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Vultures in Kenya; Know more about them

Vultures in Kenya

Vultures in Kenya; Know more about them

Are you looking for vultures in Kenya? When we talk about the vultures we mean the biggest carnivore birds that depend on meat throughout the whole world except for Australia and the Antarctica continents.   Kenya has got 4 of the 14 species of vultures which makes the country the best destination to explore them and see the vultures. The vulture species that are found within Kenya include the hooded vulture, the white-backed vulture, the white-headed vulture, and the beautiful Rupelles Vulture.

All these vultures can be found within the major protected areas including the national parks and then the National reserves and they can be cited within the Masai Mara. Vultures also are not unusual place in regions in which farm animals arise in big numbers. Although every species has specific traits that distinguish them, in addition, they have no unusual place elements as vultures. Here are a few exciting statistics approximately them.

The vultures in Kenya are of two sets; When we talk of the vultures we mean the vulture that is defined within the 2 sets and these sets include the Old World Vultures and the New World Vultures. The new World vultures is meaning the American while the old world vultures know the European, Asia, and then Africa. The new world vulture can identify their prey that they are going to attack  by just the smell while the old World Vultures just have their strengths in their vision meaning that they have high clear vision which is so much interesting and this is the only difference between the two species of the vultures.

In most cases, the Vultures are commonly referred to as undertakers. Vultures only feed on the carcasses and thus they are linked with death whenever they are sighted therefore when you see the vultures, then you will have to know that there is something dead and thus these vultures are regarded as the undertakers because they are immediately at the scene when the animals die and this is the reason why they called the undertakers.

The vultures are imperative in preventing distances. These vultures do a lot of chemistry in the ecosystem and they can be helpful in rabies. Anthrax which would later lead to the world catastrophes and thus the Vultures plays a big part especially an irreplaceable function within the cleansing up of the surroundings through eating carcasses this is left unattended could be disastrous to each human and different animal populations and this help’s to make the surrounding clean and prevent flies from congregating which at the end of the day may lead to disease within the community.

In most cases, the vulture has got the highest Ph value and this helps them from suffering food poisoning their Ph value in the bodies mainly the stomach almost read to Zero and thus such as values don’t allow any bacteria that cause diseases to survive within its stomach and this is some much interesting.

Importantly, the vultures are endangered birds; yes, these animals don’t have many predators or direct predators but they are highly endangered animals and are regarded as vulnerable and they find their biggest place from the human beings who continuously destroy their natural habitat. Continued destruction in their herbal habitat and cultural practices that call for the looking of the birds have brought about their decline. In the Mara, vultures face an excessive threat of poisoning through consuming chemical substances found in farm animals’ carcasses.

Vultures are tame birds and so much courageous; vulture birds are so brave to the extent they don’t fear human beings even they fear animal’s and as the result, they can be easily seen in places with many people and those places where most of the wildlife animals are found. When in towns, vultures can be seen in areas where there are dumping sites or the abattoir targeting the slaughtered or dead carcasses.

Vultures in Kenya have only a few feathers on their heads. When they eat, they frequently want to place their heads deep into the cavities of rotting carcasses. If debris of this meat were given deep into their feathers, they may purpose microorganism or germs to grow. Though a few human beings may suppose vulture’s appearance ugly, the truth is a bald head allows hold vultures healthful – and the extra healthful vultures we’ve got across the better.

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