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Serengeti wildebeest Migration in November

Serengeti wildebeest Migration in November

Serengeti wildebeest Migration in November

Serengeti wildebeest Migration in November – The chances are that at the beginning of November you will be able to still see a few wildebeest migrations that have remained in the northern region of the Serengeti National Park, the reason of the northern part of Serengeti National Park at this stage I refer to Kogatende and Lamai and this November still you will be able to see the animals crossing the Masai Mara River. The end of November comes with the light rains and these rains make the wildebeest start their journey moving southwards to start their second wildebeest migration, remember that this is the circular cycle that occurs yearly. as they are moving into the south of the Serengeti National Park, the wildebeest migration splint in two different groups and spread across the different sections of the Serengeti National Park and thus this possess the challenge for the visitors to spot the wildebeest animals as they are moving in the southern direction.

Is November the best time to great wildebeest migration in Serengeti?

Early November is still one of the time where you can as well catch the river crossing and then get a lot of the Mega herds as one of the visitors are pushing into the south. Most of the wildebeest animals’ still stay around the Mara River in the Lamai and the Kogatende. The months of October are one of the best months as they begin to disperse when the rainfall as you move, the more you go into November and the more the herds that can spread out. At the end of the month, the river crossing is much less since most of the herds have started to disperse in the southern region. But because there is a lot of light rains inexperienced in November, the camps and lodges offer you the wonderful experience to value your safari for money. During November, visitors can as well stay at one of the permanent and continental lodges in November where you will enjoy the discounts and still have the wonderful scenes of the wildebeest animals. The November months are characterized by fewer crowds and there are not many vehicles and this gives the visitors a chance to enjoy the park privately. For the visitors who don’t feat being wet then November is the best month and this is a wonderful and fantastic time for the visitors to enjoy the best safaris services and enjoy the services and this makes the fantastic experience to see the wildebeest migration.

Where to stay to see more wildebeest herds in November

At the beginning of November, it is good that you keep yourself around Lami and Kogatende in the northern part of the Serengeti National Park such that you keep high your chances of seeing the wildebeest crossing the River Mara. Then in the middle of November, it is good that you divide your time properly in between the central region in Seronera and then the northern part of the park. this is done because as the wildebeest herd begins to disperse, some of them again move to the central part of the Serengeti National Park in the Seronera area, and thus if you’re staying in this part, you will be able to get the clear chances of sighting these wonderful and great wildebeest herds. And in case the herd dint comes to Seronera, you will not lose much because you will have seen them from the northern part. In case you would like to enjoy the low rates in the Serengeti National Park especially on the accommodation, November is the best month then for you to clearly enjoy this great opportunity. The park is usually busy during the peak season, Seronera is usually completely booked during peak months, so coming here in November will provide you a genuinely unforgettable more intimate stay in a setting that is so well-known during peak months (because of its incredible resident gaming). 

Permanent camps to stay at in northern Serengeti in November

The Nomad Lamai Serengeti is available at USD760 per person per night; this is one of the best and excellent lodging facilities that can be found in the northern Serengeti National Park, offering perfect and excellent accommodation facilities. It is used by the visitors who do visit the Serengeti National Park from July to October, especially those who are interested in seeing the wildebeest migration. The rooms are wood in kopjes with clear sweeping views of the Serengeti plains. Lam provides the best and most wonderful chance for visitors to enjoy the best barefoot luxury safaris, and this happens without any authenticity.

Sayari is available at USD 784 per person per night; Sayari isn’t joking when it comes to material extravagance. Its long-lasting wooden base construction sets it apart from the more recently erected movable campers. The main area is furnished with comfortable seats, and there is also a lovely pool to sit beside while your game drives. Its location near the Mara River makes it a fantastic place to stay to get to the intersections.

Mobile camps in the Northern Serengeti

At Olakira, which is available at USD 725 per person per night, Asilia’s normally lavish multipurpose camp isn’t quite as stunning as Serengeti Under Canvas, although it isn’t a less advantageous option because it doesn’t come with such a high sticker price. However, it is far from modest.

The Serengeti Safari Camp charges USD725 per person, per night. Our beloved shoeless indulgence real Serengeti adaptable camp. Because there are two camps that move independently throughout time, there is no period where the camp is changing areas and thus not open. Our top selection for a safari in November.

Other accommodation facilities where you can stay include Kiota, which costs USD325 per person, per night. This is a property with exceptional value. It is remarkably all-around positioned for the excellent main Serengeti inhabitant untamed life, as it is situated in Seronera with breathtaking views of the surrounding fields. With lovely employees and a warm and inviting environment, everything is fine.

Namiri Plains is offered for USD893 per night per person. In our opinion, the Namiri Plains are the best habitat in the Serengeti, regardless of whether or not it is relocated. It’s in the eastern part of the recreation area, and with only another camp nearby, there aren’t many automobiles. This isn’t to say that its natural life isn’t noticeable in any way, but it is an interesting inverse. The enormous felines here are really great, as they were in a prior cheetah preservation area. You can’t top fine food, opulence, and convenience in a mysterious region.