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The safari or tours to Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park Safari: The safari to Amboseli national park is wondrous in nature itself and provides a stunning experience to the visitors who have decided to explore this wonderful national park. Safari to Amboseli National Park

The safari or tours to Amboseli National Park

The safari to Amboseli national park is wondrous in nature itself and provides a stunning experience to the visitors who have decided to explore this wonderful national park. Safari to Amboseli National Park gives a lifetime experience to the visitors that they will never forget.

Found in the Northwest of the famous Kilimanjaro Mountains located in Tanzania, Amboseli national park is found in Kenya and it is crowned by the Kilimanjaro Mountains.  The size of the park makes it easy for the visitors can explore it with day, it is known as UNESCO World Heritage Site and this was because of tri unique ecosystems and varied habitats and it started as a game reserve until in 1974 when it was gazetted as the national park.

The fees of Amboseli National Park are popular for having a number of elephants in the whole of Kenya and it was because of this huge population of elephants that the Amboseli national park was named the home of elephants. Visitors interesting in seeing the big mammals in the wild will find the best and appropriate time and find love with the Amboseli national park as he or she will be able to sight these animals on a close range.

The major safari activity in Amboseli national park is safari game drives and nature guided nature walks as well as the hot air balloon safaris. There are 5 habitats in the Amboseli national that do support the game drives and these include the wetlands of the Amboseli national park, acacia woodlands, Lake Amboseli dried-up basins, and the savannah grasslands that favor most the game viewing activity by the tourist.

As we have noticed in our several articles, the safaris in Amboseli national park are favored by weather conditions of the park that is well balanced with both hot and wet conditions and uniform temperatures throughout the year and this has made animals be seen all the day throughout and throughout the year which has attracted several tourists to this home of elephants.

Yes, we can say that the weather is well balanced, but there is always the best time when you can have the best memories in Amboseli national park and this is during the dry season. This implies that visitors can plan to visit the park during the drier month of the year and these are always, January, February, June to September, and then December. During these months, the grass is short and most animals are seen on the water poles within the park and this makes it easy to see the wild animals during your safari while in your poop-up or open roof safari vehicle.

Even the leopards that are hard to see can easily be spotted during the dry season because they cannot easily shy away from the short grass. You need to know that it is always lucky to spot leopards however, they are common as most the visitors have testified how they have seen these leopards which are so interesting and thus you will be able to see both the predators and their prey during your safari to Amboseli National Park.

The size of the Amboseli National park is very small but blessed with a lot of tourist attractions which you can even explore in only one day. The major attraction of the Amboseli national park is the big wildlife animals that can be seen during the game drive. You need to remember that Amboseli national park in Kenya is the only park in East Africa with the largest population of elephants in addition to other wildlife animals

The other important attractions in the Amboseli national include the bird species that put a smile on the face of the birders. The park features over 420 bird species thus if you’re a birder, you need just to have the right gears and birders list and come to Amboseli national park for your wonderful experience.

There are different bird species depending on the varied vegetation types and habitats that are available within the park. Some of the birds that you find in the Amboseli National Park include crowned cranes, white-bellied go-away birds, Herons, Hartlaub’s bustard, pelicans. Von der dickens hornbill among other several bird species of interest.

The happiness of the Amboseli national park is got by doing a lot of safari activities within the park and some of the major activities that you can engage in during your Amboseli national park safari include;

Because of the large animals that are found within the Amboseli national park has made it one of the perfect destination in Kenya. It is sounded any six community wildlife ranches that provide visitors with the best chances for the game viewing. The moment you enter the gate, your excitement of wildlife in Amboseli national park will immediately start. You will be able to see a lot of the animals’ species such as the African elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, hyenas, wildebeest animals, giraffes, Oribi, topi, cheetahs, zebras among other animals’ species.

Amboseli national park as earlier said is crowned by the famous Kilimanjaro Mountains and this means that the park provides the best views of the mountain and thus the safari to Amboseli national park will be enticed by the stunning views of this snow-capped mountain. This mountain has totally contributed to the weather of the park and balancing it and this has provided it enough experience which is so wonderful and so important.

Additionally, Amboseli national park features over 420 species of birds and this makes it so fantastic and easy for the birders to explore the park. Birding is an important activity in Amboseli national park and birders can enjoy this wonderful activity in the park throughout. However, it has been proven that birders usually enjoy bird watching during the rainy season when migratory birds are available in the park and when it is the breeding season of the park in order for them to have a greater experience of birding.

The various activities within Amboseli National Park have made it possible for the tourists to visit and enjoy the park every time of the year they wish to come to Kenya for the Amboseli National Park safari. Some of the bird species include the Ostriches, crowned cranes, Flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, Egrets, Starlings, Pangani longclaw, secretary birds, the love birds among others. All these are available for you to explore for the better and wonderful Amboseli National Park safari.

In Amboseli national park, there is a unique experience of the hot air balloon safari ride where you will get a chance to be in the air as you saw what is taking place within the park from above. Hot balloon safaris are conducted in Amboseli national park and this gives a very interesting experience of seeing the excellent views of catching life with the action to the park. Here you will not have the instances of doing off-track driving as you will be able to see the animals near you.

The safari to Amboseli National Park offers you a great blend and touch of the African true wildlife experience and this safari to Amboseli national park can be done and carried out any time of the year however, we advise our client to always consider the dry season when going for the game visiting in Amboseli National Park and during the rainy season especially when you’re interested in bird-watching safaris. Please contact Africa Adventure Vacations for the best safaris to Amboseli National Park and Kenya in General in a short period of time.