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Tourism activities in Kibale Forest National Park

Tourism activities in Kibale forest National park are features that a traveler/tourist can participate in when they visit the park. They are the reasons as to why people visit Kibale Forest National park. Without these vital happenings, it would be impossible for travelers to be entertained and interested in the park. Numerous unique activities in Kibale National park provides with all they need to stay joyful at the park.  African Adventure Vacations provide you with the list of activities that might make your safari worth pleasurable in Kibale National park.

Chimpanzee trekking

This is the tourism activity that attracts more visitors to Kibale forest National Park. The conservation efforts of the park were driven by the desire to conserve primates and promote the experience of chimpanzee trekking by visitors. Although there are many sites with chimpanzees in Uganda, Kibale park harbors over 1500 primates, and you are guaranteed 99% of trekking chimpanzees. Chimpanzee permits in Kibale Forest National Park are available at 150USD per visitor.

Chimpanzee habituation

Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest National Park involves the process of training chimpanzees so that they can interact with humans freely by getting used to them. The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) enables visitors to accompany researchers, experienced guides, and habituations into Kibale Forest National Park. The chimpanzee groups here are less accustomed to the presence of visitors as compared to those that are visited during primate walking /trekking and following and watching them is both thrilling and interesting. The CHEX sessions in Kibale National Park is available on a full or half-day basis starting at 0630. You are advised to book in advance for this activity in Kibale to avoid inconveniences and for easy preparation.

Bird watching

bird watching in Kibale forest national park involves visitors walking majestically in the park/forest while viewing different species of birds. Kibale harbors over 370 bird of forest, grassland and swamp species, with the inclusion of local endemics and Central Africa ‘specials’ that makes Kibale national park a popular destination for birdwatchers. Forest birds can be sought with the guidance of experienced Africa Adventure vacation guides following the forest trails at Kanyanchu and Sebitoli tourism sites. This experience becomes is so interesting when combined with a visit to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. This popular, community-run attraction lies just outside the park, 5km south of Kanyanchu.

The most commonly sighted bird species in Kibale Forest include; the green breasted pitta, African pitta, black bee-eater, Abyssinian ground thrush, yellow spotted nicator, little greenbul, black-eared ground thrush, brown chested Aletha, yellow ramped tinker bird, blue-breasted kingfisher, along with the crowned eagle, yellow-billed barbet. black and white shrike flycatcher among others. Bird watchers are advised to wake up early because birding starts at 7; 00 am morning hours since it is when most of the bird’s species can be spotted.

Nature walks

Besides the above-mentioned activities, nature walks are also another activity that tourists visiting Kibale Forest National park can participate in. a nature walk in Kibale is an opportunity to enjoy one of East Africa’s most beautiful and varied forests without pressure to locate chimpanzees or tick off a dozen ‘Kibale specials’ on the bird list. This is also an ideal activity for young visitors unable to accompany relatives on the Primate Walk. Two-hour Nature Walks begin at 08.00, 10.00, and 14.00 from Kanyanchu Tourist Centre.

Additionally, Kibale forest National park offers an opportunity for night walks. Travelers in Kibale have a chance to after the dark to look for nocturnal. This is especially after your dinner you can join the group for night walks which is usually accompanied by armed ranger guides. This activity gives visitors an interesting feel of the Kibale forest at night. The walk takes between 2 to 4 hours where you can spot different nocturnal creatures such as galagos, pottos, and bushbabies. Night walks are conducted from 19.30-22.00 daily and visitors are advised to pit on h6eavy coats and seaters because of cold conditions during the night.

Crater lakes tours

Once you’re done with all major safari tours in Kibale forest National park, crater lakes are other attractions with associated activities that you can consume on your itinerary. Tour in fort portal town will lead you to the foothills of different ranges which upon hiking will provide you will a clear birder’s view of several crater lakes in the areas that will catch your eye. While on top you get an opportunity to view Kibale forests, mount Rwenzori ranges, and spectacular landscapes.

Bushcraft Children

Children bushcraft activities are activities in Kibale National Park that children who are under the age of 15 can participate in while their parents visit the park for primate tracking. Although children under 15 years are not be allowed to trek chimpanzees, there are many different things for the children to do and see in Kibale forest National Park. Experienced ranger guides will guide the children through the wonders of the forest showing them wildlife, plants, trees, birds, and monkeys. Africa Adventure Vacations will always make sure that your children have a good and kid-friendly driver with them to make sure that they feel comfortable and have the best time during their activities in the Kibale Forest National Park.

Visitation to Bigodi Wetland

Another interesting tourism activity in Kibale Forest National Park is nature walks and visitation to Bigodi wetland sanctuary located just outside Kibale Park six Kilometers away from Kanyanchu visitor information center. During Bigodi walk, as the traveler, you will be able to spot numerous species of mammals and birds. Some of the notable bird species in Bigodi walk in Kibale Forest National Park include; African pied wagtail, Great blue turaco, Pin-tailed whydah, etc, while primate species include; red colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys, among others and mammals include; mongoose, bushbucks, and warthogs. This walk will take you about 2 hours while enjoying the thrilling creatures.

 Cultural encounters

cultural activity involves visitors interacting with the local communities who reside near or adjacent to Kibale Forest National Park especially those of Bakiga and Batoro. During these encounters in Kibale park, the local people showcase their several cultural activities such as traditional dance performances, arts, and crafts, the way of making local foods as well as weaving which is mostly practiced by women around the park. Your partaking in this activity, the fee paid helps in the development of the communities around Kibale Forest National Park.

Further, Kibale Forest NationalKibale is surrounded by the affluence of additional attractions. Visitors should take time to explore the scenic crater lakes along the western margin of the park, tour a tea factory, drive down onto the rift valley floor to the hot springs in Semuliki National Park, hike on the Rwenzori mountain, and view big game on the grasslands of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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