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Rwenzori National Park has attracted the development of accommodation facilities that are essential in contributing to the travel experience

Accommodation in Rwenzori Mountain national Park

Accommodation in Rwenzori Mountain national Park

Accommodation in Rwenzori Mountain national Park: Travelers planning for an adventure safari to the park have got variety of options of lodges on their vacation to the untamed Rwenzori mountains that range from Budget Mid-range to Luxury lodges. The park is well located in southwestern Uganda at the border with the democratic republic of Congo offers a lot of attractions that our travelers can afford to forego. And because of its scenic beauty of flora such as rare species, water catchment areas such as lakes and rivers, hot springs, glaciers as well as mountain ranges, the conservation areas were acknowledged as a heritage site by UNESCO back in 1994.

Different Lodges in around Mountain Rwenzori National Park

The establishment of Rwenzori National Park has attracted the development of accommodation facilities that are essential in contributing to the travel experience. Efficient accommodation facilitation and travel are interrelated and in absence of one, then the travel experience is incomplete.

Margherita hotel

The distance from Mountain Rwenzori park to this hotel is a few kilometers in the western direction of Kasese town. The hotel is constructed at the foot of mountain Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth national park and provides spectacular views of the mountains and forested sceneries. The luxurious hotel offers high standard quality rooms which are single double and family rooms with a serene compound with beautiful gardens as well as conference rooms. The guests are treated as king with courtesy with qualified hospitality staff.

Equator Snow lodge

This is luxury lodge is found near to the park entrance at the foot of mountain Rwenzori National Park. Visitors staying at this park have an opportunity to view the bouncing flow of water in river Mobuku which is flowing nearby the lodge. The lodge favors high-class end travelers who desire high quality and first-class products and services. The design of the hotel rooms is unique in a way that they are depicting the local environment characterized by the mountain Rwenzori arts.

Middle range accommodation

Mountain Rwenzori National Park offers an incomplete mountain of the moon as H. Marton Stanley described it attracts several travelers with different accommodation preferences, better the park in addition to luxury accommodation is well served with middle-range facilities, come and enjoy the mountain of the moon with its undistinguished wildness while staying at safe and comfortable middle-range accommodation as presented below comfortable.

Sandstone hotel in Kasese town

This hotel is constructed in the center of Kasese town on Rwenzori Road about 1km to Mountain Rwenzori National Park providing middle-range accommodation facilities. The location of the hotel has made it to receive both local and international visitors. Visitors find it interesting and convenient to access the Rwenzori national park while in town. The hotel has enough gardens and big conference rooms in addition to restaurants serving both local and internal menus

Ihamba lakeside safari lodge

Magnificent middle range lodge located adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park on shores of Lake George, with cool breeze awaiting you here. Its closeness to the Kahendero Landing site gives a clear overlook of mountain ranges. The lodge is being used by both tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park and Mountain Rwenzori National Park. well-designed six self-contained offering services like laundry, firefighting equipment with a spacious swimming pool.

Katara Lodge

This is located near Queen Elizabeth National Park providing striking views of mountain Rwenzori ranges and the communities adjacent, the is built with eco-friendly materials to ensure environmental conservation strategies

Tours holiday Inn

This lodge is well situated in the small trading center of Ibanda on the route heading to the Nyakalejijahead trail. This was established by the local investor with over 14 rooms self-contained. Both local and international dishes, especially from Germany, Italy, and the United States of America, are well served. The location of this lodge offers a convenient place for adventures to hiking the mountains using the Nyakalejija hiking trail.

Budget accommodations in Mountain Rwenzori National Park

The park further provides accommodation facilities that favor budget travelers. Our travelers can check on the following budget accommodation facilities whenever they are for hiking and Visiting the park.

Ruboni Community Camp

This is another middle-range budget accommodation facility located at the next the Rwenzori National Park main gate at Nyakalenjinja and this makes it the closest camp which is near the park. It is run as a community project with the membership of UCOTA. The camp itself arranges hiking, birding watching activities in Rwenzori, camping, nature walks among other tourist activities to its visitors especially those who use Mahoma Trail.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsites

This is well situated in Mihunga village, the Rwenzori Turaco view Campsite is run by community-run and locally owned budget hotel with the campsite. The facility operates a bar and restaurant with Ugandan foods as well as international tastes to satisfy international visitors.

Rwenzori Backpackers.

This accommodation facility is mainly used by mountain hiking travelers using the Kilembe trail. Staying at this facility makes travelers close especially backpackers to be near the mountains and the park for the morning safari activities. Relaxed bedding facilities, bars, and restaurants and hot showers are available at aback packers’ price an affordable.

The other accommodation facilities on budget include; wild tracks overland camp which is two kilometers from the park, tropical savannah guest house in Kasese town, Mwebesa hotel services in Kasese Town, among others.

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