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Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Bushenyi - Kasese-Kibale Park (630km),Kampala- Mubende- Kyegegwa-Kyenjonjo -Fort portal (339kms)

Getting To Kibale Forest national Park

Kibale forest National park; Situated in southwestern Uganda is of great importance in the tourism industry since it harbors myriad wildlife species which some of them are endangered and attract tourists to Uganda. The park is re-known primate destinations in Africa and harbors chimpanzees which share 90% of DNA with humans and have been habituated in Kibale National Park. In total Uganda has over 4950 Chimpanzees and Kibale forest National Park refuges over 1500 of these species. Travelers spend one-hour trekking chimpanzees on Kibale but they can as well spend more than two hours with chimpanzees in the process of chimpanzee habituation.

Access | Getting to Kibale forest National Park

 involves the routes that you can use to reach Kibale National park for your vacation. There are different routes that travelers can use to access Kibale Forest National park. most of the routes are so explorative and visitors you can overlook different sites of interest on the routes taken.  The selection of the routes depends on the guidance of the travel operator and the budget of the visitor. Importantly Kibale forest National park can be accessed through the use of road transport and air transport.

By road

There are two major road routes that visitors can use from the city center Kampala to Kibale Forest National park. Both routes are rewarding as there so many features that can be explored, visitors. visitors will always get thrilled with the mesmeric stopovers can be adorned on the way. These routes   include;

Kampala- Mubende- Kyegegwa-Kyenjonjo -Fort portal (339kms)

This is the shortest route for you to access Kibale Forest National park. It will take about 300km to reach Fort Portal and from Fort Portal city, you will drive for about 37km to arrive at Kanyanchu information center where there is the commencement of touristic activities such as chimp trekking and habituation in Kibale park.

 By using this route, you can make a stopover at Bubende town council for the fingertips licking snack as you see local people techniques of meat roasting as you proceed to Fort portal while enjoying stunning sceneries of tea gardens and that of Mountain Rwenzori ranges. In the fort portal, you will experience the unspoiled city in Uganda still with clear sceneries. This journey will proceed to the Kanyanchu information center and your driver-guide will take about 6-7hours and a half. Buses, private and taxis cars are numerous in Kampala city that uses this route with most common ones being Link buses that operate Kampala fort portal express.

Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Bushenyi – Kasese-Kibale Park (630km)

This route is slightly longer compared to the above but with eye rewarding experiences. En route to the park using this route expect to have an opportunity to make a stop at the equator line at Kayabwe and again toward Kasese town for another equator line. Further, with this route, you have to enjoy shot distances off the road to enjoy Lake Mburo National park just before Mbarara for zebras and giraffes after along the way just 3km to Mbarara city, you can make a stopover at Igongo culture center with a wealth of history of all Ankole region of Uganda.

Upon reaching Katungulu queen Elizabeth National Park headquarters, you can branch-off to the Ishasha sector in the southern section of the park where you can spot tree-climbing lion and from Ishasha, two hours’ drive can lead to the northern part of Kibale Forest National Park at Sebitoli Forest Camp. because of the long-distance, it is advisable to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle to avoid inconveniences. Most of the travelers to Uganda safaris destination use the services of registered local tour companies for transportation from Kampala the capital city to the park.

Still, travelers can access Kibale forest National park through Kampala Ibanda then to Kamwenge where Kibare is located. so, it’s all about you choose of the best route to use.

By air

It is very much possible that Kibale national park can be accessed by visitors using chartered planes that can be got from both Entebbe international airport or at Kajjansi airfield. Kibaale Forest National Park is closely surrounded by majorly two airstrips which include Kasese airfields and Nyakisharara airstrip in Mbarara district.

Travelers will take a charter plane from Entebbe/Kajjansi rear Kampala city and fly to Kasese airstrip, from here a private transport means can be arranged to fort Portal which is 75km and then to Kibale forest National Park. While from Nyakisharara airstrip visitors by the use of private means can connect to Kamwengye then to Kanyanchu tourism information center which is about 98kilometers from the airstrip.

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