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Toilet facilities during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Toilet facilities during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Toilet facilities during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Are there toilet facilities during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing? Yes, while climbing the famous Kilimanjaro mountains, which is the highest mountain in Africa, visitors at times need to ease themselves, whether going for the long or short trek. It is for this reason that visitors always ask whether they can get the necessary facilities as they do climb or hike the Kilimanjaro Mountains. Because climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountains is usually associated with camping, the camping facilities on the Kilimanjaro Mountains provide toilet facilities for the adventurous, so there is no need for you to be concerned about toilet facilities when hiking or climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountains. The torch is essential when hiking and climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountains.

Using the restroom or a toilet is a deeply personal experience. Doing so while camping on a 6-or 7-day walk, on the other hand, elevates the “personal” and “experience” to new heights. There are just two toilet options on Kilimanjaro.

The types of toilet facilities used by visitors climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Using the toilets on Mount Kilimanjaro: Most climbers choose this option, which is presumably why so many people complain. Set your expectations very low if you opt to use the facilities on Kilimanjaro, and you won’t be disappointed. Bring your toilet paper (2 rolls should suffice) and a sachet of baby wipes; these are excellent for general cleaning. This is the worst (though to be honest, we’ve never seen a toilet this terrible on Kilimanjaro).

Hiring the Kilimanjaro Portable Loo: Most of the tour operators that are responsible for organizing the climbing of the Kilimanjaro Mountains usually allow climbers to bring a portable toilet with them up the mountain. Portable toilets are handy little contraptions that come with their own small tent and function like a charm. A porter transports the toilet, which is put up at each camp. The cost of renting a portable toilet is about $150, which may seem expensive, but if you are in a group of two or three other climbers, it may be extremely reasonable. Portable toilets may appear to be a little excessive, and they may be. But, at the end of the day, we would say that they are a smart investment if they make your ascent more joyful. Most of the climbers loved this kind of toilet, which they considered to be very useful and important.

Finally, another option you’ll note is that some individuals use Kilimanjaro as an occasion to go native and do their “business” in the bushes along the way. Please don’t leave your filthy toilet paper lying around if you need to go throughout the journey and between campgrounds. Bring a little plastic bag for your trash and dispose of it when you arrive at your next camp. That’s all there is to Kilimanjaro’s bathrooms. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below. All comments will be responded to within 24 hours.

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