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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari: The park is not only a home to endangered gorillas, but also harbors varsity of wildlife species that attract tourists

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari: Because Mgahinga National Park is home to endangered gorillas, gorilla hiking is a popular activity. Because Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a larger gorilla family than Mgahinga National Park, gorilla trekking in Uganda frequently overshadows it. Nonetheless, Mgahinga gorilla trekking safariis one of the greatest Uganda trips.

Virunga Mountain: Hikes to several Virunga mountains, such as Mount Sabinyo, Muhabura, and Gahinga, are included in gorilla hikes in Mgahinga National Park. The Nyakagesi and Hirwa gorilla families, which migrated from Volcanoes National Park, can be seen on the slopes of Mount Virunga.

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safaribegins with a lecture and explanation from your guide about the park’s gorilla hike. The guide will discuss the gorilla interaction rules as well as the rules to be followed during the gorilla trek. After receiving a lecture from a skilled guide at the front desk, you will hike through the various Virunga Mountains, which are home to a gorilla family. You will engage with the park’s birds, monkeys, and mammals throughout the mountain trek, but you will also have the opportunity to meet gorilla families and spend an hour with them to study and comprehend their behavior in the park.

Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari Permits: A gorilla permit in Uganda can be acquired for as little as $700 from a reputable tour agency. As a result, you must obtain a gorilla trekking permit before July and join before the charge doubles.

Precautions during Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari

  • Make no needless movements while in contact with the gorillas, as they are a danger.
  • To prevent illness transmission from people to gorillas, do not feed the gorillas.
  • To prevent illness transmission from gorillas, tourists should keep a 7-meter distance from them.
  • When photographing gorillas, avoid using flash mode since it may frighten them.
  • Follow your guide’s directions to have a fun and safe time.

Mgahinga Park is also home to endangered golden monkeys, which can only be found in Mgahinga National Park due to the park’s three Virunga Mountains, which are home to golden monkeys. If you are fortunate enough to hike for gorillas, you can view the primates in the mountain bamboo woods when hiking in the Virunga Mountains, and if you want to learn more about the golden monkeys, you may join the golden monkey trek while in the park. Trekking with the scared primates will allow you to spend time with them and watch their behavior in the wild.

Many unique bird species live in the greenery on the mountainside. You’ll see a variety of animals on your Mgahinga gorilla trekking safari. You’ll see a variety of bird species on your gorilla trek, including the Rwenzori churako, crowned rhinoceros, black kite, dusky pheasant, marsh chat, blue flycatcher, and Ragden’s shrub magpie.

Species of Monkey;  Many types of monkeys, including the Mona monkey, velvet monkey, red-tailed monkey, and black and white colubus monkey, can be seen on the gorilla climb on Mount Virunga. Seeing and photographing several monkey species while pursuing gorillas is an unforgettable park experience. The Virunga Mountains You can observe ruwenzorituraco, crowned rhino, black kite, dusky pheasant, swamp chat, blue flycatcher, Ragden’s bush magpie, Mona monkey, velvet monkey, red-tailed monkey, and other interesting species on a gorilla climb in Mgahinga National Park.

Among the attractions is a climb up Mount Virunga, where you may see several sights such as black and white colobus monkeys and other bird species. Rwanda Volcanoes National Park also allows visitors to observe surrounding mountains such as Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke, which houses Diane Fossey’s mausoleum.

It’s simple to travel around. Much of the vegetation in Mgahinga National Park is bamboo, which makes it easier to travel than the tropical rain forests of Bwindi National Park, allowing you to quickly reach the gorilla family.

Experience the Batwa Trail. Hiking with gorillas in Mgahinga National Park allows you to see the Batwa Trail, a forest tribe with an intriguing culture and beliefs. The Batwa are woodland people who rely on forest resources such as honey and bark cloth for a living. They also devour small forest animals like squirrels, ants, and grasshoppers, making them an interesting group to remember after a visit.