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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

The big five animal rewards in Akagera National Park

The big five animal rewards in Akagera National Park

The big five animal rewards in Akagera National Park

The big five animal rewards in Akagera National Park represent the animals seen in Akagera National Park’s Rwanda and are best seen during game drive safaris. Rwanda is a small country with spectacular scenery and a magnet for many tourist adventurers. The Republic of Rwanda has recently become one of the most popular destinations on the Ivory Coast, thanks in part to the presence of the big five animal species in Akagera National Park. The wildlife safaris in Rwanda present you with the best opportunities for you to enjoy and see the great animals. The big five rewards of Rwanda include buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, leopards, and lions.

National parks such as Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, and Nyungwe National Park have protected flora and fauna. Visitors to Volcanoes National Park can go on a safari excursion to view mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in the Virunga Mountains. Tourists to Nyungwe National Park can participate in activities such as chimp trekking and colobus tracking, whilst visitors to Akagera National Park can observe the big five animal species and participate in a variety of park activities. Rwanda also offers a variety of activities and attractions that attract tourists, including genocide tours, cultural tours, festivals, and marathons such as Kwita Izina (gorilla naming ceremony) and the Tour de Rwanda.

Rwanda’s Big 5 rewards can be only experienced in Akagera National Park, where you can learn about their behavior in the wild and their coexistence with other animals. Rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants, and buffaloes can be seen during various activities in the park. Initially, Akagera National Park did not have all the animals of the big five rewards, partly because of good political relations with other countries and partly because Rwanda is one of the most visited countries in East Africa. In June 2019, the Czech Republic transplanted five eastern black rhinos, including three females and two males, to Akagera National Park. This led to the reintroduction into the park of a rhino species that was killed during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda when most of the Big Five animals were wiped out.

It is also believed that 300 lions were killed in the park during the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and the early 1990s. After the Rwandan genocide ended in 1994, many people who had migrated to neighboring Uganda and Congo to escape the violence in Rwanda returned to the park and settled around Akagera National Park, but with over 4,000 cattle, they encroached on the park and many of the Big Five were killed. With the support of a South African nonprofit organization, five female lions and two caterpillars were brought into Akagera National Park, helping to increase the number of lions in the park as well as the rhinos.

The best ways to experience the big five animal rewards in Akagera National Park in Rwanda

The Big Five rewards in Rwanda can be experienced through a variety of activities, allowing visitors to see many of the country’s hidden beauties. The park offers a variety of activities to observe the Big Five.

A game drive in Akagera: To see the Big 5 animals and other attractions in the park, you can go on a game drive. Morning game drives in Akagera National Park allow you to see some of the park’s early risers, including impala, topi, bushbuck, and many species of antelope. You will also see elephants grazing with their young on the savanna plains, buffalo, and rhinos. Leopards sleep during the day and search for prey at night, so you are less likely to encounter them in the morning on a wildlife drive than at night. Visitors can see predators such as lions and leopards up close, as well as bat-eared foxes and hyenas stalking their prey during the night game drive.

Boat Cruises: Boat cruises in Akagera National Park offer the chance to see elephants and buffalo quenching their thirst by the river; rhinos grazing in the park’s grasslands; leopards and lions hiding in the low shrubs waiting for their prey; and sunsets during the cruise.  Other activities, such as sport fishing on Lake Ihema and nature walks in the park, allow visitors to see the big five animal rewards. Please come and explore Akagera National Park with Africa Adventure Vacations.