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Bird species found in Naivasha National Park

Bird species found in Naivasha National Park

Bird species found in Naivasha National Park

Bird species found in Naivasha National Park: Lake Naivasha national park is a birds haven and an important destination for birding in Kenya, there area is a lot of birding species in the Naivasha national Park that gives the viewers a wonderful experience.

Lake Naivasha National park features various habitat zones especially the papyrus swamps which provide favorable conditions and habitat for the birding species and the acacia woodland majorly harboring black and white colobus monkeys and the park is the previous home of Gorge Adam who made a reputation by writing the name Bestselling book. His home was turned into a center and it is located adjacent to the park providing wonderful wildlife species.

The park is found near the Hells Gate National park just thirteen kilometers where you will find the Bearded Vulture and the Verreaux’s Eagle which can be found and reviewed around the towering cliffs within the Hells Gate National park.

The Lake Naivasha National Park was gazetted in 1995 and it covers 140 square kilometers of land. Like most of the protected areas in Kenya, Lake Naivasha National Park is managed and protected by the Kenya Wildlife Services and it can be accessed from the Kenyan capital Nairobi through the Naivasha- Nairobi road and it is even very near and in juts 1hour and 30 minutes you will be able the Lake Naivasha National Park.

Lake Naivasha National Park is one of the birding destinations that is prominently visited by several tourists coming from Kenya and those who are coming from other countries of the wild. There are more than 400 species found within the Naivasha National park and some of the birds are forested birds, near threatened bird species, endemic bird species which are categorized like that so that they can easily be visited and be identified by the visitors. Some of the bird species found in Lake Naivasha National Park include the following;

The ducks of Lake Naivasha National Park

There are very many duck birds in the park which include Maccoa duck, southern pochard, Yellow-billed duck, white-backed Duck, Egyptian goose, Fulvous Whistling ducks, Tufted duck, red-billed duck, White-backed duck among other species of ducks.

Guinea fowls of Lake Naivasha National Park

These include only the Helmeted Guinea fowl. The park also features flamingo birds which include both greater and Lesser Flamingo Birds. The Park also includes the Coqui francolin and the common quail

Cuckoo of Lake Naivasha National Park

These include white-browed cauda, Red-chested Cuckoos, common Cuckoo, great spotted cuckoos, Dideric cuckoo, Black cuckoos among others. Also, the Lake Naivasha National Park boasts Pigeons and the Doves such as the ring-necked dove, Namaqua dove, laughing-dove, Morning collared-dove, speckled pigeon, Emerald-spotted wood-dove among others.

Weavers and Allies at Lake Naivasha National Park

These include the white-winged widowbird, Speke’s weaver, baglafecht weaver, red-headed weaver, white-browed sparrow-weaver, spectacled weaver among others

Old World Flycatchers of Lake Naivasha National Park

These include among other the Rufous-tailed rock-thrust, capped wheatear, African stonechat, common redstart, white-eyed slaty-fly catcher, Isabelline wheatear, pied wheatear, Thrush nightingale, white-starred robin, African gray flycatcher, spotted Flycatcher, Brown-chested Alethe, Whinchat and white –Starred robin.

Finches, allies, and Euphonias of Lake Naivasha National Park

There are also the birds that are found in Lake Naivasha National Park and they include streaky seedeater, African Citril, Brimstone Canary, white billed canary, and the Thick illed seed eater.

Other bird species found in Lake Naivasha National Park include the chestnut sparrow, Kenyan rufous sparrow, House sparrow, pin-tailed Whydah, village indigo bird, western yellow wagtail, yellow-throated longclaw, African Pipit, Tree pipit, African fire Finch, Purple grenadier, lesser Blue-eared starling, Waller starling, Greater-Blue –eared starling, Hildebrandt’s, wattled starling, Abyssinaih Thrush, Amethyst Sunbird, Variable Sunbird, collared sunbill, Bronze sun bill, Red-chested Sunbird, Scarlet sunbird, common House-Martin, Red-rumped swallow, Bank swallow, barn swallow, plain Martin, Angola Swallow, African yellow-warbler, Basra Reed Warbler, Eastern Olivaceous, Marsh warbler, greater swamp warbler among other bird species

When to go for bird watching in Lake Naivasha national park

Lake Naivasha national park in Kenya is visited all the year through and birding can be done all year round and birds can be spotted throughout the season. However, the best season to do birding is during the wet months and these are April and November these are the months when birds are plenty and it is also when the birds do breed. Please come and enjoy the bird species of the Lake Naivasha national park by booking with Africa Adventure Vacations.