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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Accommodation In Lake Mburo National Park

Accommodation In Lake Mburo National Park: The Park is the nearest Park to Kampala-Uganda’s Capital, easily accessed by road through western Mbarara route implying you get into the wilderness paradise without the stress of long journey. A journey to this marvelous Park is a journey of a lifetime. With our authentic safari trips, you will be introduced to this pure and untamed wilderness. If you have a thirst for adventure, wildlife, culture & luxury then Lake Mburo National Park is the perfect place, offering a variety of exclusive accommodation & safaris.

The Park boast to host some of Uganda’s best-kept secrets. Being a popular safari destination offering endless adventure activities, it has attracted safari accommodation facilities within and around the Park that incorporates natural environment with forest-like architectures. There locations are incredibly strategic to enhance views of spectacular National Park and its lush vegetation, scenery as well as lakes and their surrounding wonders. For those who would wish to experience the heart of wilderness in this Park, Mantana tented Camp and Mihingo is the perfect choice for you. When you stay in these lodges, you will realize comfort of an exclusive and luxurious safari lodge of Lake Mburo National Park.

The accommodation facilities vary from Luxury-Midrange-Budget accommodation meaning whatever budget you have, the Park’s accommodation will never disappoint you. These different safari accommodations within and around the Park include; Rwonyo Rest Camp, Mantana Tented Camp, Arcadia Cottages, Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Conservation Education Centre,  and Arcadia Cottages among others. In this Park, Camping offers a memorable experience of camping on a lush savanna and acacia woodland vegetation. In these campsites and accommodation sites, watch out for some Park residents like warthogs, zebras and other antelopes who will frequently pay you a visit. This will amaze you even before going for your game drive.

At Africa Adventure Vacations, we help you choose the most perfect accommodation choice that will definitely enhance your great safari experience in the Pearl of Africa. Whether you’re a lover of camping or your choice is to stay in an exclusive up-market safari accommodation, we will help you get the most perfect choice.

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Rwonyo Rest Camp is a financially friendly accommodation which favors budget travelers. It is a budget accommodation situated in Lake Mburo National Park and is overseen by the Uganda Rwonyo Wildlife Authority.

This camp was made using nearby natural materials, for example, covered grass in addition to wood to offer you a genuine African touch.

When you are at this camp, you will have an encounter with different Park veterans like the antelopes, warthogs, zebras wonder freely around this camp. The will obviously create a safari mood in you.

Eagle’s Nest accommodations include bandas in addition to tents which are legitimately outfitted. These bandas are worked in type of wooden caps and have shared showers while the tents are based on raised wooden stages and have private showers.


The Eagles Nest is one of the best budget accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park. It is situated just outside Lake Mburo National Park. The Lodge is established on a raised hill that gives a panoramic view of the savannah scenes of Lake Mburo National Park. The Nest can easily be accessed through passing the Sanga gate

Other accommodation facilities in this camp includes safari tents which offers an agreeable canvas African wild experience in Uganda.

Each Safari tent highlights a private verandah that enhances comfortable stay. Its bathrooms exhibit a genuine wilderness experience.

For lovers of camping, the night camp fire is constantly arranged in this camp.

Facilities at Eagle is given in about twelve safari tents with private veranda to offer an impressive view of the Park scenery.

Each room highlight two particular informal lodging amazing stylistic theme.



Rwakobo rock is a moderate accommodation situated in Lake Mburo National Park scene, the lodges are located around a slope deliberately set on rough edges to give a stunning perspective of Lake Mburo National Park.

It is an assortment of covered lodges, with sun powered lights, flush toilets, sunlight based warmed showers and clean drinking water, which mix into the normal scene, appreciate the Wi-Fi in the eatery and primary region.

Apart from viewing natural life in your private verandah of Rwakobo Rock lodges, you can see more Park inhabitants at the feasting region close to the swimming pool where the likes of water bucks, zebras, warthogs, impalas and bushbucks are frequently common.

Staying in this lodge gives the best African wilderness experience



Mihingo lodge is an exclusive luxury safari lodge situated in the southern boundary of the pristine Lake Mburo National Park. It is an upmarket tented camp that offers an incredible and unforgettable African wilderness experience.

Mihingo  thatched lodge buildings  are  made  of  natural  materials  which  blend  seamlessly  with  its  surroundings.

Guests can enjoy spacious accommodation, delectable food, rejuvenating wellness treatments, sparkling swimming pool and exhilarating explorations and total luxury in the wild.

Tented camps are self-contained, built on raised wooden platforms purposely to provide a spectacular view of Lake Mburo National Park. The privately situated tents will enable you to have close encounter with a variety of Park dwellers like baboons, klipspringers, waterbucks, warthogs, eland antelopes, starlings, turaco’s and hornbills to mention but a few.

You will remember Mihingo Lodge long after you have been here…a truly memorable experience in wilderness lodging.  It is the perfect place to stay for Ultimate Luxury Tented Safari in Lake Mburo National Park


Mantana Tented Camp is an awesome upmarket accommodation facility located inside Lake Mburo National Park. The camp was established to offer an extraordinary experience to its visitors.

At this camp, you’ll see different fowl species and additionally different creatures moving around like warthogs, pronghorns and also Impala. You’ll encounter the genuine wilds of Lake Mburo National Park.

Their staff is warm and amicable and continually eager to help you as per your inclinations.

Comfort is the thing that you’ll get at Mantana Lodge.

It has 9 tents built and well fitted with inside showers having hot and cool water, washrooms and flush toilets to offer fantastic perspective of the joys of Lake Mburo National Park.

Each tent has 2 beds in addition to a mosquito net. There is presence of solar power with which you can charge your telephones or batteries.

Mantana lodge has a Restaurant that offers delectable dinners serving nearby in addition to worldwide cooking styles. Supper tables are carefully set and there are lamps that light the zone shaping an extremely sentimental setting.