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Kilimanjaro International Airport

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Kilimanjaro International Airport is one of the most recognized airports that bares the code JRO. The airport covers an area of approximately 110 square kilometers and is found in the northern part of Tanzania, which is situated in between two regions, which are Arusha and Kilimanjaro, especially the Moshi Airport. In addition, there are chartered flights from Entebbe International Airport to Kilimanjaro International Airport that are more affordable than regular flights using helicopters, private jets from Qwik Flight, and Auric Air Services Ltd. It is suggested that you arrange your flight months or weeks before the day of your vacation if you intend to travel by plane from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro. You can book your flight independently or through your tour operator.

When the Kilimanjaro International Airport was first opened in late 1971 to commemorate Tanzania’s tenth year of independence, it was established. As a result of fusing Tanzania’s natural splendor with the outside world, it was named “the entrance to Africa’s wildlife.” Despite the airport’s early start, it wasn’t until early 1998 that it was fully privatized and given to the Tanzanian government. The Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company (KADCO), which is legally owned by the Tanzanian government, was its previous owner and operator.

The airport’s major objective was to draw large numbers of foreign visitors to East Africa, particularly those traveling to Tanzania to take in the stunning scenery in the country’s national parks and those seeking to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest point in Africa. While Arusha is well-known for its many tourist attractions, such as the Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which is home to the enormous Ngorongoro Crater, the Kilimanjaro region is notable for having Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. With the aid of a well-maintained tarmac road, the airport port is located in a place that is simple to get to from both regions, taking only 30 minutes to travel there from the closest city centers in either of the two regions.

The most expensive gemstones in Tanzania and all of East Africa, the tanzanite minerals, were a significant factor in the decision to locate the Kilimanjaro international airport there. The Mererani mines, which are only a short distance from Kilimanjaro International Airport, are where they are extracted. This element greatly encourages the shipping of these precious materials for additional processing and refinement, which in turn spurs a tremendous economic expansion in our country thanks to the proceeds from the gemstone trade. Arusha International Airport is situated at a height of 2932 feet above mean sea level and is situated 40 kilometers southeast of Arusha and 30 kilometers south of the city. Its coordinates are 030 25′ S, 370 42’E.

The climate at this site is favorable, with an average temperature of 31–34 °C. This state is typically accompanied by dominant winds, which are typically observed to be blowing from the west toward the direction of the east. Due to this, the runway at the airport must have a unique design element that allows an airplane to land, even in challenging weather conditions. The Cat II ILS landing system design received a lot of aggregates, and it ultimately turned out to be the best option for this kind of weather. The runway at Kilimanjaro International Airport underwent significant improvements in 2005 to keep up with the most recent technological breakthroughs occurring around the globe. It features a tarmac road that is 3600m long, or 11835 feet by 45 meters (3600m X 45 meters), and is oriented east-west.

Visit Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania

Visit Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro International Airport connects Tanzania with many locations on the African continent, such as South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and others, as well as offering direct flights to international locations including the Middle East and Europe, to name a few. Additionally, it offers internal flights that go daily between several parts of Tanzania, including Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and Mwanza. This makes it possible for moves to take place within Tanzania at an acceptable period. It is primarily intended to benefit travelers who are pressed for time and need to see as much of Tanzania as possible. However, other people, such as businesses who are constantly pressed for time, can also greatly benefit from it.

Only the assistance of foreign airlines using the airport makes this possible; among them are Ethiopian Airlines, Rwandair, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, Edelweiss Airlines, and Air Tanzania, the formidable flying wings of Tanzania. All of these contribute significantly to the expansion of Kilimanjaro Foreign Airport in terms of international travel, airline operations, and, undoubtedly, airline traffic, which is a crucial indicator of success when it comes to capturing the true blue skies. All of these top-notch services provided by Kilimanjaro International Airport are provided at a very reasonable cost that can fairly be accessed by all socioeconomic strata.

The airport’s initially planned terminals had a capacity of about 200,000 passengers per year, but thanks to extensions, that number has increased to about a million, or almost five times the original design. When speaking of KADCO’s attempts to transform the airport into an international class point of entry to the regions prepared for exploring Tanzania’s prime scenery, these expansions are blessings that cannot be foregone. That wasn’t the end of the race; rather, it continued with effective revenue collection for a respectable period, which was devoted to updating the airport’s infrastructure and providing a spark for development. Creating fully automated weather stations and security systems, upgrading the fire rescue systems, and resurfacing the 3600m X 45m runway, which can accommodate up to (inclusively) Boeing 747-400 series or the Antonov 124 aircraft, were some of the most impressive efforts made to guarantee that the Kilimanjaro airport complies with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAOS).

Every organization aspires to reach a peak stage, only to discover that desires aren’t always the horses they had imagined for their ambitions. Through its enormous efforts, the Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company (KADCO) was able to come to terms with that reality by ensuring that the Tanzanian flag fluttered well at Kilimanjaro International Airport amid the winds that blew off the other flags that turned out to be unsuitable. This is due to KIA receiving several achievement accolades, the best of which was taking home the Routes Africa airport marking prize for two years in a row (2013 and 2014).

When it comes to the field of aviation in Africa, these prizes stand out as the most significant ones. Kilimanjaro International Airport once again won the overall prize for the Middle East and African marketing awards in 2015, without even allowing us to take a quick look at other aviation companies. All of this was brought about by the conflict that Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company (KADCO) announced, forcing it to choose between life and death so that it might significantly outnumber other airports, which is always a source of prestige.

As a result, we may momentously announce and proclaim in front of throngs of people who are considering visiting Tanzania for any reason that we have Kilimanjaro International Airport, which defies gravity and offers you facilities you never thought you’d find in Africa. Africa Adventure Vacations is the best destination because it is so interesting and wonderful.

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