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Self-drive on a Tanzania safari

Self-drive on a Tanzania safari

Self-drive on a Tanzania safari

Self-drive on a Tanzania safari: Tanzania is one of the top destinations for trekking and safari for tourists from different parts of the world, and this is because of the unique tourist attractions that are found in various parts of the country. These unique attractions of Tanzania are both the world and the mountains, as well as the Zanzibar safari beaches, and this is extremely interesting. Tanzania is a popular destination for several tourist visitors, and because of the interesting attractions, some of the visitors ponder whether they should explore Tanzania by themselves or by using a safari guide. Yes, it is possible to go on self-drive while on a Tanzania safari adventure vacation. However, in this article, we look at the opportunities and challenges of self-drive tours or safari in Tanzania, and thus you need to read this if you’re interested in going to Tanzania on your own. We hope that these insights will help you make the best decision on whether to go for the self-drive tours in Tanzania or look for a guide for your safari.

Nearly 1.53 million visitors from all over the world enjoyed Tanzania’s national parks in the year before the corona pandemic. Only a small percentage chose a self-drive tour. But what justifies not traveling on a guided safari in one of the Land Cruisers as most people do? And is it awful that a lot of people travel with a guide? Naturally, we are extremely aware of the benefits of a guided tour because I am a guide myself. But I also love to drive myself when I’m on a personal trip. We haven’t done that anywhere but in Tanzania so far. An excellent incentive to browse through many blogs and forums to learn about self-drivers’ experiences, particularly in Tanzania. group excursions for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 travelers from all over the world that follow a predetermined tour schedule. The personally guided tours are for 1 to 7 members of the same family or group of friends per vehicle. On these private guided tours, the itinerary is established with you before booking, so you are not out and about with random people.

Enjoy an exciting self drive on a safari to Tanzania

Enjoy an exciting self drive on a safari to Tanzania

What are the best opportunities for self-drive tours in Tanzania?

Compared to guided group trips, self-drive camping tours give you more flexibility and allow you to organize your trip far better according to your interests. Which would I prefer to see more of Tanzania birds or elephants? Do I want to spend three minutes or three hours watching the lions? Do I want to spend another day in this national park? (Take note that, to a significant extent, this is also feasible on guided private camping safaris.) As opposed to a guided safari, where you would be traveling with strangers, you are not required to make accommodations for anyone. (On a private safari, however, all interactions are with the guide.)

Self-drive vacations can be more exciting, especially if you are traveling alone and there are no other people in the area (even without a guide). Most likely, there will be more surprises (not only positive but also negative). In circumstances when the guide would normally take care of everything for you, there is a propensity for more interactions with locals.

Challenges for self-drive tours in Tanzania

Due to the briefing and procurement of things that are on the inventory list but are not in the car, rental car handover timeframes can be lengthy. Several instances include:

Rental firms must travel to the city to pick up the necessary supplies.

Gather your camping supplies from the rental agency’s storage.

Rental car rates are frequently very high, and some businesses outright forbid entering the Serengeti. Flat-rate costs per kilometer should also be used with caution because they can quickly spiral out of control once the free miles have been used up.

The price of Land Cruisers with pop-up roof hatches will increase.

The entire tour and route must be planned by you.

There are occasionally poorly marked private campsites; a GPS is necessary, and it is recommended to enter the coordinates in advance. However, it is often challenging to locate campsites because the coordinates are not always evident.

Timing and planning can be challenging (routes take longer than planned).

Due to the numerous speed checks, speed bumps, and speed limits, you must always keep your attention on the road. Additionally, due to the often careless driving practices of others (especially trucks and buses),

It happens rather regularly, and you frequently require the help of someone else to get you moving again. Examples include becoming trapped in a sandy riverbank or being caught off guard by a tropical storm and becoming mired in mud.As a result, assistance has been provided.

Small, honest errors brought on by ignorance or inexperience can end up costing more time and money (e.g. if gate times are not adhered to, the 24-hour rule of admission tickets is misinterpreted, or you misjudge the need for or forget to refuel).

If the payment or code selection technology does not function and you are unsure of how to fix the problem or who to contact, you risk losing time at the gates.

Self drive in Tanzania on a safari offers a unique experience that you not miss

Self drive in Tanzania on a safari offers a unique experience that you not miss

There are instances when positions in the line at the gate are fiercely disputed.

You have to prepare your food when on a camping trip.

Shoplifting and high costs in the supermarkets

When reading about self-driving experiences in the preceding categories, the extensive list of drawbacks jumps out at you. The majority of self-drivers are open about this. However, there is frequently a qualitative factor that provides the few advantages described with a far deeper, more individualized significance. The adventure element in particular is what, for many people, makes all the drawbacks worthwhile. If the numerous potential drawbacks do not deter you—you might be lucky, after all—you should, in my opinion, pay attention to the following:

Ensure that the rental car is in good condition when you receive it, without fail. If you belong to an automobile club, you can quickly get a checklist for returning a rental car booked online. It will cost you time and money if your car breaks down in a national park because it is unlikely that the rental company will pay for the extra day that was required due to the breakdown.

Additionally, be sure you have a trustworthy app for your smartphone or a navigation system with current maps on board. The farther you get from the main highways, the fewer and more frequently nonexistent signposts there are in the parks. There are undoubtedly many zebra stripes on the roadways in the Serengeti. Sadly, they are more a reflection of the vast wilderness than well-maintained road crossings here.

It’s also critical to have a functional cell phone. It is wise to bring two fully charged cell phones if you are going together. To take greater advantage of the local networks, one of them needs to have a local SIM card. In areas with very poor service, two cell phones increase the chances of one of them picking up a signal, especially if you are stranded.

Looking at the aforementioned lists, it is evident that guided tours have far more benefits than drawbacks. Choosing between self-drive and guided travel is frequently a matter of preference. The majority of visitors choose to begin with a guided tour and continue with this choice even if they make a second journey to the nation. On their second or third visit, a relatively small percentage of them choose a self-drive tour. You are now more prepared for a self-drive journey and already have a different perspective on the nation. The bottom line: The most crucial thing is to travel to Tanzania at least once, whether you decide to do a self-drive trip in a rental car or reserve a guided safari.

One of the most thrilling ways to experience nature and wildlife is on a safari in Tanzania. This place is worth a visit. Your guided safari to Tanzania can be planned and any questions you may have may be addressed by us. We are always up to date on the situation here on the job site. So, please get in touch with us at Africa Adventure Vacations. Your ideal Tanzanian experience combines your dream with our knowledge.

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