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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Safari Activities in Volcanoes National Park

Safari Activities in Volcanoes National Park are the variety of activities that visitors can partake in to round up their Rwanda safari experience

Safari Activities in Volcanoes National Park

Safari Activities in Volcanoes National Park: Safari Activities in Volcanoes National Park include a variety of activities that visitors can partake in to round up their Rwanda safari experience. Volcanoes National Park is well-known for its many attractions, including half of Rwanda’s mountain gorilla population. The park also has Mount Virunga, Dian Fossey’s Tomb, and the Karisoke Research Facility, among other sights, and provides a variety of activities, like hiking.

Trekking gorillas is the major Safari Activity in Volcanoes National Park. Visitors to Volcanoes National Park can go gorilla trekking to see the mountain gorilla family that makes up the other half of the planet. Due to the favorable weather conditions, it is possible to see gorillas in the park. Because of the park’s favorable weather, visitors can see gorillas in a variety of habitats at any time of year. The Karisimbi gorillas, for example, dwell on Mount Karisimbi, whereas the Ugenda gorillas inhabit the slopes of Mount Sabinyo.

Gorilla trekking is an exciting opportunity to see a wide range of birds, including golden monkeys, and other wildlife. In the park, you will get to see bamboo trees where gorillas are found. You will also get to see the gentle giants’ behavior in the wild. For example, you will see their feeding patterns. You can see infants sucking their mothers’ breasts for food. You will also get to see this in the one hour they give you to spend with the gorillas. You will observe them munching bamboo, which is a thrilling experience to be in contact with monkeys; photography may also be conducted to preserve wonderful memories of your encounter with the gentle giants.

Trekking Golden Monkeys: Golden monkey trekking, like gorilla trekking, entails going over the Virunga mountain range in search of primates in the bamboo forest. Making contact with golden monkeys is a much easier activity than gorilla trekking, which includes creating overnight nests as primates migrate from one location to another. It is much easier to look for golden monkeys because they do not make new nests every night. As a result, golden monkey trekking is more accessible than gorilla trekking. While going to the golden monkeys’ habitat, you can observe Lake Burera, Lake Ruhondo, and Lake Kivu.

Five of them are located in the Virunga Mountains and Volcanoes National Park, including Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Muhabura, which are shared with Uganda’s Mugahinga National Park. The Virunga mountain range, which includes Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke, is also visible. Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Mikeno, and Mount Nyamuragira are among the other Virunga Mountains found inside Virunga National Park. During the Mount Virunga climb, you will be able to hike the mountains provided by the park, where you will be able to witness a variety of attractions such as the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, golden monkeys, and gorillas that can be spotted along the many slopes of Mount Virunga.

Burera and Ruhondo Twin Lakes: Boat excursions, bird watching, sport fishing, picnics, and other activities are available on the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo lead to Mount Accessible following the Muhabura trek, and the lakes provide the ideal backdrop for pictures, among other activities that will allow you to have a fantastic time.

Hike to Dian Fossey’s Tomb as a Safari Activity in Volcanoes National Park. This hike is one of the many amazing safari activities available at Volcanoes National Park. Dian Fossey was a primatologist from the United States who risked her life to defend the endangered mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park. She made certain that the gorillas in the park were safe from the poachers who hunted them. She undertook multiple patrols to protect the gorillas from poachers, including burning poachers’ homes to enrage them and damaging traps and other hunting tools. Unfortunately, she was killed in the attack. She was discovered in her hut, and she was buried at the Gorilla Cemetery alongside other gorillas slain by poachers. Visitors to the park can thus visit the grave of the primatologist, who was buried alongside her gorilla companions.

Birding as a Safari Activity- in Volcanoes National Park One of the intriguing activities in Volcanoes National Park is bird watching. While birding in Volcanoes National Park, you will have the opportunity to witness a variety of species such as Archer’s Grand Robin and Red-faced Forest Robin, Ruwenzori Double-collared Sunbird, Collared Apalis, Ruwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, and Unusual Weaver to observe a variety of strange weavers. These birds can be observed in the park’s thick foliage along the many slopes of the Virunga Mountains.