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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Social distance on a Tanzania safari.

Social distance on a Tanzania safari.

Social distance on a Tanzania safari.

Social distance on a Tanzania safari: It is good that there is some breathing space after the heavy lockdown that had restricted travel completely. As of now, most countries are trying to learn to live with COVID-19 and some of them have done away with the travel restrictions, but remember that COVID-19 is still around and thus you need to take the extra precautions as recommended. One of the recommendations is social distance, which has proven to be one of the most effective and best ways for controlling COVID-19.

Even while you are on a safari in Tanzania, it is good that you observe the social distance so that you don’t get the disease. A safari in Tanzania may provide all you need. The new standard is secluded outdoor places, and Tanzania has several of them. Additionally, safaris have always been created such that you can “physically remove” yourself from others without really trying. It just happens! Most notably, there are no traveler quarantines in Tanzania, making it accessible for international travel. In this blog, we show why visiting Tanzania is a good idea and why, in the COVID-19 era, safaris and trekking excursions make the ideal post-lockdown getaways.

You can have the convenience of a safari by social distancing. A safari in Tanzania can be everything you need. Secluded outdoor areas are the new standard, and Tanzania has many of them. Furthermore, safaris have always been designed in a way that allows you to “physically detach” yourself from other people without actually trying. It simply occurs. Most significantly, Tanzania is open to international travel because there are no traveler quarantines there. In this article, we explain the benefits of traveling to Tanzania and the reasons why safaris and trekking outings are the best post-lockdown vacations in the COVID-19 period. Tanzanian lodgings have also contributed to the shift to the new norm

Tanzania was awarded the “Safe Travel Stamp” by the World Travel and Tourism Council, signifying the successful application of international health and hygiene standards. At Tanzania-Trip, we’ve always chosen exclusive, individualized lodgings to make your experience as private and individualized as possible. And fortunately, the most important part of any safari has always been uninhabited, so savor the serenity of the stunning Tanzanian bush while being surrounded by nature.

Places to go in Tanzania after lockdowns

There are different places in Tanzania that you can visit now that lockdowns have been restricted, and now we are looking at one of the best places in Tanzania where you can visit and explore, especially after the lockdown.

Trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro Mountain after lockdown: Another excellent method of traveling in a post-lockdown world is to go on a trekking excursion in Tanzania. Trekking is, by nature, a physically distant activity, much like safaris. Consider the health advantages of being outside, getting exercise, and recharging in the Tanzanian sun while choosing where to go during COVID. Have you ever longed to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain? The right time is right now. Trekking tours allow you to experience Tanzania’s unrivaled beauty while staying in secluded campsites far from civilization.

Your safety while traveling in the wild

Your safety is our top priority, so consider it carefully while choosing where to go during COVID. In comparison to the rest of the world, the entire continent of Africa only contributes 5% of the overall number of coronavirus cases. Additionally, in the week ending August 16th, the WHO Africa region reported the highest global decline in new daily cases. In addition, additional safety precautions have been taken at each stop to guarantee the security of your Tanzanian journey.

Here are some additional hygienic practices we’ve put in place: We advise you to leave all windows, including the skylight, open while driving to maintain a consistent airflow. While wearing a mask is not required in Tanzania, we follow our visitors’ lead and periodically sanitize all of our cars. When you book with us, you will always travel in small groups or with close friends and family. Typically, your lodging is out of the way and thus far away. In addition, we are available to you whenever you need us. Because we are on the ground, we are aware of what is happening and the adventure vacations are ready to serve you.