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Night game drive in Lake Manyara National Park

Night game drive in Lake Manyara National Park

Night game drive in Lake Manyara National Park

Night game drive in Lake Manyara National Park: Lake Manyara National Park is the best safari destination in northern Tanzania and is known for its tree-climbing lions. The game drives offer the visitors excellent opportunities to explore what is happening in the wildness of the lake at night. These night wildlife drives are special since not all places in Tanzania allow them, which makes them a worthwhile safari experience. Civets, genets, hippos, lions, leopards, elephants, and many other animal species are just a few of the wildlife species that can be spotted during night game drives in Lake Manyara National Park. To easily identify the various nocturnal species while traversing the national park in search of wildlife, night game drives around Lake Manyara are conducted in the company of a ranger guide.

Take an exciting night drive in Lake Manyara national park to see the world of Africa’s nocturnal predators and give your regular game drives a new perspective. Drives at night at Lake Manyara National Park are very beautiful since the moon reflects off the water. After a leisurely dinner, depart the lodge at 20h00 for a three-hour exploration of the park. Your knowledgeable guide will give you an entirely different perspective of the lake and the Rift Valley Escarpment as they lead you through the park’s various habitats in search of nocturnal creatures and sounds.

The park’s wild animals are in excellent health because of the consistent water supply throughout the year. Several elusive species are hard to spot during the day yet very active at night. If you keep an eye out, you might be able to spot shy genets, slender civet cats, and spiky porcupines. The enormous hippos contentedly foraging by a leafy tree on the side of the road may be easier to spot. There are frequently reported sightings of roving leopards in the park, though it is not guaranteed that you will see one. Lucky for you, the golden lions, who are the monarchs of the jungle, take great pride in sleeping all day and becoming mobile at night. During these night game viewing excursions near Lake Manyara, it takes two to three hours to search the national park’s wide ecosystem for nocturnal wildlife species including civets, genets, lions, and leopards, among others.

About 325 square kilometers of savannah grasslands, woods, and an alkaline lake make up Lake Manyara, one of the main attractions at the location that is home to a variety of wildlife and bird species. The national park also contains woodlands where visitors can go on safari and witness animals like baboons and colobus monkeys. Most of the area is covered by the shallow alkaline lake found in Lake Manyara national park, which is also a fantastic spot to watch several bird species when on a safari, including the lesser and greater flamingos.

Along with the nocturnal wildlife species that can be spotted during night game drives in and around Lake Manyara National Park, the area is also well-known for its tree climbing lions, which may be spotted there when on safari as they sit up in the tree branches. The various wildlife species that inhabit the area around Lake Manyara National Park can also be seen during the morning, afternoon, and evening game drives. Additionally, full-day game drives are conducted while on safari near Lake Manyara National Park.

Have exciting morning game drives in Lake Manyara National Park

Have exciting morning game drives in Lake Manyara National Park

Early in the morning, game drives are conducted around Lake Manyara National Park when animals including elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, impalas, gazelles, and many others are quite active in migrating over the savannah plains. Visitors can enjoy a genuine African safari in the afternoon sun on afternoon game drives around Lake Manyara National Park while taking in the scenery and looking for various wildlife species. When visiting Lake Manyara National Park, visitors can look forward to participating in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes even nighttime game drives as part of a full day of game viewing.

Elephants, lions that can climb trees, leopards, gazelles, waterbucks, giraffes, warthogs, bushbucks, impalas, and many more wildlife species can be spotted on Tanzania safaris in Lake Manyara National Park. Despite being smaller than other wildlife parks in Tanzania’s northern region, including Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Serengeti National Park, the national park’s diverse landscape makes wildlife viewing excursions there worthwhile.

The dry season and the rainy season are two separate times of the year when these wildlife safaris in Lake Manyara National Park can be taken. Since wildlife can be seen near water sources in national parks throughout the dry season, which lasts from June to October, it is thought that this is the ideal time to see it. Despite the rains experienced around Lake Manyara National Park, the wet season is nonetheless beneficial for safaris. Around March, April, and May, as well as November, rain is experienced.

You can go to the Lake Manyara national park at any time of the year, depending on your preferences. While the dry season is a peak season and many tourists visit Lake Manyara national park and other locations in Tanzania, tourists who want to avoid crowds might visit the national park during the rainy or low season. In addition to night and day game drives, several other activities are carried out during safaris near the Lake Manyara national park, such as the following:

An armed ranger guide will accompany you on foot as you explore the area around the Lake Manyara national park on a nature walk. On foot, while traveling along various trails during these walking safaris in the national park, wildlife species can also be seen. The treks, which can last two to three hours, allow visitors to Lake Manyara National Park to get a closer look at the park’s highlights.

Another activity that is done while on safari in Lake Manyara National Park is canoeing along the lake. During the canoe journeys, wildlife species can be viewed along the lake’s shore. When the water levels are high, the canoe voyage lasts between three and four hours. Another activity that is done while on safari in the more than 350 bird species-rich Lake Manyara National Park is bird watching. The months of November through April are the best for spotting birds.

Cultural tours can be taken in and around Mto wa Mbu town, which is located on the road to Lake Manyara National Park, as part of the safari experience that visitors to Tanzania enjoy. Interacting with people and learning more about their culture and way of life are key components of these cultural trips.

When traveling to Lake Manyara National Park, there are several ways to get there. One way is by flying to the airfield there. Another way to get there is by driving from the town of Arusha, which takes around two hours. The unique ecology of Lake Manyara National Park will be explored as part of your safari to Tanzania with us at Africa Adventure Vacations.