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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Top things to do in Kidepo Valley National Park

Top things to do in Kidepo Valley National Park a rugged savannah, dominated by 2750 meters mount morungole and also transected by Narus River

Top things to do in Kidepo Valley National Park

Top things to do in Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo is 1442 square kilometer in Karamoja district in northern part of Uganda bordering with South Sudan and Kenya.  Kidepo valley is rugged savannah, dominated by 2750 meters mount morungole and also transected by Kidepo and Narus River. Kidepo valley national park consists of different animal species including, lions, elephants, zebra, buffaloes, waterbucks, giraffes’ leopards etc., it is also composed of over 480 different bird species namely yellow-billed shrike marsh Tchagra Karamoja Apalis among others. The following are the top things that you can to while in Kidepo for the wildlife safari. While participating in these great safari activities, you will be able to enjoy the best safari experience and this makes the safari the best and wonderful safari experience.

Community tours and safaris in Kidepo Valley national park

Community tour this is when the residents invite tourists to visit their communities with provision of an accommodation from the local people. Community tour is an exciting activity practiced in the park where tourists are able to interact with the local people in the region and some of these people include the IK tribe some time called the teuso, Bokora of Napak, the nyaka from eastern side of abim. During the community tour tourist are also able to visit Lorukul villages where there are able to interact with the Karamajong people, visit their traditional homes known as manyata and also learning about their culture, tradition and life style, handmade materials like bags stools jewels etc.

Game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park;Game drive is an adventure that entails viewing wild life in the comfort of 4x4open-side vehicle. game drive is one of the top activities practiced in kidepo valley national park using the safari vehicles with trained driver is done in 2 sessions in the morning game drive and the afternoon game drive and it is also carried out in two sections in kidepo valley and the narus valley, and during the game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park visitors are able to view different animals like elephants, waterbucks, Buffaloes lions and there are also allowed to take pic and record some videos.

Bird watching in kidepo valley national park ; Kidepo is well known as home of birds it contains over 480 recorded bird species which makes it one of the best bird sites in the country. These birds including 28 species from Somali Masai biome, savannah birds, ostrich common kori bustard among others. Bird watching in kidepo valley Uganda is best known in places like Apoka rest camp and around the fringes of Narus and Namukwenyi valley where you be able to spot virous species like Rese ring parakeet, pygmy falcon, purple grenadier, greater kestrel, Jackson’s hornbill white bellied go-away bird rufous chatterer among others.

Nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park; This one of an exciting activity carried out in kidepo valley national park where visitors get out of the comfort of their safari vehicle and explore on foot with the company tour guide and armed parker ranger to protect them from kidepo there are different nature walk areas such as nature walk through the Narus valley, Namamukweny valley, kakine circuit, Rionomoe trail among others. During nature walk tourist will get closure to the wild life species like lions, zebra, elephants, leopards. They also watch and listen to birds in trees and also relax their mind.

Best time to visit kidepo valley national park

For any one out they you can visit kidepo through out the year but the best season to be at kidepo is the dry season in the month of July, august, and September to march this because at this period there is less rainfall which makes the vegetation dry hence creating a clear view for the visitor to watch all different wild species.

Accommodation in kidepo valley national park

In kidepo there are different accommodation facilities depending on your budget these include the Apoka safari Nga moru wilderness camp Adere safari lodges among others.

How to reach to Kidepo valley Nation Park

Kidepo valley park is located in the northern part of Uganda and it can be accessed by both air and road transport. When you are to use road transport the faster way is you pass via Kampala karuma, gulu kitgum and to karamoja region where the park head quarters are located the journey can take about 10 hours. Kidepo can also be accessed via the air transport by booking the scheduled with Bar aviation from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield to Apoka airstrip and then connect to the park headquarters.

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