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Camping safaris in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park Camping:  This is one of the best safari experiences done in Amboseli national park that gives visitors a chance to enjoy the true African wildness in most times some people think that camping

Camping safaris in Amboseli National Park

Looking for camping safaris in Amboseli National Park Kenya? This is one of the best safari experiences done in Amboseli national park that gives visitors a chance to enjoy the true African wildness in most times some people think that camping is for only budget travelers but this is a bad misconception that there are executive tents which area permanent and some of these tents are so mobile.  Tenet that is suitable for then budget travelers or the school children tents area also available in Amboseli national park.

Most of the tents are wired within the center of the Amboseli national park in the wildness and while staying at these camps you will not miss the voice and song of the animals and the birding species outside while enjoying your tents. Camping is loved by conservationists because they are nature friendly and you will be able to hear the sounds of the king of the jungle roaring whenever you’re in the tent sleeping.  You will even enjoy the game watching while seated or standing on your balcony comfortably and this is one of the advantages of the Amboseli national park camping. Visitors can save a lot by opting to use the camping because they are budget-friendly.

Amboseli National park has unique public areas that visitors who travel with their private tents and sleeping bags can use and all the public camping areas are good and so guarded by the game rangers that are well trained and armed in how the wildlife species can be handled in case they try to attack you while camping and this is done to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Here at Africa adventure vacations, we organize both group and individual camping safaris to Amboseli national park that all starts and ends in Nairobi city. We have got several tents that are available for hire but this doesn’t stop the visitors from carrying out their own tents and the sleeping bags provide they have them.  While organizing the camping safaris, we make sure that there is an experienced Chef who is available to prepare meals for the clients however, in case the visitors are interested in preparing their own food, they are given this opportunity to do this.

The public camping areas in the Amboseli National Park are mostly used by budget travelers, backpackers, and the students of the study trips. The camping areas feature clean bathrooms and toilet facilities, and they are managed by Kenyan Wildlife Services. These camping areas are located in various parts of the park but the most prominent bone is the one found at the park headquarters that can accommodate around sixty guests at a time.

While camping in the Amboseli National Park, you will have the campfire that is lit in the evening and you will enjoy your cold drinks under the diamond-looked sky. Enjoy the clear shining stars attached to the blue sky as the local Masai people are entertaining you. Such experience can only go through by attending or taking the Amboseli camping safaris. The camping sites are not the same and neither are they located within the same locality but rather in different locations within the national park.

As I earlier said, there are tents that suit the midrange and luxurious travelers that are characterized by luxurious safari tents. Such tents include the Amboseli porcini camp, Amboseli Kibo safari camp, Amboseli Tortils camp, and several others.  These are permanent luxurious camps featuring the best facilities such as the bar, swimming pools, clean private rooms with tents, and the bathroom with running hot and cold water. The camps feature modern tents that are made of the local materials which means that they are friendly to the environment and some of the available tents within the Amboseli national park are so mobile in that they can be moved to provide there is a change within the environment especially after the heavy rainfall the tents can be moved to another wonderful area for the safari.

If you’re worried about our safari budget then we are here to advise you on the friendly budget camping safaris that suit your budget, don’t be there and leave your traveling dream to seas like that just contact us at African Adventure Vacations and we shall advise you accordingly.

Don’t this that there are only camps in the Amboseli national park, there are other built up lodges at the park and therefore you fear the sleep outside within the tent, then we can book for you’re a relatively budget-friendly lodge that provides you with comfort.  We have got several safari packages that are designed to fit all the categories of our clients. Visitors wishing to take luxury safaris in Amboseli national park will also get the luxury accommodation facilities in lodges that are permanently built within the park. Having a variety of packages is important because visitors can easily select the safari package of their choice.

The Amboseli National park camping safaris provide the visitors with the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wild experience by engaging in various park activities to enrich your animal’s experience. In case you don’t like overcrowding, then you can opt to go for private camping whereby you will set your private tent in the middle of the wildness with the armed ranger guide during the night and day. But because of the very many visitors demanding camping in the Amboseli, it is important that you book early in advance to avoid inconveniences that might be caused by delayed booking.

If planning for doing the Amboseli national park camping on a self-basis, there are some of the camping fees that are charged by the Kenya Wildlife Services that are charged per night. And these costs are independent of the park entrance fees. These charges can be paid in dollars or in the Kenyan shillings.

Best time for camping safaris in Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli national park camping safaris are determined by the climate of the park and therefore it is good to know the season when your wish to travel to Amboseli national park for camping. Once you have known this, it will guide you on how best to go camping within the park. However, based on several safaris that we have conducted, we can say that the best time of camping in Amboseli national park is during the dry season that starts in June to October and December to February. Camping safaris are not enjoyable during the rainy season because the rainy season is characterized by heavy winds that might bring down the tents.

You need to follow the camping procedure and guides as well as rules and communication from your driver guide whenever you’re in Amboseli national park for your Amboseli camping safaris. Enjoy the best African safari in the Amboseli National Park by taking the Camping Safaris in this park with Africa Adventure Vacations.