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Explore Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park in 6 days

6 days Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Explore Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park in 6 days

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the best park that is worth visiting by visitors who are interested in ensuring that they encounter a lot of wildlife when they visit this great national park in just 6 days. To make sure that our visitors visit the Serengeti National Park, we have come up with an amendable encounter with the clear wildlife safaris through the six-day encounter with the Serengeti National Park wildlife safari. On this stunning safari, you will visit the Ngorongoro crater, the Lake Manyara National Park, and Tarangire National Park during this stunning safari. Our 6-day explore of the Serengeti National Park will lead you to the Serengeti National Park with a lot of the activities that you engage in. You will be able to do game drives as many days as possible, including the safari game drives, the full day game drives, the morning game drives, as well as camping adventure safaris. With our six days, you will be able to explore the park as well as make the amendments for this safari. Just contact us for more information about this great safari.

What matters during your 6 days Serengeti National Park Tanzania?

  • Visiting the Mayara National Park
  • A full-day game drive in the Serengeti National Park is included.
  • A full-day game drive in the Serengeti National Park is included.
  • Go to Karatu.
  • End the visit with an exploration of Tarangire National Park.

Day 1: Arrival at Lake Manyara National Park and transfer to the park

On this very safari, you will be able to arrive at the Arusha international airport whereby you will meet our safari guide, who will introduce himself to you and, after giving you a brief introduction of the safari and all that you will expect, After this, you will continue to Lake Manyara National Park where you will be involved in the safari game drive. During the game drive safaris, you will be able to see and enjoy the sightings of various species of animals, including the elephants, impalas, monkeys, and flamingo birds that usually migrate from Lake Natron to Serengeti National Park. This lake is also known for having tree-climbing lions, which you will be able to see within the Lake Manyara National Park during your safari game drive. After your safari game drive, you will be able to go and return to your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay. Stay at Hhando Coffee Lodge, where you will be able to stay and enjoy the better lodging services.

Day 2: Visit Ngorongoro Crater and then drive to Serengeti National Park.

Today in the morning, you will wake up, check out of your lodge, and drive to Ngorongoro crater, where you will also go for the wildlife viewing experience. You will move directly to the Ngorongoro crater for the wildlife viewing, and you will be able to move with your packed lunch. The animals that you will be able to see and enjoy within Crater Lake will include the big five animals, which include lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes. In addition to these, you will be able to see hyenas, jackals, hippos, zebras, and herds of wildebeests, among other natural life species. Continue to Serengeti Public Park, where you will spend the balance of the evening in your lodge for supper and overnight stay while taking in the beauty of nature around you at Serengeti Heritage Luxury Tented Camp.

Day 3: Serengeti National Park full-day game drive

Today, we have an early morning breakfast at your lodge as you prepare for the game drive safari experience during your 6 days Serengeti National Park Tanzania. The process of seeing the wildlife in Serengeti National Park will last for the whole day. This is the day when you will be able to see a lot of the animal species that are found in the Serengeti National Park. During your morning game drive, you will witness a variety of wildlife species that are more active during this time, such as lion prides, cheetahs, panthers, elephants, giraffes, hippos, impalas, dik-dik, monkeys, mandrills, gazelles, warthogs, and others. Before your evening game drive, you’ll take a short mid-day break. After your evening wildlife review insight on the wide savannah fields of Serengeti Park, you will return to your hotel for supper and short-term at Serengeti Heritage Luxury Tented Camp.

Day 4: A full day of game viewing in Serengeti National Park.

Still, we have to get up early in the morning and have your hotel lodge’s early morning breakfast. You will visit and explore the wildlife expenses that are located around the Songore River Circuit. This river circuit connects to the Seronera plains and the river, a place with a large concentration of mammals. This is the region that has several feelings of pride for lions, then the topi, cheetahs, and ostriches. This is a great place to find the visitor’s information center, and there are also the best and most wonderful places where you can place your camps here. The game drive safaris here are so much fun and the animals, especially lions, can be seen lying in the trees. Later that evening, you’ll take the Kopjes Circuit, which winds its way counter-clockwise around the Maasai Kopjes, attracting a variety of lions and a few massive cobras. Kopjes are enduring stone outcrops that are scattered throughout the fields. The majority of them are small-sized settings, providing shade and relishing water pools left in the stone after rainstorms. You will return to your cabin for supper and a short stay at Serengeti Heritage Luxury Tented Camp after touring the kopjes.

Day 5: From Serengeti National Park, you will travel to Karatu.

Have your warm breakfast early in the morning in Serengeti National Park at your hotel, and later check-out of the lodge and then leave the park. As you move, you will make a stopover at Karatu town, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the local community expertise, see how the people love and appreciate the local community people, and, where possible, buy some of the souvenirs, such as the beads from the local people. Visiting nearby Maasai “manyattas,” or Maasai properties, and attending social dance exhibitions, among other things, You’ll return to your hotel for a relaxing evening and supper, as well as a short stay at Eileen’s tree model.

Day 6: End the safari

After an early breakfast at your Karatu cabin, you will travel to Tarangire National Park for a wildlife drive, where you will view a vast herd of elephants washing in the Tarangire River, as well as a plethora of giraffes, monkeys, impalas, lions, panthers, and a variety of birds. Following your game review, you will travel to Arusha, where your guide will drop you off at your preferred location to end your 6 days Serengeti National Park Tanzania.