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Beautiful Lodges to find in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park lodges:  the lodges in Amboseli national park are categorized depending on the star level and thus some of the lodges are luxury lodges, midrange lodges, and then budget lodges

Beautiful Lodges to find in Amboseli National Park

Beautiful Lodges to find in Amboseli National Park-  The lodges in Amboseli national park are categorized depending on the star level and thus some of the lodges are luxury lodges, midrange lodges, and then budget lodges.

Most of the lodges that are rated as 4 and 5-star lodges are founds inside the Amboseli national park and they boast different features as compared to the other rated lodges.  Amboseli national park has got three-star hotels which you can say that they are midrange lodges and then the one-star lodges and these are mostly the camps with the majority of them found adjacent to the park not inside the park.  The clarification is even greater than those being used by the hotels found with the Nairobi city and major towns of Nairobi city

The classification checks more details relating to the facilities, the amenities, and the services being offered by the lodges. Usually, the main reason for the clarification is to identify the needs of the clients such that the visitors can get what they opt to achieve through visiting and staying and such a national park or staying at the given lodge. Even the classification extends to the lodge staff members and how well they are capable to deliver and their qualifications.

The different categories of the lodges present in Maasai mara national [park plays an important role in attracting visitors to come and stay within the park since they can have where to stay and therefore the availability of all categories of lodges attracts all the categories of visitors.  Even the hotels or lodges determined the cost of the safari to Amboseli national park and usually the luxurious safari and the budget safaris are only differentiated by the level of the lodges or the accommodation facility where the visitor will stay. Amboseli national park is one of the most visited national parks in Kenya after Masai Mara National Park.  The park is known as the park with several herds of elephants and this is the reason why it has attracted a lot of people who have come to explore the park including heavy investors that have flocked in to build more hotels and lodges within the areas and this is very wonderful.

We take into much consideration the kind of accommodation facilities that the visitors where the visitors will put up when visiting the Amboseli national park. Therefore here at Africa adventure vacations, we ensure that tourists get the required safaris faction within the Amboseli Lodges.  We are aware that the selection of the safari lodge determines the experience of the visitors and thus we have contacts with the best lodges in the Amboseli national park to offer the best safaris to our visitors and this is one of the reasons why our guests are always proud of the lodges that we advise them to stay at. We keep supervising and monitoring the services of our contracted hotels to make sure that we can easily rate our services and monitors how our clients are satisfied by our clients staying at the lodge. Our guests rarely complain about these services because we carefully study and select the best lodges for them.

Because of the contracted that we sign with different lodges within the Amboseli national park, some of our budgets guests do enjoy the midrange accommodation facilities at relatively low prices, this because of the bargaining power we have with the lodges because we don’t charge commission on these lodges but we get little food to ensure that our clients get maximum satisfaction from their safaris. The Amboseli National Park lodges feature a highly qualified set proving the perfect services to the guests including viewing of the wildlife on the balcony which is so interesting.

Choosing the lodge where to stay in Amboseli national park is very key in planning for the safari to Amboseli National Park. In most cases, the lodge that is found with the park makes it easy to access the park activities throughout. The park entrance fees always expire at 24 hours compared to the lodges that are found outside the park where you will have to pay for any access to the park. The national park has a lot of good lodges which are either Midrange, budget, or luxury lodges, and below are some of the best lodges that you will stay;

Budget lodges in Amboseli National park

Amboseli national park features a lot of budget lodges and where you can pay to range from 100 USD to 150 USD. Most of this area is in form of the tented camps and they have the shared bathrooms while others are so much organized with self-contained rooms though they are in small size as compared to those in classic lodges. Some of these lodges include AA lodge Amboseli, Endonyo, Amboseli Eco Lodge Camp among other budget Lodges.

Mid-range Lodges in Amboseli National park

These are three or four-star lodges in the Amboseli National Park and are recommended for midrange visitors. They are found within the park and offer service delivery courtesy of the skilled staff with excellent services. Some of the midrange accommodation lodges in the Amboseli National Park include Tawi Lodge, Amboseli Tortols Camp, Satao Elerai Amboseli, Setrim Amboseli Lodge, Game watchers Adventure Camp with over 18 tented rooms, Porini Amboseli Camp among others.  Some of the lodges’ areas are close to the private conservations,  these have amenities that are provided twenty-four hours of service, swimming pools, free Wi-Fi access, king-size beds campfire among others.

Luxury Lodges in Amboseli National Park

These are spectacular lodges offering high-end facilities and services to the tourists offering stunning services in the African wildlife. Some of these lodges include Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli Spa Lodge, Amboseli National Lodge, and many more. These lodges offer great services and facilities and are found inside the national park. The services provided by the lodges include a well-stocked bar, swimming pool, Wi-Fi connectivity, private bathrooms, private balcony, minibars that are found inside the room, among other facilities.

This luxury lodge gives the true meaning of African wildness through the Kenyan wildlife safari. It is good that you use the local tour operator to recommend for you the luxury safari lodge because most of the people tend to make them look so nice online and thus contacting the local tour operator who is based with these lodges is the best option.  Lodges you need to book in time because sometimes they are all booked especially during the peak season.  However, during the wet season or rainy season, some lodges offer discounts on these lodges thus visitors should book early enough in advance like 3 to 4 months in advance or prior to your travel. We make sure that visitors get the real rates in case you book fully the whole package with us at African adventure vacations.