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Ruhengeri town and surrounding areas

Ruhengeri town and surrounding areas

Ruhengeri town and surrounding areas

Are you looking at visiting and exploring Ruhengeri town and surrounding areas in Rwanda? Ruhengeri is one of the best places and most popular cities in Rwanda, and it is known as the historical center of Rwanda. Ruhengeri town is commonly used as Musanze town or Muhoza town, and the Ruhengeri area is the capital city of the Musanze district, which is extremely interesting and wonderful. Ruhengeri town and surrounding areas are found in the northern part of Rwanda province, which is known as the landlocked country in the northern province. It is found in the eastern province, the western province, and the eastern province. After the new administration took over, the town was renamed Musanze, and it now has the highest number of visitors after Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city.

Approximately 98% of foreign visitors to Rwanda arrive at Kigali International Airport; the remainder come through neighboring nations’ borders. Ruhengeri is only two hours from Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, and an hour from Gisenyi, another tourist destination and a strategically positioned access point to neighboring DR Congo, which passes via this town on the way from Rwanda to Virunga National Park. Ruhengeri is only eight miles from Volcanoes National Park, thirty miles from Lake Kivu, forty-three miles from Kigali, forty-three miles from Kibuye, seventy-five miles from Nyungwe Forest, seventy-seven miles from Butare, and eighty-five miles from Siangu City.

Ruhengeri is a great and major tourist hub since there are several tourist attractions in the area and surrounding areas. Ruhengeri town is located close to the well-known twin lakes of Rwanda. These lakes include Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera, which draw several visitors for their interesting views.

Lakes Burela and Ruhondo are one-kilometer-wide lakes produced by volcanic activity. Visit these twin lakes and participate in water sports like kayaking and fishing with the locals. Lakes Brela and Ruhengeri merge in spots and can be visited on boat trips around the region. The Ruhengeri region also serves as the entry point to Volcanoes National Park, which is home to Rwandan mountain gorillas. One of Rwanda’s four national parks, Volcanoes National Park, is the most popular for mountain gorilla trekking. The Rwandan rural area of Ruhengeri sprung up around Volcanoes National Park. Because Ruhengeri is a rural Rwandan town, many hoteliers and restaurateurs have set up shops here to cater to the many tourists.

The proximity of Ruhengeri to the Volcanoes National Park is arguably the greatest reason for its popularity as a tourist destination, but there are other factors as well. The Institute of Applied Sciences, a private Rwandan research institute established to promote the region’s agriculture economy, is also located in the Ruhengeri region. In 2019, the Institute of Applied Sciences will begin a five-year collaboration with Bingen University of Applied Sciences and Technology in Rhine, Germany, to improve agricultural practices in the region. The Diane Fossey Foundation Memorial Museum is also located in the Ruhengeri area, where visitors may see and learn about the efforts of primatologist Diane Fossey, who died as a martyr. The Virunga Mountains are also depicted in 3D at the exhibit. A night walk up Mount Karisimbi also begins in the Ruhengeri area.

In Ruhengeri, 10% of tourism revenue goes to local projects, giving the locals faith in tourism. You can take a taxi from Kigali to Ruhengeri. Cabs are not timed and cost between 30,000 and 35,000 rubles ($30-35 USD). There are also tiny buses and minivans with seating for 22 passengers that allow you to meet other Rwandans. Furthermore, unlike other buses, private cars stop at stations, allowing for greater freedom in disembarking at destinations. However, it is more expensive. Tong is known for being the only link to the Rwandan gorilla’s homeland, and it is located on the Virungas’ slopes, which provides it with a nice tourist center and beautiful scenery. There are many activities in the area, so you can stay for a few days and enjoy various climbs and walks, such as this park’s volcanoes.

As you approach the area, you will note that most activities are very cold due to the cooler temperatures. The high volcanoes are particularly stunning to view. Another draw is the chance to witness five volcanoes at once. The park also has Africa’s oldest park, which is famous for its endangered mountain gorillas. The golden monkey is a bright golden monkey that dwells in the Nyungwe forest but has recently been discovered in the PNV.

The golden monkeys are small and difficult to notice because they live largely in bamboo thickets. According to Prosper uwingeri, the park’s main custodian, the atmosphere is suitable for these animals’ existence. He thinks Kinigi is one of the few areas in Rwanda where these primates have been preserved from extinction when there are still enough of them. Uwingeri also claims that the forests’ more than 200 bird species are one of the elements that distinguish Kinigi as a tourism concept. Rwanda’s main source of income in the 1990s was gorillas. However, their involvement was cut short by the 1994 genocide, and they resurfaced in 1999. About half of the world’s 600 mountain gorillas are still alive. Even though people spend the majority of their time outside, it doesn’t take much effort to see these world-class attractions simply by being in Kinigi.

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