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Kibale National Park Entrance Fees

Kibale National Park Entrance Fees

Kibale National Park Entrance Fees

Kibale National Park Entrance Fees: Kibale national park is a vast forested reserved area located in western part Uganda and is filled with a wide range of primate species which include chimpanzees which attracts travelers from different parts of world to visit the park to engage in chimpanzee tracking so to encounter them face to face. Other primate species in kibale national park include baboons, bush babies, black and white colobus monkey, red tailed monkeys among others. Kibale national park it is also great destination for birds with over 200 recorded bird species including African black-headed oriole, speckled tinkerbird, piping hornbill, great blue turaco and many more. The savannah plant life in kibale national park is also an exciting activity that travelers who visit the park. Travelers who do visit kibale national park can as well participate in various activities including chimpanzee habituation, nature walks, bird watching, and community visit among others.

Entrance fees for kibale national park are the various fee levied by the Uganda wildlife Authority for one to be able to access the service offered by the park and also take park in various activities in kibale national park. The Uganda wildlife authority it is the body responsible for collecting the fee from the park, regulating the rule to be done while in the park and it is also responsible for conservation of the plants and wildlife in the park. The fees collected is used to fund the various conservation and protection activities in the park like paying the park rangers, treating the hurt wildlife and also feeding them. Kibale national park is categorized as a category A by UWA because it is a major national park in the country that many travelers visit it annually. Entrance fees in kibale national park is levied according to one’s nationality status that is foreign non-residents, foreign residents and east African citizens. Children and adults do pay different fees and a child is that person below 18 years. Below are the entrance fees for kibale national park in various park.

Individual Park entrance fees for kibale national park: Individual Park entrance fees for kibale national park are fees paid individually per person per entry. Adult foreign Non-Residents pay USD 40 while Foreign Residents pay USD 30 and East Africa citizens pay UGX 20,000 per person per day.  Child foreign non-residents pay USD 20 while child foreign residents pay USD 10 and East African citizens pay UGX 5000. Individual Park entrance fees for Kibale national park are paid per day for the number of days one is to spend in the park.

Annual Park entrance fees for kibale national park: Annual Park entrance fees for kibale national park are paid by travelers who would like to pay once for all the fees so that they can access the park throughout the year. This option is only given to traveled from East Africa community and foreign residents. Foreign residents pay USD 350 per person a year and East African citizen pay UGX 150,000 per person a year in order to access the park throughout the year. A couple at kibale national park also can pay annual fees, foreign resident couple pays USD 500 and an East African couple pays UGX 200,000 per year. A family with a maximum of 4 children their can as well pay for annual fee for kibale national park. A family of foreign residents pay USD 750 while a family of East African citizens pays UGX 350,000 per year. While an annual corporate pays USD 1500 and for East African citizens pays 2,500,000 and a safari guide pas 100,000 to access the park throughout the year. It should be noted that foreign residents need to have a work permit valid for one year to qualify for annual pass. It is important to remember that the entrance fee is paid inside the park including the park activities and accommodation.

Vehicles entrance fees for Kibale national park: To control over traffic in kibale national park, fees is levied on different kind of vehicles and registration process that is Uganda foreign registered motor vehicles as may be seen below.

Motor cycles with foreign registration pays USD 30 while those that are Ugandan registered pay USD 5 only. Saloon cars that are foreign registered pay USD 40 while those that are Uganda registered pay USD 10 only. Mini buses of foreign registration pay USD 50 while those of Ugandan registration pays USD 15 only. Tour company vehicles and 4-wheel drive with foreign registration pay 150 while hose with Ugandan registration pay USD 15 only. Over lander with foreign registration pay an entrance fee of USD 150 while those with Ugandan registration pay only USD 50. Buses and lorries with foreign registration pays only USD 150 while Ugandan registration pays USD 75, while school buses with Ugandan registration pays only USD 25.

It should be noted that entrance fees for Kibale national park as well as other parks is levied to limit number of people from entering the protected reserved area for wildlife because overcrowd stresses them and can also change their eco-system. In Kibale national park entrance fee is collected by Uganda wildlife authority and is the one responsible collecting the fee in all national parks.