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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Where to stay in Arusha while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Where to stay in Arusha while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Where to stay in Arusha while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Where to stay in Arusha while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Arusha is one of the best destinations for safaris in Tanzania and it is a beautiful town around the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Arusha is located in northern Tanzania, just below Mount Meru, which is approximately 1.5 to two hours south-west of Kilimanjaro National Park, which is well-known among trekkers for sheltering the famous Kilimanjaro Mountains. In close proximity to the town are the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Olduvai Gorge, and Tarangire National Park. In comparison to other East African cities, the city has about 420,000 residents and is highly cosmopolitan. Our reviews are divided into three categories: budget-friendly, more comfortable, and premium/luxury. For every budget, there is a hotel or guest home in this area.

The best luxury hotels in Arusha town

In the heart of Arusha is a fantastic hotel named the Kibo Hotel, with fantastic rooms, a bar by the pool, a workout center, a spa, an awesome restaurant, and free WiFi throughout the  hotels and they are known for providing excellent service. Costs: Excluding hotel tax, the cost of a room with breakfast is between $150 and $200. It’s ideal for travelers seeking a convenient location with top-notch amenities at a reasonable cost. The position and the 5-Star quality of all the amenities are the main selling points.

A double room at Arusha Hotel in Arusha,

A double room at Arusha Hotel in Arusha,

Arusha Hotel in Arusha: This is the top hotel in Arusha by far. It contains each amenity you would anticipate from a 5-star hotel. Its claim to fame is that it was established in 1894, making it the oldest hotel in the area. Without factoring in hotel tax, excellent rooms cost $180, executive deluxe rooms cost $230, and suites cost upwards of $350. The discerning traveler will find it ideal. The real old-school colonial atmosphere is the main selling point. Excellent amenities and first-rate service. I won’t criticize this hotel; however, there is a cost.

Other opulent choices include everything a premium hotel should have at the Mount Meru Hotel. $150-200 per night

The African Tulip is a really wonderful inn. If money is not an issue, make a reservation here. $150-200 per night

Our preferred lodging option in the area is Kili Villa Guest House. True luxury, but it has a cost. $505 for one night. On Lake Manyara, about an hour’s drive from Arusha, is the Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp Hotel. A fantastic location for a safari. Each night costs $200.

Christine House in Arusha, midrange hotels in Arusha: At Christina House, one can find overall tranquility, harmony, and honesty. The guest home, which is just outside of Arusha, has 10 wonderful accommodations and first-rate service for an unbelievable price. If you can get a reservation, do so right away. The cost includes Single rooms start at $45 and go up to $65 for doubles and $100 for triples, all with breakfast included. The cost of the accommodation does not include hotel tax. And it is ideal for the discriminating traveler seeking a reasonably priced, authentically charming African experience.

Planet Lodge in Arusha: Planet Lodge, located a little outside of Arusha, provides excellent lodging in lodges set in a lovely garden. Fantastic restaurant, pool, and bar. Excellent service!, Costs: A single room with breakfast included costs $80, while a double costs $120. The cost of the accommodation does not include hotel tax. Excellent for both families and couples. The swimming pool and the spacious gardens are the main selling points. The lodging is quite comfortable, and the service is outstanding.

A room at Palace Hotel in Arusha

A room at Palace Hotel in Arusha

Palace Hotel in Arusha: Quality that meets Western standards at a very reasonable cost. You may anticipate all the perks that come with a top-notch 4-star hotel. The accommodations range in style and modernity (spa, fitness centre, good restaurant, Wifi in the rooms). Centrally situated Standard rooms are $135; superior rooms are $160; and luxury rooms are $200.Breakfast is included in those prices. Ideal for: travelers used to Western conveniences or those who want to base themselves in the city. The spa and gym are the main selling points. All rooms include WiFi. Modern residences in the heart of the city.

Budget Hotels in Arusha

4J’s Hotel & Tours in Arusha:  Popular hotels in the center for both business and pleasure travelers. The service is good, and the rooms are tidy and contemporary. For the price, you could do much worse. Costs: Standard twin/double rooms cost $45 with breakfast included, while deluxe double rooms cost $55. The cost of the accommodation does not include hotel tax. Ideal for travelers on a budget who want some comfort. Clean, modern rooms are the main selling point. It is 5 kilometres from the center of Arusha. All rooms include WiFi.

Other budget hotels in Arusha and others include: A simple B&B just outside of Arusha is called Korona House Bed & Breakfast. $30-$40 per night

Don’t expect any charm from the Natron Palace Hotel, yet it is convenient and practical. $45-$60 per night.

Hotel Aquiline is not the most attractive hotel, but it is clean, welcoming, and conveniently located. $30 to $40 per night. Please contact us and we shall make sure that you get the right hotels or lodges that you will be able to use and enjoy, which is extremely wonderful.