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Camping in Tsavo National Park

Africa Adventure Vacations, we organize well and nice camping safaris to Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Tsavo National Park features the richest in wildness national park and because of its big size

Camping in Tsavo National Park

Looking for camping in Tsavo National Park? Africa Adventure Vacations, we organize well and nice camping safaris to Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Tsavo National Park features the richest in wildness national park and because of its big size, it is divided into Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks and the dividing factor is the Nairobi Mombasa highway road. Tsavo is the largest National Park in Kenya covering 22000 square kilometers of land.

The Tsavo National Park is known for having red dusty elephants and it has a lot of wildlife species and because of this, Tsavo National Park is among the amount visited National Park in Kenya. Even it is believed that during the colonial period, the colonialists were attacked and eaten by the lions which were in Tsavo National Park

For visitors that don’t want Crowds Park then Tsavo National Park is the best and available for you to especially if you’re interested in enjoying the virgin wildlife areas with clear and interesting wildlife amazing experience.

Tsavo National Park camping is one of the safaris that we so organize on the budget for visitors interested in exploring this wonderful national park. Camping as you have heard might be organized on the budget but it offers the true African wildlife experience. Imagine sleeping in the middle of the wildness surrounded by the wildlife occupants such as lions, elephants, and buffaloes, the tent is well erected at a convenient place any time. The tents are well organized with good tents and sleeping bags with the experienced mobile food responsible for providing you with wonderful meals as you enjoy your camping experience.

Most of the people think that it is only the small income earners or the budget travelers especially the students and the backers are the ones supposed to be taking the camping safaris in the Tsavo National Park without knowing that these wonderful safaris catering for even the corporates and the executives, All the types of tents are available including these proving the or ordinary that are erected in the camping areas and there are those private tents which are found in the private camping sites around the park. For our budget travelers especially the backpackers, the camping sites and the tents are very clean including the shared clean bathrooms and also the clean flushing toilets that they use publically.

On the other hand, we have got the corporate on the executive tents on this round for the executive travelers and for these tempts they are permanently placed tents or established tents. They are located strategically in a nice and good-looking environment where you have the views of the animals crossing while others are doing about their business within the park.

The tents also act as an attraction to the animals that always come close to them and check on them. Sleeping in such tents is so interesting as you will be raised by the natural alarm of the sounds made by the birds and those of animals at any time during the night.

Such safari tents have been contracted using the local materials implying that they are eco-friendly tents and this is done to reduce the damage that the artificial material does cause to the environment. The campsite is very accessible to the visitors since some of the public tents are found close to the park headquarters and to most of the gates. You don’t need to be worried about security because the camping areas in the Tsavo National Park are all well-graded and protected by the officers from the Kenyan Wildlife Services and the local Masai worriers, especially for the private conservancies.

Almost of camping safari areas are so much available in Tsavo National Park especially for the public vamping areas and what you need to do is to book with the Kenya Wildlife Services for the space or direct at the Tsavo Park headquarters, the most common, unique, and beautiful public camping area is the Ndolo camping site which is located about seven kilometers from the Tsavo National park gate of Voi. There are has got ample space for erecting all kinds of tents and also there are other permanent tents available at the Ndolo camping site.

The facilities that are available for the tourists at the Ndolo camp include the restaurant, public cleaning flushing toilets, the campfire, the bar among other facilities that are used by the tourists. You will enjoy the stunning views of the Mazima springs with much water flushing out from the ground of the volcanic rock which is so interesting.

Tsavo National Park Camping provides picnic areas that are well placed within the wildness. Stay and enjoy the wildness in mobile tents that can be shifted to any destination and are so temporarily. At night, the sky is so spectacular, with severs of stars that are uncountable filling the blue sky as you’re still enjoying the campo fire before sleeping. Wake up in the morning dew with cool clean safari air.

Before the sun rises you will be taken up by the singing birds mixed with the roaring lions in the wildness, later you will wake up for a day’s program by making yourself the breakfast of choice and in case there is no time for you to prepare your own breakfast, you can dine at the nearby restaurant.

Visiting going for the Tsavo National park camping, are guided by the driver guided and this is an added advantage on this wonderful safari. Our tents are very clean and spacious that two guests can share the same tents and even the tent can still have two sleeping bags. The sleeping bags are treated with insect sides to help safeguard you against the mosquitoes that might bite you hence causing you malaria. The camping safaris in Tsavo National Park are either organized in groups, however, you can also decide to take your own safari camp.

There 2 kinds of camping in Tsavo National park and these include both the public camping area and the private camping area. For the private camping areas, you are well organized and you will get a chance to have your safari booked in advance because there are always no many travelers involved. You will pay the camping price alone without the conservation charges. You will enjoy privacy without much crowded. The advantage with private camping is that you are given food compared with public Camping where you have to move with a chef and all the food diaries are provides while traveling on the private camping in Tsavo National park

On the other hand, the public camping areas are well shared with the other campers which are coming from different regions and for these even if you don’t book in advance you can still get where to sleep but it’s good to book in advance and enjoy the camping services. The public camping sites also pose good public services and the camping are areas are under the management of the park meaning that the camping ground is free of any insecurity. You will engage more with other tourists especially when you get your free time during dining.

Camping is Tsavo National park is so wonderful as you will enjoy the scenes of the wildness with the park including sharing the same home with wild animals in the wild as you enjoy the vibrating movements of animals at night and the songs of the birds. By now our Tsavo camping safaris are so open and you can book with us anytime you feel like it, and we are available to take you to Kenya to explore the Tsavo National park wildness.