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The Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the new additions on the route to Kilimanjaro Mountain, and it can be found on the western side of the mountain. Kilimanjaro Mountain can be found on the western side of Kilimanjaro. The creation of this route was the result of the various complaints from the hikers who climb that the Shira route starts at a relatively higher altitude and thus starts at a higher altitude, making the climbing and hiking safari difficult, and thus the creation of the Lemosho route as the solution. You will find the Lemosho route in the Moshi area, which is about twelve kilometers from the starting or beginning point. While strung on this great point, you will be able to enjoy some antelopes, buffaloes, and elephants if you have traveled with your luck.

Of all the trekking routes up Mount Kilimanjaro, the Lemosho Route is frequently regarded as the most picturesque. It is one of the more recent routes on the mountain and follows some of the same terrain as the Machame route, but it also has a few advantages over it that make it worth trying, especially for those with extra time. The Lemosho Route meanders its way up one of the mountain’s more secluded regions, beginning at the Londorossi Gate on its western flanks. Hikers may have the opportunity to see wildlife as they travel along the trail through the lovely rainforest. In addition to blue monkeys, small lizards, and a variety of birds, black and white colobus monkeys are frequently spotted in the woodlands. From there, the path meanders onto the Shira Plateau and crosses it on reasonably flat, easy-to-walk terrain from west to east.

The Lemosho Route offers lots of peace in the early going because it receives far less traffic than the Machame Route and Marangu Route. This enhances an already beautiful trekking experience by giving you the impression that you occasionally have the mountain to yourself. But eventually, the Lemosho road and the Machame route converge, and traffic starts to pick up. But this is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking a little tranquility towards the beginning of the climb. Much of the same landscape, including the Lava Tower and Barranco Wall, can be found on the Lemosho Route as well, because it follows the Machame Route for a section of the ascent.

The climbers or hikers will have the opportunity to explore natural rain forests and walk up to the Shira Plateau, where once above the tree line, breathtaking sights await. Lemosho requires a few more days to travel because of its greater distance from civilization and longer path. The average person hikes this trail for seven or eight days, which significantly raises the success rate. This is undoubtedly one of the best routes to choose if you want to increase your chances of reaching the mountain’s summit, especially when compared to the Machame route and Marangu route. The Lemosho path is more difficult to trek than the “Whiskey” and “Coca-Cola” routes but has a greater success rate.

You’ll join the Machame path on the third day. Lemosho trekkers must cross the Barranco Wall, just like on the Machame Route, and then summit from Barafu Camp.

As you are climbing using the lemosho route, you will notice that some of the sections are steeper and more demanding as compared to other parts, and you will spend some extra nights or extra time, especially after reaching this great safari, and this is extremely interesting. Where possible, the sleeping routes are tents where you can spend the night, which is extremely interesting and outstanding. It is for this reason that most of the visitors have increasingly loved this great safari experience, which is extremely interesting and wonderful. Lemosho may be climbed in 7 or 8 days while scaling Kilimanjaro. Days five and six are combined in the seven-day version, which travels from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without stopping at Karanga.

Hikers using Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro

Hikers using Lemosho Route to Mount Kilimanjaro

How difficult is it to climb Kilimanjaro using the Lemosho route?

Given that it has a longer itinerary and more opportunities for acclimatization, the Lemosho route is one of the simpler ones on Kilimanjaro. On summit night, trekkers will still need to climb hard up the Barranco Wall. Although technical climbing skills are not necessary, it is strongly advised to be physically fit. You may learn more about preparing to climb Kilimanjaro by visiting our page on the Kilimanjaro training program.

What is the scenery like along the Lemosho route?

Of all the trails, the Lemosho Route is regarded as having the most picturesque scenery. The route leads hikers from the west side of the mountain through a lush jungle before joining the Lemosho Path to cross the breathtaking Shira Plateau. The vistas are breathtaking, especially from the southern circuit, which travels around the mountain’s west and south sides.

The Lemosho route has one of the greatest summit success percentages on the peak due to its longer length profile. Although there is no official data, the average success rate for the 8-day trek across all operators is 90%, and the average success rate for the 7-day trek is 85%. The 8-day Lemosho approach, however, has a success rate of over 95%, while the 7-day option has a success rate of 92%.

For additional information on why we advise lengthier journeys, read more about how many days it takes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The Lemosho Route’s exact trekking distance is 71 kilometers (43 miles). The Lemosho Route requires a minimum of 7 days, but after arrival and departure days are taken into account, the total is 10. To enhance your chances of success, it is advisable to spread out the work over 8 or 9 days because it is a much longer approach path. Therefore, you can come and enjoy the best Kilimanjaro hiking safari using the Lemosho route.

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