around Semuliki national park where you can spend a night to complete your safari while at Semuliki national park and these include.  Semuliki safari lodge is best for tourists who seeking a luxury lodge. it offers a restaurant with a bar stocked with all types of drinks, swimming pool and lounge, and many more, or you can rest from Nyati game lodge, it serves bush breakfasts or bush dinner to ensure you have a unique experience visiting Semuliki national park, Uwa bandas and cottages, it is best for visitors who love camping and among others.