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Safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro

Safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro

Safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro

Safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro: The highest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain lies just a few kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport in the northern area of the tourist city of Arusha. Located before you reach Moshi town along the Arusha-Moshi route. Overlooking the lower Kenyan Amboseli national park, the Kilimanjaro peak hovers in a wreath of clouds. With its variety of habitats, Amboseli contributes to the larger echo system of the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.

The 1,688 square kilometer Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park is surrounded by a montane forest belt that rises over 1,820 meters above sea level. This is one of Tanzania’s most popular national parks, coming in third place behind the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. In 1921, the park was classified as a game reserve, and in 1973, it became a forest reserve. The park is endowed with a wealth of natural beauty, including both flora and fauna. A variety of creatures, including bushbabies, tree hyraxes, cape buffalos, forest elephants, blue monkeys, and grey duikers, can be found there. Various tree species can be found throughout Kilimanjaro National Park, from the lowest mountain slopes to the highest bamboo plains.

The diverse habitats in the park, including the meadows and bushlands used by the Maasai locals that live in the area, have an impact on safari activities in mount Kilimanjaro. The streams that hydrate the belt of tropical rain forests in the park that draw sizable herds of forest elephants are nourished by the melting ice from the mountain’s peak. Each section and camp in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park offers specialized safari activities like bird watching, nature walks, game drives that include off-road game drives, night game drives, village or cultural safaris, adventure, and hikes to the mountain’s summit. These attractions are among the park’s many great draws. Listed below are a few things to do on Mount Kilimanjaro:

When preparing for your arduous journey to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, be aware that you will be greeted by the songs of many forest birds that can be found throughout the park. With over 750 bird species recorded, Mount Kilimanjaro is a must-visit location for birders. Great birders take advantage of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro because they can accomplish two goals at once. Birding is one of the Mount Kilimanjaro safari activities that have significantly assisted in drawing tourists to this mountain, and many who appreciate birding also enjoy trekking on Kilimanjaro.

There are endemic bird species that can only be found in Kilimanjaro National Park. As they fly through the tree canopy of the park’s tropical forest, ethereal bird sounds welcome you as you enter. Just as they are unwinding and adjusting to the weather, the visitors begin to enjoy birdwatching and viewing the birds. Most birds sing and play near the hotels, and there is a good possibility that you’ll witness one of the lovely tropical bird species that Africa is home to.

Spot the Hartlaub's turacos on Mount Kilimanjaro

Spot the Hartlaub’s turacos on Mount Kilimanjaro

Different African bird species live in the park, which is surrounded by vegetation and a mountain. The most frequently observed birds are turacos, of which there are numerous species, including Hartlaub’s, Schalow’s, violent crested, and rose turacos. There are approximately 30 species of cuckoo, including the Narina Trogon, Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill, Trumpeter Hornbill, White-Brown Coucal, and many more. Bee-eaters, African Pitta, African Pygmy Kingfisher, and various kingfishers are only a few examples. To enjoy more birding along the way and every time they take a break, the birders choose more picturesque and forested routes that take longer to reach the summit.

Everyone who visits Mount Kilimanjaro to participate in any activity has the dream of hiking to the peak, known as Uhuru. Every successful ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro is always followed by celebrations. Guests can choose one of the six Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking routes based on their level of fitness. There are several trekking routes, including the Machame, Rongai, Shira, Lemosho, Marangu, and Umbwe routes. Depending on the guest’s level of fitness and the route they pick, climbing the mountain can take anywhere between 6 and 8 days. We provide instructions for our visitors to follow, and as a result, all of our climbing safaris to Mount Kilimanjaro have ended successfully. Every visitor reaches the summit and returns safely with the aid of our knowledgeable guides and potters.

Visit the Chala Crater Lake: The Chala Crater Lake is one of the largest lakes on Mount Kilimanjaro and is located at the mountain’s edge inside the high crater wall. Visitors savor the beautiful Crater Lake scenery. The 1.6-square-mile Chala Crater Lake is a popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning waters, which can vary in hue from turquoise to emerald green depending on the season and weather. There are a few campers around the lake where guests can observe the lake from the comfort of their tents or take a tour of the marsh.

Primate trekking: One of the main safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro is primate trekking. Various primate species, including baboons, blue monkeys, black-faced monkeys, and others, may be found on the mountain. These are typically observed swimming around tree limbs and occasionally approaching the guests while playing by stealing food from their luggage.

Hyenas can be spotted along mountain Kilimanjaro

Hyenas can be spotted along mountain Kilimanjaro

Animal viewing in Mountain Kilimanjaro: Mount Kilimanjaro’s national park is home to around 30 different animal species, which are distributed across its various inhabitants and plant zones. One of the most popular safari activities on Mount Kilimanjaro is animal viewing. Both small and large mammals, including Bushbabies, Dik-dik, Duiker, Bushbucks, Forest Elephants, and Hyenas, can be found in the park. Most visitors who are unsure of their physical condition merely visit the park to see the animals; they are led around the park by park rangers while they search for these creatures. On a lucky day, one can easily see rare leopards, hyenas, buffalo, baboons, mongooses, and other animals in the park. All those who wish to explore safari activities come and enjoy the best safari experiences, which are extremely interesting.