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SSezibwa Falls in Uganda Mukono District

SSezibwa Falls in Uganda Mukono District

SSezibwa Falls in Uganda Mukono District

Ssezibwa falls in Uganda Mukono District: Ssezibwa falls are situated located 43 kilometers away from Kampala city in the east along Kampala-jinja highway road in Mukono district. Although there is a myth about the formation of these falls saying that the falls were born by the human being named ‘’Nakungu Tebatuusa’’ many years ago and it is brother to Bwanda, and are also considered one the most out standing spiritual and cultural spot where local people from the surrounding villages perform their rituals for healing, blessing, riches and also good fortune.

But researchers say that Ssezibwa falls were formed as a result of water squeezing through narrow opening of huge rocks and dropping at a faster speed of 17 meters in to a large pool of about 13 meters deep surrounded by green vegetation cover which is home of snakes i.e. green mambas, African cobra, horned adder among others. Ssezibwa River that drains from the lush wetland found between Lake Kyoga and Lake Victoria.

The Ssezibwa falls have several rocks with sharp edges which makes a sweet sound of the rolling water and spectacular scenery and cultural significances. The falls are also popular for birding activity with over 200 bird species recorded with in the area. The notable species include; African harrier hawks, mouse birds, long-tiled cormorants, African pymy, dark capped bulbul, grey backed carmaropter, western nicator, lizard buzzard among others.

Top Activities at Ssezibwa falls

Guided nature walks in Ssezibwa falls; This is an exciting activity at Ssezibwa falls which gives an opportunity to get close with local people near the falls and also to get personal with wildlife. During the nature walk you will be accompanied with armed tour guide leading you deep in the forest where you will explore the beautiful view of different tree species like mahogany, Bamboo Musizi among others. You will also be able to see different wild life primates like verts monkeys, red tailed monkeys’ baboon among others.

Rock climbing Ssezibwa falls; Rock climbing at Ssezibwa falls is one of the adventurous activities that guests can participate in during their visit at the falls. Rock climbing is an amazing and challenging activity that requires mentally and physically fit guest s to enjoy the sport and have a great experience. Ssezibwa falls is composed of sharp rocks across the falls, this helps the climber to reach different designated endpoint at the top where you will be able to watch different wildlife species like snakes, lizards, among others, You will be also able to explore the spectacular view of the water falls, river sempaya, river Ssezibwa among other. Guest who wish to take part in the activity are requested to wear protective gears like ropes, safety shoes etc.

Bird watching in Ssezibwa falls: Ssezibwa is a home over 200 bird species recorded which makes it one of famous birding site destinations in Uganda. The falls has various bird habitats such as water, garden and forest birds, these bird species include the yellow fronted canary, speckled mouse bird, striped kingfisher, olive bellied sunbird, hadada ibis, fan tailed widowbird, as flycatcher, ross’s turaco.

Cultural experience in Ssezibwa falls: Ssezibwa falls is consider one of the most outstanding spiritual and cultural spots In Uganda where locals from neighboring villages perform rituals for blessing, healing from different sickness among other aims. So, during your visit to Ssezibwa falls you will be able to experience the amazing cultural of locals, interact with them and also learn about their traditional ways of living. You will also be in position to see the shrines were the local people practice their traditional worship and rituals. Visitor who participate in this activity are able to learn about old and ancient culture practices.

Camping at Ssezibwa falls; Ssezibwa falls are naturally, strategically located in amazing area with conducive ground were visitors who prefer camping can be accommodated. During the camping activity visitors will be able to listen amazing sound of the water falls, great sound of the birds, and also enjoy the cool environment, taking drinks, grilling of meat among others. This activity also helps visitors to relax on their mind.

What is the best time to be at ssezibwa falls?

Ssezibwa falls can be visited through out the year but the best season is the dry season in months of June to September and December to February. Throughout this period there is low rainfall therefore the path trails are dry which enables easy movement and also this season enables hiking due to low levels of water on flowing on the rocks.

Accommodations at Ssezibwa falls

There are no accommodation facilities at Ssezibwa falls but however there is an exciting resort called Ssezibwa falls resort which is the main and nearest accommodation facility for visitors who want to stay near the falls, the it is strategically located on Kampala-jinja highway.

Your tour to Ssezibwa falls in Uganda can be extended to other parts of Uganda such as Kidepo valley national park & Pian Upe national reserve for wildlife safaris and cultural experiences, Jinja for white water rafting on river Nile, Murchison falls national park for game drives, boat cruise and chimp tracking.

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