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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

The northern route to Kilimanjaro.

The northern route to Kilimanjaro.

The northern route to Kilimanjaro.

The northern route to Kilimanjaro: The newest and possibly greatest ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro is through the Northern Circuit. This is since it combines all of the best features of the other routes into a single fantastic climb. This is undoubtedly the route for you if you’re seeking stunning scenery, lots of solitude, a fun challenge, and the chance to see wildlife. The Northern Circuit route is similar to the Lemosho route for the first few days, but it then departs from the south side of Kibo and takes the less traveled northern trails.

The campsites are quiet, calm, and almost deserted because there are so few other hikers on this path. Trekkers get the opportunity to see more of the mountain because the Northern Circuit path is longer than the other trails. They will not only have the opportunity to travel across the breathtaking Shira Plateau, but they will also be able to see Kibo Peak and Uhuru Summit from time to time. Only a small number of hikers who ascend Kilimanjaro get to enjoy the breathtaking vistas down onto the wide plains that are located to the north of the mountain.

The success rate of the northern route to Kilimanjaro

The Northern Circuit Route, which approaches Kilimanjaro from the south, has the highest Kilimanjaro Success Rate, at 98 percent. It is the newest and longest route and provides the most breathtaking 360-degree views of Mount Kilimanjaro’s landscape. The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro may be reached in 8 to 9 days using this approach. The Northern Circuit path has the highest success percentage of all routes on Mount Kilimanjaro due to its lengthy length, much of which stays at the same altitude for better acclimatization.

The journey starts at the Londorossi Gate and ascends the mountain’s western slopes, going through the rainforest before reaching the Shira Ridge. After that, it goes up to the Shira Plateau proper. From there, turn north and do a clockwise round that passes through School Hut first, then Buffalo Camp, then Moir Hut. Before ascending from the east, hikers almost completely circle Kilimanjaro en route.

What is the drawback of the northern route to Kilimanjaro, given all its advantages?

The main drawback to trekking this path is that it takes a little extra time, which not many tourists have. The Northern Circuit route frequently takes nine days or more, although the majority of the other routes can be completed in as little as six or seven. This frequently reduces the number of individuals who can fit this trial into their schedule, but for those who can, it is worthwhile. Kilimanjaro climbing offers a 9-day journey known as the Northern Circuit.

Lemosho Glades of Mount Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Glades of Mount Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Glades on Day 1: We will travel to the Londorosi gate on Mount Kilimanjaro’s western side from your resort (a few hours’ drive from Arusha). Our hike will start at the Lemosho trailhead. Please be aware that sometimes the vehicles can’t make it to the genuine trailhead owing to rain or mud, so there may need to be some additional hiking; nevertheless, Serengeti Pride vehicles typically make it farther than any other business due to our excellent drivers and vehicles. We’ll hike for around four hours to the woodland camp after a picnic lunch. Exotic moss and flowers in the forest are visually appealing, and bird songs are soothing to the ears. Along with evidence of the local elephants, you might spot Black and White Colobus monkeys. The night will be spent in Forest Camp.

Shira Plateau Day 2: Our views open up as we leave the Montane Forest and enter the Hagenia region, giving us our first glimpses of the Kibo summit. This hike is excellent for acclimatization because we ascend and descend multiple hills, reaching our day’s highest point at 11,500 feet before descending to camp. Shira ‘1 Camp

Moir Camp on Day 3: After navigating the Shira Plateau’s health region, we’ll start ascending the Kibo Massif’s western slope. We will stop for a picnic lunch along the route at Scott Fisher’s memorial camp (the well-known Mt. Everest guide). Moving forward, we’ll reach Moir camp and the higher heat zone. Depending on the weather, acclimatization hikes might be scheduled for the late afternoon.

Camp in Pofu or Buffalo on day 4: Depending on the number of stops along the way, expect to hike for 4–7 hours. As you leave Moir camp, you have quite a ridge to climb; it is better to start very slowly until you reach the top of the ridge. This is a fantastic day to acclimate.

Third Cave Camp day 5: As you make your way to Third, continue traveling around Mount Kilimanjaro’s northern slope, taking in the expansive views.

School Huts Camp on Day 6: Today, we set our camp at the greatest elevation. Before beginning your nighttime summit trek (which often begins around midnight) to Gilman’s Point, through Stella Point, and for the final push up to the summit, try to get to bed early to get some rest.

Summit and Mweka Camp on Day 7 (or Millenium Camp by request): Peak day Around 11:00 PM or midnight the previous night, we will begin our journey to the top (19,340 ft – 5,896 m). You and many other climbers want to get to the peak just as the sun is rising. In truth, most climbers reach the peak within a few hours because of variations in climbing speed, energy, and altitude acclimatization. You will climb 6-7 hours to Gilman’s Point using headlamps (bring extra lithium batteries; they last considerably longer in cold, dark conditions!) and then traverse the Crater Rim to Stella Point before climbing an additional 1–2 hours to the summit, Uhuru Peak.

After a celebration and photo at the top, head down to Barafu camp for lunch before continuing to Mweka camp for the night. In its place, Millennium Camp, which is at 12,000 feet and requires additional ascent tomorrow, is available upon advance request. Hiking usually takes 13 to 17 hours, with very unpredictable ups and downs. 8th day: Mweka Park Entrance Today, after a 3-5 hour hike, we completed the last descent to the trailhead. We’ll eat lunch here and bid our mountain team farewell before climbing down Mount Kilimanjaro and returning to civilization. It’s best to arrive at your lodge between 3-5 PM.

The challenging route on the Northern Circuit

The challenging route on the Northern Circuit

How challenging is the route on the Northern Circuit?

The Northern Circuit is the Kilimanjaro Route with the least amount of difficulty. Despite being the longest route, it offers the finest acclimatization profile, which lessens the difficulty of the trek. The nine-day physical journey is often easy-going and great for acclimatizing to the altitude. A healthy level of fitness is strongly advised.

The Northern Circuit Route is 88 kilometers (53 miles) in length. The Northern Circuit Route can be completed in as few as 8 days, while shorter ascents require several days of arduous trekking. Once arrival and departure days have been tallied, there have been 10 or 12. To enhance your chances of success, it is recommended to travel this path over nine days since it is one of the longest on the mountain.

The ideal time to trek the Northern Circuit Route is when?

The Northern Circuit Route is best hiked between July and September when the weather is most consistent and the chance of experiencing rain is less likely. Nevertheless, given its proximity to the equator, the peak can be climbed at any time of the year. It is recommended to avoid the months of April and May because they are wet.

What is the summit success rate for the Northern Circuit Route?

The Northern Circuit, which is Kilimanjaro’s longest ascent path, offers the finest opportunity for acclimatization. Although there are no official figures, all operators have an average success rate of 90%. The Northern Circuit Route, on the other hand, has a success rate of over 98 percent!

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