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Where to spend night when visiting Naivasha

Lodges & Hotels in Naivasha;  the journey of about 76 kilometers from Nairobi will lead you to  Naivasha which is known as the best tourist destination in the Kenyas tourism directory.  You will need to drive for about two hours from Nairobi before you reach to Naivasha

Where to spend night when visiting Naivasha

Where to spend night when visiting Naivasha? The journey of about 76 kilometers from Nairobi will lead you to  Naivasha which is known as the best tourist destination in the Kenya’s tourism directory.  You will need to drive for about two hours from Nairobi before you reach to Naivasha. There are a lot of tourist attractions that can be seen in Naivasha and these include the Mount Longonot, Lake Naivashaa and Hell Gate National Park. All these are found in Naivsaha. Naivasha is the biggest town in the whole of the Nakuru County with a lot of tourist attractions.

Due to the availability of different tourist attractions in Naivasha, a lot of developments have taken place and these among others include the rapid hotel and lodge establishment which have been in place to offer visitors with the bests comfort when visiting Nivasha. The accommodation facilities  caters for all the group of travelers including the family travelers,  those of honeymoon vacations, visitors travelling as the group,  and all other categories of visitors

Top places where to spend night when visiting Naivasha

If you are looking for where to spend night when visiting Naivasha; below is a list of lodges and hotels you may visit on your trip to the park.

Book Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort

This is the best facility that has been constructed using the traditional and conscientious that provides the wonderful environment for the visitors.  The Sopa resort is well places strategically with the natural tress surrounding the resort.  Fabulous design was made especially for the main building to appear amidst trees. The accommodation facilities at Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort comes with the 84 rooms and of the rooms two can be accessed by wheel chairs in case the resort gets the disabled person using the wheel char. It also features several facilities for the visitors staying at the Resort and these include two wonderful swimming pools, there is also tennis court, there are also conference centers and halls and all it is located close to Lake Naivasha.

Stay at Kiboko Luxury Camp at in Naivasha

Visitors staying here will enjoy the best views of the; lake Naivasha and the accommodation comes in 8 luxurious tents that are enclosed in the green environs. It has a well-developed restaurant which serves the 5 course meals and the meals are prepared by the experienced chef and served with highly and competent waiters and waitresses. Visitors can enjoy the day tour to Lake Naivasha and this activities can be arranged

Book Naivasha Kongoni Lodge

This also one of the best accommodation facilities where you can stay when visiting Naivasha. This Naivasha Kongoni Lodge is just twenty seven kilometers just from the roundabout off to Moi South Lake road and the lodge was built using the local materials such as the leleshwa, olivewood, and the accessible bush stones thatched with the Makuti.  the lodge has it name in Kiswahili meaning the  hartebeest providing the stunning views of Lake Naivasha, Lake Oloiden and it is located just a few kilometers from the Hells Gate National Park.  The accommodation facilities at Naivasha Kongoni Lodge comes in form of cottages and the 26 en-suite rooms. The rooms are so perfect and has got all both outdoor and indoor showers and the lodge features the swimming pool and the sundowners can as well be organized once you have requested for them. Thus you can as well book this accommodation facility for your better and wonderful travel service experience.

Book Great rift valley Lodge in Naivasha

This is lodge that is located only one and 30 minutes’ drive from Nairobi. For the visitors that are interested in domestic or scheduled flights will just need 30 minutes to reach at the lodge.  It provides the wonderful views provided that it is constructed on a high altitude about 7000 feet above sea level. You will enjoy the views of the escapements, crater volcanoes, and the Aberdare Mountains.  The lodge features 21 twin rooms and 9 double rooms and each room has got its own balcony giving you an opportunity to stand down privately and enjoy the views of the surroundings. This lodge is found in Eburru with the en-suite bathrooms.

Book Chui Lodge in Naivasha

This is a lodge that is built  from the simple leleshwa wood,  acacia, olive, acacia, bush stone and all the materials are found from the sanctuary, the accommodation facilities  comes in form of 8 cottages  and with each  of its cottages have the private verandah offering the stunning views of the environs. The rooms at Chui Lodge in Naivasha have got spacious 4 poster beds, unique décor and each room is totally different from one another. While swimming at the Chui Lodge in Naivasha, you will be able to enjoy the various views of the sanctuary and beyond.

Book Mudui House in Naivasha

This is one of the oldest building built for along a time around 1926 and this provides the visitors with the nuclear views of the Oliden Lake since the house is found on the shores of this lake.  The house is enclosed on the volcanic mountains and the open grassland found in the western part of Naivasha from Nairobi, you will need to drive for only 2 hours to get to Mudui House. It provides the visitors with the relaxing minds and it caters for all categories of visitors whether travelling as family, children, couple and the best place for your honey moon safaris. You will sport various species while on the hang out on this house and these animals you can sport include antelope, giraffe, hippos and various species of birds. The wild animals are free to access the building house and animals can be seen moving freely.

Book Olerai House in Nivasha

This is also one of the accommodation loges that can be used by visitors staying and visiting Naivasha attractions.  It is located at the former cattle fart and it is amidst the Bougainvillaea with the fresh air filled with scent of the natural plants. The beds are spacious and it has self-contained rooms that once you have entered then there is no need for you to move out.

Book Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha

This is too close to the Kenyas capital and it means the place of happiness. This provides you with the opportunity to explore the wonderful lake species but also offers the visitors with best chance for relaxing. The rooms here are categorized as executives the Afro-chic fountain with the brand of the Masai necklaces available. While here you will enjoy the spa treatment, water treatment and massage which is so in interesting.

Elsamere lodge

Visitor exploring the Naivasha can also stay at Elsamere lodge which in unique destination and a lodge of itself. The Elsamere lodge history is connected to the conservation efforts and at the moment, ten double rooms are present and they feature the private verandah proving the wonderful views of Lake Naivasha.

In conclusion therefore, Naivasha is the wonderful destination for your safari holiday in Kenya and you will comfortably stay at one of the above mentioned accommodation facility while visiting this section of Kenya. Contact is at Africa Adventure Vacations for more details.