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What to do in Arusha in Tanzania

What to do in Arusha in Tanzania

What to do in Arusha in Tanzania

What to do in Arusha in Tanzania? Arusha is the town of Tanzania that is found on the northern side of the country, and it acts as a stopover for visitors who go for safari activities within the northern tourism circuit of Tanzania. Most of the safaris to Tanzania pass through Arusha Town or begin from Arusha Town and continue to explore the other parks found in the northern sector, including the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservatory area, and Lake Manyara National Park. There are a lot of things that you can do in Arusha, Tanzania, and today I will bring you some of the top tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss when in Arusha.

Exploring the Arusha National Park: Visitors looking for a wildlife experience close to town should not waste time exploring the Arusha National Park while in Arusha. The Arusha national park features many tourist attractions that are very interesting and very attractive to visitors. Some of the attractions here include Mount Meru, the Water Falls, the Lakes, Mount Merus, and wildlife that you can encounter within the park. There are also various species of birds in Arusha National Park.

Trips to Arusha National Park will take you through several areas and allow you to see many of the animals, including zebras, buffaloes, and monkeys, which can be seen grazing on the savannah plains. After first taking the tour around this wonderful park, you will get a good introduction to the Tanzanian wildlife, and you can continue to explore more national parks in the northern part, including the Serengeti National Park, the Tarangire National Park, and also the Lake Manyara National Park, which makes the experience so interesting and wonderful.

While in Arusha, visitors can also visit Lake Duluti, which provides the best and most wonderful canoeing experience. This lake, located about 13 kilometers from Arusha town, was formed as a result of volcanic activity. You can also engage in hiking and forest walks while visiting the Duluti Lake in Arusha. Bird watching activities can also be carried out here at the lake.

Visiting the local restaurants in Arusha is a must: While in Arusha, I recommend that you try the local food of the Tanzanian people that is prepared in several restaurants within the town. Most of the restaurants within the two serve both local and international dishes, so please try to tease and have a unique experience with Tanzanian African food. There are also local beers that you can try to taste in these bars and in the local restaurants.

Masai market while you are in Arusha

Masai market while you are in Arusha

If you want to have a successful and wonderful cultural experience in Tanzania, make a trip to the Masai market while you are in Arusha. The market will expose you to different arts and crafts, such as the beaded jewelry that the Masai are known for. The Masai people will be waiting for you in the market to interact with you and lead you on a guided tour of the market. All the art pieces here are so traditional, and there is a traditional touch to everything that you enjoy here at the market.

Visit the cultural heritage center in Arusha, which is also another place that you should explore while in Arusha, Tanzania. You will be able to see the different artworks at the heritage center, and you will enjoy all of the artwork and carvings. The crafts, restaurants, museums, the curio shop, and the spice center can all be visited and seen while at the cultural center.

A visit to the Arusha Tower: This is located at the midpoint between Cairo and Cape Town. You can make a stopover here and it is the landmark in town where you can explore during your Arusha visit.

While hiking or climbing Mount Meru in Arusha: during a visit to Arusha, you can also take on the challenge of climbing Tanzania’s second-highest mountain. Mount Meru, at 4566 meters in elevation, is also worth a visit during a hike. A climb on Mount Meru can prepare you for the final climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, which is also located in northern Tanzania.

Explore the Maserani Snake Park in Arusha: Arusha town caters to reptile enthusiasts, and a visit to the Maserani Snake Park allows you to get up close and personal with these reptiles while learning more about them. The snake park has over 50 different types of snakes. Maserani Snake Park also has various reptiles such as crocodiles and screen reptiles that should be visible during a visit. After visiting the snake park, you can also stop at the snake bar for a virus drink. A visit to the snake park will teach you the do’s and don’ts of handling snakes and other reptiles.

Arusha Night Life: When it gets dark, you can go to the clubs in Arusha and listen to local music while dancing and interacting with other people.

Explore the botanical garden and Arusha Town in Arusha, Tanzania: You can also stop in Arusha at the botanical gardens, which is a fun place to take kids during their visit to Arusha. Indeed, the town of Arusha itself is worth a visit when in Tanzania, where you can experience local life, visit nearby business sectors, evaluate a few eateries with local food sources, or simply cruise around the town.

Visiting the coffee tours in Arusha: You can also participate in a coffee tour in Arusha while on a safari in Tanzania to one of the numerous espresso ranches nearby. During these visits to the espresso ranches, you will learn how the espresso is grown and harvested, as well as how the espresso is prepared the local way until it is ready to be enjoyed or tasted. Tanzania’s ripe volcanic soils are ideal for the development of espresso. During your espresso visit, you can also interact with locals and learn about their way of life.

A visit to Arusha can likewise include an outing to find out about the excellent tanzanite mineral. Tanzania is a country with a delightful tanzanite jewel, which has a blue-violet tone. During a visit to Arusha, you can learn about tanzanite, its set of experiences, and get to know some gem dealers.

Arusha is the busiest town in the northern Tanzanian region, and it is the town that receives the most tourists heading to the northern sector for wildlife safaris. Please contact us as we will take you on a complete tour of Arusha town and have the best and most wonderful memories of Tanzania as the safari destination.

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