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Accommodation in Semuliki national Park

Accommodation in Semuliki National Park

Accommodation in Semuliki National park: The park has variety of safari lodges where tourists can lodge comfortably on their safari in Semuliki National Park and these range from mid-range accommodation facilities to luxury lodges. So after  birding safari activities such as birding, game drives, nature walks, primate walks among others, there is no need to worry about where to stay in the park.

The location of accommodation facilities in Semuliki is amazing with great scenic views, untamed wildlife, and varied better topographic features appealing to the visitors visiting Semuliki National Park. Semuliki National Park is well served with ranges of accommodation facilities so visitors are guaranteed safe accommodation all the time they wish to visit Semuliki National though not many. The accommodation facilities range from budget to luxurious, hotels lodge, and nature campsites.

Importantly, Within Semuliki park there are limited accommodation facilities. Most of the decent hotels and lodges are situated within the towns of Bundibugyo and Fort Portal. The Uganda Wildlife Authority came up with a solution and set up two campsites adjacent to main offices and at the gate. It is important to book these hotels in advance in order not to miss out on the rooms especially the budget ones. Some of these accommodation facilities in Semuliki Include as follows;

The luxury accommodation facilities in Semuliki are also called upmarket accommodation facilities. These offer high services that are classy as compared to midrange and budget accommodation facilities. Semuliki National park has some of these lodges where you can spend your night on your wildlife safaris. The most luxurious lodges of Semuliki National park include;

Semuliki safari lodge

Semuliki safari lodge in Semuliki national park offers a pristine environment and superlative feeling of the wildness well situated in the tropical forests of Semuliki National Park offers with wonderful views of Congo’s Blue Mountains. The lodge is made up of luxury tents that are built with local material without jeopardizing the quality of the environment. About 18 people can be accommodated in a day. As the only lodge in an area of about 500 sq km, it offers a truly private wilderness experience.

 Some of the facilities in the lodge include a bar, restaurant, hot showers, comfortable sofas, a lounge area, a reading area, and a swimming pool. Food and breakfast can be brought to the room and comprise of well-made local and international cuisines. The lodge helps run a chimpanzee research project in collaboration with Indiana University. Residents can, therefore, have an opportunity of visiting the researchers and learning about the process of habituating chimpanzees and how studying their lifestyle helps understand the evolution of man.

Semuliki safari Lodge cares about you  Park safari offers cares about yours desire for your exclusively hence it can only accommodate a maximum of 18 guests who stay in a lodge in any of their serenity environment well thought and after and beautiful excessive tents that have been thatched that gives you African style.

Kyaninga lodge

This lodge is not directly located in Semuliki National park but can give a resting place as you link to your safaris in Semuliki park. Kyaninga Lodge is a luxury accommodation located at the backdrop of stunning Rwenzori mountains just at the edge of crater lake Kyaninga. Just 40km (1hour drive) to Semuliki National park Still, accommodation at Kyaninga Lodge is structured in 8 cottages with raised platforms, privacy, raised walkways, solar lighting, hot and cold safe drinking water, two-family cottages with space to accommodate the child, and double /twin bed.

Facilities that you can enjoy while staying at Kyaninga lodge include; a restaurant, bar, two raised galleries, swimming pool, two desc lounges on the main building overlooking Kyaninga lake, and double-sided fireplace.

Mid-Range Accommodation Facilities

Mid-range accommodation facilities in Semuliki National Park allows travelers to adore an averagely comfortable holiday. Mid-range accommodation facilities are slightly close to luxury accommodation facilities which are of high-end market travelers/visitors, however, in Semuliki National park there are limited Middle range accommodation facilities but the mountain of the moon hotel would provide you with better option for middle-range accommodation facilities as you take wildlife safaris in Semuliki National park.

