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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Safari activities on Sezibwa falls

Safari activities on Sezibwa falls: This is one of the most spiritual and cultural centers where many natives flock for blessings, wealth and fortunes

Safari activities on Sezibwa falls

Safari activities on Sezibwa falls: In central Uganda’s district called Mukono hosts the famous Sezibwa falls which have been named among the royal Buganda heritage located 35km east of Kampala in Mukono district. This is one of the most spiritual and cultural centers where many natives flock for blessings, wealth and fortunes. Traditional healers performs their ceremonies for those seeking love, children, a successful business deal or a good harvest. The Sezibwa falls are located on the great river known as Sezibwa which flows from the wetland between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga. Sezibwa falls are about seven meters high and with the sweet hissing sound created by the falling water forms beautiful scenery, and this is complemented by the natural vegetation cover and the undulating and steep rocks over which the water fall ,the site has several bird species which make it birding site also.

Because the falls have become an important tourist attraction, very many safari activities have been organized and planned for the visitors who by pass around to explore these falls and thus as you move to the falls, get read to participate in the following safari activities. Therefore, as you by pass the falls, you will be able to participate in the following safari activities around Sezibwa falls;

Waterfalls and nature walk on Sezibwa falls, here, you will be able to engage in the nature walks minding that Sezibwa River flows from wetland near Lake Victoria upon arrival in mukono it drops from about 15-20 meters making the look extremely beautiful and worth visiting

Birding while exploring the Sezibwa falls: The forest and sugar plantation around Sezibwa River has acted as the habitat of birds and birds like white browed robin cat, yellow ramped tinker bird, great blue turaco, common bull and many other bird species.

Hiking experience on Sezibwa falls in Mukono: Sezibwa has nice hiking trails around which can give hikers some fantastic walking experience around the water.

Camping experience at Sezibwa falls: Sezibwa safari also offer camping for those who would wish to have great experience and excellent camping sites magic hissing sound created by the water flowing from river sezibwa.

Mountain biking experience on Sezibwa falls: Mountain bikes are available for hire for those who are interested in mountain biking at sezibwa safari, one can ride through the forest edge trails with the beautiful views of the forest.

Forest and nature walk experience at Sezibwa falls: With over 68 km of well-developed trails length, mabira dense rain forest with developed foot trails an abundant primate population has make the forest a beautiful walking area for adventures, some primates include red trailed money’ black and white Colobus monkey plus grey cheeked Mangabay

Explore Mabira central forest reserve: Mabira central forest reserve is one of Uganda’s largest surviving natural forests covering an area of 306 square kilometer. Mabira is a habitat of 312 species of trees, home of 315 species of bird, 218 butterflies, 97 moth species, 23 small mammal species

Environmental research education at Sezibwa Falls: Environment education is a major component of tourism destination and very many lectures  offered by the griffin falls camp by categories of all the visitors and this have been packaged as the safari activity as well. We have program designed for primary and secondary schools as well as guides capable of assisting with the university or professional level scientist research. We can even accommodate and educate large number of groups.

Primate watching while exploring Sezibwa falls: Mabira forest has got monkey resident species which include the Uganda Mangabay, black and white Colobus and the red trailed also has different type of the butterfly species. So butterfly identification and general forest exploration is done by the tourists. As the result of the above safari experience, we can say that Sezibwa falls offers the visitors with a great chance to enjoy the Uganda’s beauty on its natural setting.

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