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The Best Time To Visit Semuliki National Park

The Best Time To Visit Semuliki National Park

The Best Time To Visit Semuliki National Park

What is the best time to visit Semuliki National park? The park is located in western parts of Uganda in Bundibugyo District with a number of activities ranging from birding, game drives and nature walks. This park was used as a forest reserve by the colonialists, but in October (1993) it was turned to the level national park by the government of Uganda. To protect the forests as fundamental in the western rift valley thus Semuliki becoming one of the newest parks in the western region of Uganda.  The park is covering 220km² in size with an elevation ranging from 670-760meters above sea level.

Semuliki national park is among the best destinations in Uganda where tourists can visit throughout the year for hiking or nature walks and the common hiking trails within the park are the 13 kilometers hiking trail, the 11-kilometer red-monkey track, and the 8 kilometers Sempaya nature walks. All trails take you through different tourist attractions such as the famous Sempaya hot spring, a lot of primates species like the Red-tailed monkey, vervet monkey, and so on, butterfly species, and birds.

The best time to visit Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve is in the dry seasons that are between from December-February and June-July because during this period the vegetation being less thick, trials are less slippery and wet hence making the trip excellent and visitors experience well-undertaking activities with no disturbance from rainfall. As there is little or no rainfall in the place, this has favored tourist attractions in the park to take places such as Sempaya hot springs, hiking and nature walks, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, and others.

Tourists are not advised to visit Semuliki national park in the wet season that is March, April, May, October, and November when the vegetation is thicker and all hiking trails tend to be slippery and wet and these making activities difficult. though during the wet season, the chimpanzee tracking and other primates easier to see since food can be easily accessible and the primates no longer moving long distances, but the best recommended time for visitors who are planning to visit Semuliki national park is much ideal in the dry season.

But note that, African weather is unpredictable so we expecting rainfall at any time through the year and also in the dry season it can rain, therefore you are advised to be well prepared for every tourism safari into the park to avoid inconveniences by carrying long-sleeved clothes, waterproof rain jacket, hat, packed lunch, sunglasses, energy drinks, hand gloves and so on.

Therefore, when you’re visiting Semuliki national park does not depend on the weather but depend on what favors your interests as a visitor, this can be more prepared with a trusted tour operator company like Africa Adventure Vacations.

What To Do In Semuliki National Park

After determining the best time to visit Semuliki national park, you may do the following activities;

Nature walks in Semuliki wildlife reserve

Nature walks allow tourists to explore more about the area and see different primate species, wildlife animals, butterflies, plants as well as a lot of bird species. Nature walks in the Semuliki wildlife reserve is normally begins from the Sempaya gate and it takes about 2-3 hours to complete and it ends at the sempaya hot springs in the rainforest where there is muddy ground and palm trees. During this activity, you will primates like blue monkeys, mangabeys, and many mammal species including the elephants. Leopards, forest buffaloes, pygmy hippos, and others. Bird species like Hornbills, palm nut vultures, and honeyguides and over 305 tree species.

Sportfishing in Semuliki wildlife reserve.

Sportfishing in the Semiliki wildlife reserve gives an unforgettable rewarding experience but tourists who like to do fishing from here should carry their fishing gadgets. You will experience the thrill of the winding Bundibugyo road through the Rwenzori escarpments.

Community walks

Semuliki forest is home to the Batwa people and they depend on fruit gathering and hunting. But currently, other ethnic cultural groups have come here and this resulted in intermarriages which have led to cultural changes. On your tours in the Semuliki wildlife reserve spare some time and visit the Batwa people, interact with them, and know more details about them like their lifestyle, and tradition.

After Visiting Semuliki national park, you can spare time and visit other tourist destinations in western Uganda with amazing activities like Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorilla trekking, Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing, Rwenzori mountains national park with one of the most trending hiking experience in Africa and other Parks where you can visit and have unforgettable safari memories on your safari in Uganda.