Mountain of the moon lodge

This the standard midrange located just a few meters outside Fort portal town which is away 290 kilometers from Uganda capital city Kampala.  Mountain of the moon lodge has the capacity of up to 33 rooms which include deluxe, double rooms single rooms, suites, standard super doubles, and twins’ rooms. Mountain of the moon hotel offers the perfect accommodation for your stay as you take a break from your journey to Semuliki National Park and other parks such as Kibale Forest National Park and Rwenzori National Park.  The hotel has a different bend of oriental and French chic styles that makes you feel a comfortable second home outside your original home. Other such as room services, DSTV, Wi-Fi, restaurants, and enough parking space is available.

Budget accommodation facilities in Semuliki National park includes low-cost lodges and cottages as well as campsites that visitors can use while being provided with worth standard facilities. Travelers to Semuliki National Park can have the best nights on your holiday to Semuliki Park. Some of the low-cost budget accommodations in Semuliki National Park are explored below;

Ntoroko Game Lodge

This accommodation lodge is also constructed at the Semuliki Wildlife reserve near Lake Albert. The lodge has Luxury tents that are next to the beautiful and unspoiled sandy beaches of Lake Albert. Ntoroko Game Lodge is appropriate for guests on nuptial vacation and desire privacy. The lodge has gorgeous wooden floors and modish stone exteriors with great overlooking of Lake Albert. There are both single and double rooms which have fans, a safe, hairdryers, heaters, and private balconies.

The rooms are comfortable with en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets, hand dryers, fans, toiletries, safes and are positioned with a great view of gardens and the lake. The rooms have beds of all sizes such as king beds, queen beds, twin beds, double beds among others. The meals and the dining area in this lodge are just on point.

Kirumia guest house

This is another low budget accommodation facility providing services to tourists visiting Semuliki National Park. The guest house is situated on the Bundibugyo main road and is10km away Sempaya gate of Semuliki National Park. It is found in Kirumia village just near the Kirumia trail.

While at this guesthouse you are in line to see various attractions like white and black colobus monkeys, birds, chimpanzees, the green vegetation, spectacular land space among others in the park. Meals are provided on time and also the rooms are good and affordable. It is very possible to do all the activities such as chimpanzee trekking, birding, nature walks, visiting the Sempaya hot springs, and many more while staying at this guest house. The rooms are self-contained and meals can be served in the room on request.

The fact that Kirumia guest house around Semuliki National Park is assembled near the Kirimia Head Trail (for birding) and the park headquarters in Ntandi, visitors to this guesthouse can use it as a starting point to go for game drives, birdwatching and spotting primates like chimpanzee and Colobus monkeys

Campsites and Bandas by the Uganda Wildlife Authority

The UWA accommodation Bandas and campsites are constructed only three kilometers to the Sempaya trail where most activities in Semuliki National park begin. Although the rooms in the Bandas are comfortable, there are no meals. You need to order for meals or hire cooking utensils if you wish to cook your own packed food. The Uganda Wildlife Authority Bandas and Campsite in Semuliki National Park are built at Bumaga 2.5km from Sempaya the starting point to the journey of exploring the Semuliki Forest National Park including the walk to the hot springs. These were set up to provide for favorable price charges for budget travelers especially backpackers and students. These can accommodate 21 persons in 5 Bandas available and 12 persons for a campsite. Here you can pay as cheap as 40,000- 80,000 Ugandan shillings on bed and breakfast arrangement.

Bumuga camping site

Since Semuliki national park doesn’t have very many accommodation facilities, there is also ana option of camping at Bumuga that is located approx 3km away from the Sempaya gate. While here you can make orders for meals or you can make your own meals if you are in need of utensils or any other cooking materials they can be hired from the people in charge of the site. Camping in the wild gives a lifetime experience since it is not something that is done on a daily basis, while this site still all activities are accessibly done.

While at Buguga campsite in Semuliki National Park you can do self-catering, which can be facilitated by hiring cooking equipment but in case you cannot cook for yourself still you can order for food and it will be brought for you.

There are also other accommodations that can be used and are located in the Fort portal and Bundibugyo away from the park such as Crater safari lodge that is about 30 miles away, mountains of the moon hotel, and Rwenzori view guest house among others. Choose the best with us and have a better stay as you experience fantastic tours in Semuliki National Park.

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