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Considerations when visiting the community village in Kenya

Considerations when visiting the community village in Kenya

Considerations when visiting the community village in Kenya

Looking for key considerations when visiting the community village in Kenya? Tourism is an important sector in the whole world sectors in the world and when effectively used it can benefit the local communities through the cultural performances of the local people as well as proving the jobs to the communities especially around the protected areas and the sites.  While visiting any of the community villages then you should make sure that you travel to the community villages so much ethically that will respect the communities. Visiting the community is a wonderful experience as you will be able to learn more about the traditional life of the communities which is good. Come and learn more about the visitors’ experience and what they do especially those who depend on the livelihood of Uganda.

Therefore while visiting the communities of the local villages in Kenya there are a few considerations that you need to put in place such that you respectively visit the community in a more and ethical manner and so much interesting. Please note these few points as considerations when visiting the community village in Kenya;

Please learn and understand that the children are among the tourist attractions when visiting the community.  Usually when visiting the community villages,  and you have the orphanage or the school then its not good to visit such people some of the orphanages have some children who are disabled and such interactions can as well lead to them their rights of privacy however under the clear guidelines you can as will visit them. However, it is good to leave the reach out to the Non- Governmental Organisation where you can go and What stays a truth is that the time youngsters will spend with a caregiver, educator or doctor may be greater treasured than time spent with you.

Please make sure that you follow the traditional was and traditions and customs of the villages; yes in most cases it’s good that you involve yourself and in constant engagement with the authorities of the villages that you are going to visit and remember these the local authorities do depend on in the tourism and thus anything that disturbs tourism will not be accepted.  Therefore, its good that you engage in the activities that bring you harmony, not those that cause disharmony within the society, and such activities of disharmony that you should avoid include causing public notice, jumping all over the place, making racial slurs,  or engaging in any way the local fights. Such misbehaviors maybe But obnoxious behavior is probably offensive to neighborhood people, and, over time, make the network much less hospitable to

Please make sure that you go with the guides and operators led by the local people guides; while looking for the 3 weeks and only a day excursion, search for excursion operators whose income will advantage humans from the locality you’re visiting. An instance may be the tour operators’ operator which makes use of courses who’re locals or makes use of neighborhood corporations as suppliers. This allows the area people and additionally improves the high-satisfactory of the experience.

When visiting the communities you should make sure that you don’t hurt or disturb the animals’ particularly exotic or domesticated animals. How are the animals being handled whilst you aren’t there? Is all the eye stressing the animal out? Interact with them while suitable in order now no longer to harm them.

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